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General Info[]

Obi I Molobi is a longbeard, he became a retainer of Thorin Oakenshield after the fall of Erebor and moved with him to the Blue Mountains.

He is one of the veterans of the battle of Azanulbizar.


Molo came back on the 8th of march. He got builder role with SargonDG and started Khazad-dum. In order to create the homonymous kingdom he colonized the provinces that include all the theorical extension of the great city.

First years and the battle of Azanulbizar[]

Since birth, Obi never laid eyes on his father's home, Erebor. He was born in exile, in the blue mountains. Then, less than 20 years after his birth, the war between Dwarves and Orcs began.

Against the wishes of his family, Obi departed with the dwarven army and fought for 9 years, participating to the battle of Azanulbizar, where he saw Thorin Oakenshield maim Azog.

Life in the Blue Mountains[]

Back to Thorin's Halls as a veteran, he spent several years as a retainer of Thorin and eventually saw him depart for Erebor in 2940. The rumors regarding Thorin and his company kept crawling to the blue mountains, until, in early 2942, the news of Smaug's and Thorin's death reached Obi.

Death of Thorin and journey to Rivendell[]

When he heard of his lord's success and death, Obi had the idea of trying to reconquer Khazad-dum. Remembering clearly the day when all the dwarves fought to reclaim it - and the more subtle approach taken by Thorin, he thought that secrecy and swiftness were the key: there would be several years until the next chieftain of the Orcs would emerge, so Khazad dum was - in theory - easier to reconquer.

He consulted with his close friend Frerin and obtained a permit to travel with as many dwarves he could gather to capture Khazad dum. His first move was to ask help from the elves and the Dunedain.

The high elves lived peacefully on the shores of Lindon, but they knew that the Misty Mountains were a troublesome place and a strong ally there could improve the situation of the free folks. While gathering funds and support, Obi was approached by an elf: Maglor. The son of Feanor gifted him his sword, Aerlinn, stating he would need it in the next future, and advised him to seek help from Elrond half-elven, the lord of Rivendell and a friend of all elves, men and dwarves.

Travelling with his band of dwarves, Obi reached the river Bruinien, met with Elrond and agreeing on entering from the western gates, since Goblin Town was still heavily guarded and the western door of Khazad dum was probably deserted.

On the doorstep of Khazad-dum[]

Obi spent the following year, 2943, in Rivendell, and departed in late winter of 2944, hoping to catch off guard the goblins of Moria. While he was waiting all of his friends came back with volunteers to recapture Khazad dum, filling their ranks and allowing them to field a small but deadly army.

In february of 2944 the scouts reached the western gates, and reported no visible activity, so, after hundreds of years, dwarves set foot again in Khazad dum.

Always keeping an ear attached to the floor and walls, Obi led his company through the city, ambushing groups of goblins and leading a guerrilla war with the various groups of orcs that infested the city. Instead of trying to fight them all, he carefully isolated each clan, cutting their access to the tunnels and waiting for the best time to strike.

Disaster almost struck when an army of goblins attacked him on the 13th of april, leading to a small pitched battle in the halls. Obi realized quickly he couldn't win this way, so he retreated and started planning again.

Since summer was upon them and more dwarves reached rivendell and the Angle, Obi decided to go through the High pass, hoping that the weather would be merciful. While going through the misty mountains, the orcs of Goblin town tried to harass them multiple times, but without much success. At the time it wasn't known, but the city was fell to a state of heavy infighting and now no one ruled it.

the 20th of September, with autumn at the doors, Obi finally reached the foots of mount Fanuindhol and set up an encampment. He sent swift messengers to the Beornings, offering friendship and asking for food and commodities to trade with iron, steel and gold.

The next year was almost eventless, with the orcs still in shambles and the dwarves slowly reaching Zigilnala.

In late 2945, Obi found a small door on the side of mount Fanuindhol and launched another guerrilla campaign, clearing the northern section of Khazad Dum and one of the three peaks.

History on the Server[]

In 2946 the whole city was under the control of the dwarves and Obi decided to reach to the other rulers in order to establish an alliance of all Free Folks.

