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! This page features lore from a different timeline which does no longer exist. For any additional questions ask the Loremasters.

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The Beginning[]

Orophin was born in the 5th year of the fifth age. His father was the famously known King of Rivendell Eluréd and his mother Filaurel. His name means "Small tree" from the Sindarin oron ("tree") and pîn ("small"), or "Mountain Peak", from orod ("mountain") and pind ("peak, crest").

His parents left him at a young age and sailed to Valinor. Before going there his father teached him the arts of the bow and gave him his first bow named Dailir. He had a lot of work ahead of him as the new king of Rivendell. Orophin for starters did some everyday things to help out the elves (as he was told by his father before he sailed to Valinor).

Meeting new people[]

After some time he met three famous builders who were amazing at their craft. Their names were Crow, Ginian and sda. They helped him colonize a good part of Rivendell that was lost. He awarded them with the title Noble. At one of the villages he was building he met a old mysterious man.

"Hello there, Orophin." - Said the strange cloaked man.

"How do you know my name?" - Orophin asks surprised.

"I see your father hasn't told stories about me. Let me introduce myself. My name is Pallando. I am one of two Blue Wizards. I helped your father Eluréd in many wars. I will never forget that one time when we were defending the halls of Moria and at the bridge your father fell down the cliff at the bridge. He almost died but somehow he survived by climbing up, he had so many arrows in his armor and he was bleeding but he pushed through it. That's one of many adventures I had with your father. He was brave." - Pallando said to Orophin smiling.

"Yea he was, he told me many stories but never mentioned you. He probably didn't have enough time. So you say you're a wizard? Could you somehow help me with my village?" - Orophin asks Pallando.

"Of course I can. They don't call me the corn man for nothing. There ya go!" - As he suddenly plants corn everywhere in a instant.


"WHAT! HOW! Wow I understand why they call you the corn man now haha." - As the both of them kept laughing and talking the day passes and night falls.

The Return of Eluréd[]

In the land of Imladris, Orophin Lord of Rivendell was in a really bad situation for years. It all started with his father Eluréd, former Lord of Rivendell, who left Imladris with his wife Filaurel. Ever since then the place began to lose more and more people because there was peace, but recently a new power arose, Sauron emerged out of nowhere. Orophin didn't know what to do, most of his people left and his army was weak.

While Orophin was debating what to do his parents were having the best time of their lives. Living in Valinor was so peaceful and friendly, a little too friendly for Eluréd but he was fine with it. As long as he could spend his time with his wife. The flowers were blooming, trees full of life, there were many beautiful creatures living there, it couldn't be better. But secretly Eluréd was really worried for his son. He felt like something was terribly wrong but didn't know what. After some time of thinking he went up to Filaurel and said:

"Honey I know you wont like this but I have to." - Eluréd says with tears in his eyes.

"What's wrong?" - She asks confused.

"I'm going back to Imladris. I want to help our son." - Eluréd says.

"I knew it. I know you too well. Well, please be careful and take care of our son. I'll be waiting for you two here." - Filaurel says also with tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry. I love you." - Eluréd

"I love you too." - Filaurel

A new day starts in Imladris and Orophin is still thinking of what to do. The streets are empty, without life.

"What should I do?" - Orophin asks his general.

"I don't know my Lord." - The generals answers while trying to think of something.

After a couple of minutes a soldier comes running to Orophin and says that someone is at the gate. The soldier doesn't know who it is because he is wearing a cloak.

"Who are you?" - Orophin asks the mysterious man.

"You have grown so much, son." - As he takes of the cloak and reveals that its his father Eluréd.

"Dad? What are you doing here?" - As Orophin hugs him.

"I felt that something was off. And I see its far worse. Its time to do some work. I have a plan." - Eluréd says with a smile.

A couple of months later word got out that the former Lord of Rivendell came back and the place was getting so many visitors from all over Middle Earth. Soon enough Rivendell was like in the good old days. It had so much life in it now.

"Its time. Are you ready, my son?" - Eluréd asks Orophin.

"Im ready!" - Orophin says happily.