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Within the same province, you may need only 1 Orc Encampment to have an Orc Stronghold, or a Orc-City, or both of them.

NB: When the term "mountains" is used, this refers to LOTR mod biomes (ie. Misty Mountains, Blue Mountains, etc.), not extra tall and steep landmasses like cliffs, tall hills. Therefore, settlements may still be built on the aforementioned landmasses, just not in biomes like Erebor.


  • Field kitchen - this is a place where food for whole encampment is made, so  it should contain at least a furnace, a fireplace with a cauldron, and a place where the ingredients and kitchen equipment is stored.
  • Armoury - a palce where the armor and weapons of orcs is stored, must contain filled weapon racks and armor stands.
  • Warg Pit - place where wargs are bred and kept, so it should have some living wargs and be isolated from the rest of the camp.
  • Breeding Pits  - place where you breed orcs, bones, mud and waste blocks, with some decorations adequate to orcs.
  • Field Kitchen - a portable kitchen where orcs can go and get their food.
  • Supply Tent - big tent where all the foodstuffs are stored; hay bales, chests, barrels.
  • Smith - a building in which weapons and armor is made, adding avils and or funaces would be appropriate.
  • Stonecutter - a building where stone is cut into the right shape for a certain task
  • Siege Equipment Manufactory - a building where siege equipment is made, think of rams, ladders etc.
  • Treasure Trove - a place where orcs store their stolen loot, think of adding chests and piles of silver, gold and bronze.

Orc Settlements

The Settlement must look good before recognising.

Rushed builds will not be accepted.

The following settlements are used for factions with orcs, all the settlements have to look good else it won't get recognized.

Multiple recognised settlements within the same province are permitted, but only in certain combinations. 

At the moment, the only instances when multiple recognised settlements are permitted are when a stronghold is accompanied by an encampment, or when a fortress is accompanied by an encampment.

Orc Encampment

Village Settlement.

Used for colonization and oversea colonization.

Only 1 building is necessary per point. (e.g. you can choose between a Village Hall or a Temple as Central Building, so you don't need to build both. This counts for every point unless it is stated otherwise.)

Orc Encampment Requirements

  • 15x Living Spaces (Tents, Cave Homes, Houses)
    • -1x Chest
    • -1x Bed
    • -Basic Furniture (Just putting in a bed and chest will not suffice)
    • -Get creative, pretty much anything counts, windows, weapon racks or even thatch flooring is better than nothing. This goes for all building with this added.
  • Central Building:
    • Commander's Tent
      • -1x Command Table
      • -1x Filled Weapon Rack
      • -1x Filled Armor Stand
      • -Basic Furniture
    • Temple
      • -Sacrificial Altar
      • -Cages
      • -Basic Decoration
  • Food Source
    • Supply Building
      • -Can be a tent, house or cave
      • -4x Double Chests
      • -2x Crafting Table (*Regular and Faction*)
      • -Basic Furniture
    • Slave Holding Place
      • -Can be a tent, house or cave
      • -5x Cages
      • -1x A Butchers’ Table
      • -2x Crafting Table (*Regular and Faction*)
      • -Basic Furniture
  • Defensive Structure
    • Watchtower
      • -Must be made out of stone or wood
      • -1x Chest
      • -Ladder/Rope
      • -Basic Furniture
    • 2x Guard Post
      • -Must be distinguishable from normal living spaces
      • -1x Filled Weapon Rack
      • -1x Chest
      • -1x Bed
      • -Basic Furniture
    • Wooden Palisade
      • -Must not be made a literal square, use varying heights and be creative with the shape
      • -Must be at least 5 blocks tall
      • -Must cover at least 50% of the village
  • Specialist Building (At least 2)
    • -Smith
    • -Field Kitchen
    • -Warg Pit
    • -Breeding Pit
    • -Armoury
    • -Stonecutter
    • -Siege Equipment Manufactory
    • -Treasure Trove
  • Water Source
    • -Fountain
    • -Well
    • -Sea does not count, a river or lake does count.
  • Roads Between Structures
    • -Roads need to fit within their biome
    • -1 straight line will not suffice, that’s not how roads were made in medieval times.

Orc Stronghold

Castle Settlement.

Adds Siege Battle, if someone wants to capture the province it's built in.