In 2947 the kings of Gondor, Dale, Mithlond and Blue Dwarves agreed to form a council of kings, while the High King of Arnor and King Thranduil offered their friendship.

In 2951 (16/04) he took the lead of the free folks in the Battle of the Golden Ford. The battle was a clear victory and on the same battlefiels the Alliance of Free Folks was born


Late september, 2947 - Somewhere deep under Mount Cebedil[]


Layout of the sieged hall

The battering ram slammed the door for the tenth time that day and many dwarves roared with the sound of the iron hitting the stone. The sound of scared goblin came muffled from the other side.

"This is the last push boys," shouted Obi. "Kill this chieftain and all of Khazad-dum will be ours again."

With the last crash, the battering ram teared a hole in the door and the first goblin poked their heads out, trying to snipe the dwarves. The attackers swiftly pulled up the shields and crossbows sang quicked than the bows of the orcs, showering the defenders and the door with deadly bolts.

Gesturing to the Durin's Guard, the mithril clad warriors with hammers and axes forged in the days of old, Obi shouted: "Ansaru, bekâr!" (Company, ready!) He placed himself on the tip of the spear that was going to go through the door. "Ai-rusê!" (Upon the filth!)

The Durin's Guard smashed through the gate, not a single inch of flesh exposed, and ran through the first line of defenders. Obi deflected a spear with the bracer, impaled the goblin with his sword, then knocked him away. Two more tried to kill him but he grabbed the first one by the neck, head butted him and left him with the head ripped open by the mithril crest on top of his helm. The second one fell to the ground with his guts out. All around him the dwarves were fighting and the goblins dying, but the small numbers and the enemies piling up on them kept the attackers at bay. Quick minutes passed, Obi fought with his dagger and sword, Aerlinn, giftet to him by Maglor years ago. Other goblins tried to kill him, but the swiftly got rid of them. At one point the pressure of the orcs diminished and Obi noticed the bolts going through the ranks of the enemies; since the halls of Khazad-dum were often flat and the crossbowmen couldn't get on the high ground to shoot, he designed a sort of "portable high ground" for himself: wooden platforms that could be quickly assembled and pushed behind the first lines, so the marksdwarves could confortably shoot their enemies without hitting their companions.

They reached the first barricade, no more than wood and stone piled up to form a rough defence, but effective, since that they couldn't jump over it. At that point many dwarves swelled behind them and filled the lines that kept enlarging. They were holding the majority of the goblins for sure.

He turned briefly to the backlines and gave the signal. A horn was heard and - even if half covered by the sound of battle and the stone wall, a voice was clearly heard: "Ihgirî ni-un!" A blast shook the orcs and from the sides of the room two companies of dwarves came out and engaged the exposed flanks. The opponents facing Obi trembled, then fled their place, trying to reach the inner room and hopefully find a hole where to hide. No mercy was given that day.

Hours later, the head of the last orcish chieftain of Moria was on the top of a pyke, outside the western gate. Sure, he might have not be the last orc that infested the halls, but without him there was no organized resistance. The halls of Khazad-dum where finally dwarven again.

2951 T.A. - Late Autumn, Dorwinion Countryside[]

The summit called by Obi was going smoothly, all things considered. Thranduil came with Laique, his most trusted general, but didn't pledge officially to the Alliance. His reasoning was that with few shared enemies he preferred to avoid politics and keep his mind free to be focused on his realm.

The two dorwinrhim, Thalawestor and Nikephoros, seemed to be happy to strenghten the bonds between the factions and the envoy of Gondor, Ador, stood with his kinsmen of Dale; they were almost certainly discussing the boundries and borders of the three kingdoms. Two envoys, one from Lothlorien and one of Mithlond, were watching from afar, speaking between themselves.

Thranduil got close to Obi and coughed lightly. "They reached an agreement?" said, nodding towards the two men and elves.

"They will," replied the dwarf. "The old borders of Rhovanion are large enough to accomodate both of the kingdoms." Obi glanced towards the woodland king. "So, you still not intrested in joining the council?"

