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Onerves was born in a small rural village in the wild hills of central Dunland. His mother, Migith, died when Onerves was just a child due to a raid made by a rival clan. He was grown up by his father, Duer, a local hill-chief of small relevance. When still a teeneger, his father brougth Onerves to battle against the clan's enemies, even if it was his first battle, the son of Duer distingued himself among the other warriors for his braveness and ability with the sword, managing to kill many men in the fights.

He was a good strategian and tactician, and a guy with a great curiosity. Duer noticed those qualities and made his best to give his son what barely any other Dunlending ever had: culture.

Years passed and Onerves became one of the captains of the Duer's army. Thanks to the education achieved during his youth, Onerves managed to become a wise and acculturated man.

The Rise to Power[]

Once his father died by age, Onerves inherited the hill-chief title and took the power inside his clan. The son of Duer managed to become trusted among his village and started to move war against the rivals, which, long time before raided his home and killed his mother.

After few years of wars, Onerves achieved his vengeance and put the neighbour clans under his banner. He was a wise man, able to write and read, a thing that only really few dunlending were able to do. Due to his culture and his diplomatic skills, he managed to became friend with the others mayor clans (a status that his clan achieved once he destroyed his rivals).

Onerves during this time partecipated to many raids and plunder in the Gap of Isen, performing heroic attacks against the rohirric garrisons located there.

The Kingship[]

When his influence became too great and his popularity among folk too big, some of the chiefs which ruled the northen part of Dunland coalized against Onerves in order to annihilate him, fearing that he would have conquered their lands in the future. Onerves, superior in strategy, managed to perform many successfully ambushes against his enemies and finally fought the rival clan chiefs in a giant field battle.

His lineage survived the ages and many tales have been told about such legendary figure inside Dunlending history.

Onerves is considered the founder of the Onerviad Clan, successor of the old Duer clan of the northen valleys of Dunland