Can't be built inside or on the mountains, excluding Gundabad.

Needs 1 Orc Encampment within the same province to construct an Orc Stronghold.

Castle can be built within a city, in such case the city won't require further fortifications, plus the city will be able to get sieged.

The castle cannot be changed in size during a war which involves his province, which means its not actually good for a faction to build a shitty 10x10 tower just to add a siege battle because then you will actually fight in a 10x10 dirtyhole and 100% lose that siege.

Castles can be recognized only during peace times, and every change in size made during peace time needs an additional recognition. Every recognition needs screenshots of the structure as proof.

Castle Requirements

  • The Castle must be entirely covered by non-overlapping claims, from a minimum of 1 gold claim to a maximum of 6 gold claims.
  • The number of claims is related to the dimensions of the structure, so if the castle doesn't fit in a gold claim, you will use a second one, etc.. up to a maximum stated above. P.S No need to claim nature just because it's near the castle.
  • The castle structure can have a size which goes from a minimum of 10x10x20 to a maximum extension which covers the space of 6 gold claims and max height 64.
  • Only a maximum of 2 gates in two different locations could be placed inside the castle, they will eventually get converted to their relative block stated in Battle Rules (Rule 8.1).
  • For something to count as a gate, it needs to have dimensions of at least 3x3. Usage of gates smaller than 3x3 may be used as many times as you want; however, when unclaimed anybody is allowed to open or close them, even during battles. 
  • The castle should contain:
    • 4 Chests (which could be useful for storage during battle)
    • 1 Anvil and 1 Unsmeltery for repair things
    • 1 Command Table
    • Water Source(not necessary if near a pond/river)

Castle Rules

  • No Obsidian
  • No Lava
  • No Quagmire (Only if the castle is in a specific biome where quagmire naturally generates)
  • No Cobwebs
  • No Water/Lava inside the walls
  • Building castles on lakes/ponds/rivers is not allowed.
  • Castles can't be recognized during war times.
  • Moats are allowed but only max 4 blocks deep and max 6 blocks width.
    • Blocks allowed/not allowed within the moat;
    • Water is allowed
    • Wasteland is allowed
    • Stalactites are allowed
    • Lava is not allowed
    • Any other block which causes instant damage is not allowed
  • Drawbridges have the same function as a regular gate.
    • The drawbridge gets converted into specific blocks during times of a battle. Read paragraph 8 in the Battle Rules page.
  • Blocks which give players instant damage are not allowed to be placed as defences regardless.
  • Tunnels to go underneath a castle to get inside is not allowed.


City Settlement.

Can't be built inside or on the mountains, excluding Gundabad.

Needs 1 Orc encampment within the same province to construct an Orc-Fortress.

Orc-City Requirements

  • Farm fields 4x (min 20x20) OR Slave Plantation 2x (min 20x20) + 3 Cages
  • Big Storage Area
    • 12 Double Chests
    • 5x Barrels
    • Crafting Tables (of both a regular one + your factions' one)
  • Fortifications (Not needed if you've built a recognized Castle within the city)
    • Needs to be at least 3 blocks wide
    • Has to be at least 6 blocks tall
  • Citadel
    • Basic interior
  • Water Source (not necessary if near a pond/river)
  • Great War Forge
    • 2x Furnace
    • 2x Anvil
    • 2x Unsmeltry
    • 2x Cauldron (filled with water)
    • Smelt Place (Where all the armour/weapons are made)
    • 10x Filled Weapon Racks
    • 10x Filled Armour Stands
  • 30x tents (Some can be out of fortifications)
    • 1x Chest
    • 1x Bed
    • Has to look original & not like the mod tents.
    • Basic Furniture
      • Ideas for Basic Furniture: think about a table, chairs, weapon rack with weapon, thatch flooring, furnace, etc.
  • Breeding grounds (Think about the breeding pits in Isengard)
  • Slave cages
    • Entrance
  • Roads between structures
    • Roads need to fit within the biome.
    • 1 straight line of dirt won't be accepted.

Port District:

  • Docks
  • At least 8 more houses need to be build in the city (so if you have 20 houses built and want to have a port district you need 28)
  • At least 2 more specialist buildings (so if you have 2 built and want to have a port district you need 4)
  • Sailor's barracks
  • Port administration building