"As I said," replied Thranduil with a smile, "I'm not brave enough for politics, but I will still help all of the free folks when needed."

"A surprised to be sure," Obi smiled and nodded, "but a welcome one. So, I assume you already have everything you came here for?"

The kind of Woodland Realm was about to answer, when a messenger dressed in eastern clothers galloped through the gate of the small estate.

"Grim news, I suppose?" said Obi to the two elves.

"An army of Easterlings and orcs is marching here. They are gathering near the coast and will probably march through the Golden Ford. We have a small garrison there, but even with our forces..."

"How many of them?" asked Ador. "Well equipped? The ratio of infantry and cavalry?"

Nikephoros scratched his head. "Around three tousands. Well equipped, mostly cavalry. There are warg riders between them."

"Alright," said Obi, slamming his fist on the table. "Our numbers may be even, but I'd say that few retainers aren't an army. For my part most of my veterans are still defending Khazad-Dum, and apologize if I offend you," said to the other partecipants, "but I think that the best of our soldiers are not here."

"I have two companies of Woodland Guards, they are the best of our people," replied Thranduil, "but I fear that our bretheren of Lothlorien and Mithlond had to travel with more serfs than knights.

"You are certainly right," said Feanor Maglorion. "I was summoned here to parlay, not to fight. But don't mistake my words: all the elves I took are capable fighters."

2951 T.A. - Early Winter, Golden Ford[]

The village stood behind them on the west, the houses were almost all deserted since the news of the army reached these lands. Thalawestor and Nikephoros took their forces and the garrison and stood on the top of the hill, with the left flank being composed by the Silvan and Sindar elves and the right one by the Galadhrim and dwarves.

The small vanguard, led by Thranduil came back from the south and stopped on the bottom of the hill. Obi descended quickly and met with Laique.

"They're not on the bridge! We saw clear tracks pointing towards the nort! We'll try to scoud ahead an see where they are."

"Go ahead, we'll hold this hill. The village behind us is a good place to defend against their cavalry," replied Obi.

Minutes passed and the main army grew anxious. After an hour of waiting, the rumbling of hooves shook the terrain. All the captain gathered on the side of the hill and tried to see what was happening. And there they were: two thousands wargs and horses were following the scouts, Thranduil kept his cavalry behind the gondorians and dalish, trying to fend off the attackers.

"Shoot!" shouted Obi. "Cover their retreat! Disperse! they're not going to follow them on the hill."

Thalawestor reached him and asked, dubious: "Are you sure?"

"Pretty much," answered Obi, "We have the high ground, it would be over for them."

The easterlings didn't stop.

When Obi realized it, he shouted to keep the lines. The scouts fled back to the ranks of the defenders, followed by the orcs and easterlings, the first ranks were impaled on the phalanx of the dorwinrhim, but the others kept going and soon a ferocious melee insued.

"The elves on the right are charging down! We have to help them!" shouted Nikephoros, realizing that the right wing was almost at the bottom of the hill.

"Stay here!" warned him Obi, "I'll go. Baruk Khazad! On me!" The dwarves descended and ran through the orcs, smashing and cutting the wards and their knights, trying to reach the elves. The banner of the galadhrim fell down and the circle of the defenders shrunk. Finally he met with the lord of the sindar and managed to get him and the surviving wood elves to the top.

When he reached Nikephoros, who was still holding the top, he smiled and waved to the bloody mess that was the right side. "We won! Thranduil and Laique demolished their left! I believe that most of the cavalry is dead and their foot soldiers are dispersed!"

"It's not over yet!" replied Obi, "look! They're struggling! Cover me! We have to save them!" Obi ran and attacked from behind the remainind Easterlings, who were trying to kill the brave elves and men that managed to rout the main forces.

The battle ended around midday, with the last stragglers being chased to the bridge that separated the two realms. Only few hundreds easterlings survived, with most of the remaining force scattered in the countryside. The losses for the free folks were almost neglegible, with the highest losses being the majority of the Galadhrim company.