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"The palantír replied to each, but all those in Gondor were ever open to the view of Osgiliath. Now it appears that, as the rock of Orthanc has withstood the storms of time, so there the palantír of that tower has remained. But alone it could do nothing but see small images of things far off and days remote. Very useful, no doubt, that was to Saruman; yet it seems that he was not content. Further and further abroad he gazed, until he cast his gaze upon Barad-dûr. Then he was caught!"

― Gandalf, The Two Towers, "The Palantír"

The palantíri (sometimes translated as "Seeing Stones") were stones that could be used in communication with one another, and also to see many things across the face of the world. When its master looked in it, he could communicate with other Stones and anyone who might be looking into them; people of great power can manipulate the Stones to see virtually any part of the world.

  • The Elostirion-stone, also known as the Elendil Stone, was placed by Elendil in the tower of Elostirion in the Emyn Beraid, just west of The Shire. The tower and stone were maintained and guarded by Círdan and the Lindon-elves. Elendil used it to look back along the Straight Road to Eressëa and even the Tower of Avallónë and the Master-stone, and though it is indicated that he tried, he could not see the fallen Númenor. It could not be used in communication with the other stones, and was unique in this respect.

Ingame they give at random one of the following four effects:

    • - Obtain the location of all other palantiri owners.
    • - Give resistance and night vision for 8 minutes.
    • - Give strength, regeneration and night vision for 8 minutes.
    • - Reveal your location to all palantiri owners.

      Appearance on the server:

      Palantiri of elostirion