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The fertile lands of Eriador were the home of the "Faithful" after the fall of Numenor, besides the southern Kingdom of Gondor. The Kingdom of Arnor fought in the last alliance against the hordes of Mordor alongside the Elves and their Southern brethren. But in the final siege against Barad-Dûr, their High King Elendil was killed by Sauron. Although his son Isildur cut off the One Ring out of Sauron's hand, this caused the destruction of Sauron's physical form. Isildur did not give up the ring, therefore allowing the spirit of Sauron to thrive. Then Isildur was attacked and killed by Orcs in the Gladden Fields on his way to Arnor. Only 3 of his people managed to escape, and told the news to Isildur's son, Valandil. Valandil then took the throne of Arnor.

Centuries later, the men of Arnor disputed over who should take the crown. Three brothers split the kingdom into the petty kingdoms of Arthedain, Rhudaur and Cardolan. The Witch-King of Angmar, the greatest of the Nazguls decided that it was a weak moment for his enemies. Wheareas Gondor in the South was in its Golden Age. So he went to war, and destroyed the split Kingdoms one by one. Rhudaur fell first, as the population of Dunedain there were few, and power had been seized by the Hillmen living in the Ettenmoors and Coldfells, who were allied with Angmar.

Cardolan fell afterwards when their forces were pushed out of Amon Sul and were forced into the Barrow-downs. Soon the plague killed them and the barrow-wights were able to inhabit the hills, turning them into a haunted centre of terror

The last kingdom standing, Arthedain, was where most of the Dunedain had stayed when Arnor split, and therefore this was where they took their last stand. Despite their heroic stand at Fornost, the forces of Angmar destroyed them despite the forces of Gondor arriving in the spring.

The survivors of Arthedain became wandering people, known as the Rangers of the North, but they continued to battle the Orcs in the Lone Lands. They protect all the people who live in Eriador, shielding them from danger, without requiring any reward or recognition.

After the destruction of the one ring, the ranger Chieftain Aragorn II Elessar was crowned High King of the Reunited Kingdom. However, this was not to last, as Gondor split away soon after.

The Fourth Age:[]

The dispersed Rangers of the North were reunited under the same banner by Aravorn (Morgorf) which restablished Fornost as capital. A long time ago, another Dúnedain, named Aleksej was reigning in Annúminas and he wanted to either claim the Throne or create an independent Kingdom of Arthedain, but he failed and fled from the Kingdom. Under King Aravorn, peace and prosperity became a common thing while the once abandoned city of Tharbad has been rebuilt. After his rule, High King Halbarad vassalized the Riverlands, uniting the Dúnedain and reforging the Mighty Realm of Arnor. Under his rule he rebuilt many cities and citadels, and also formed an organized hierarchy. Arnor prospered, however, Angmar in the North has risen again and their armies poised to strike at the proud city of Fornost...

Arnor was defeated by Angmarin forces in the Battle of North Downs and fled south to Fornost. Fortunately, Arnor was not attacked once more, and the assailants went back to Carn Dum, the place of corruption and death. However, after the defeat of Arnor High King Halbarad grew guilty and started to question his own leadership. He soon stepped down and his Loyal Adviser Casmir I Engoria ascended to the throne. Casmir was a Numenorean of high blood, of Dorwinion's Dunadan minority and Umbaric heritage. He helped reform Arnor and create a efficient fort construction program, but before it was completed a new threat emerged, not from the north, but from the south, where they least expected it...

Gondor, the proud land of Stone, grew worried of Arnor's expansion. Their Emperor, Tar-Amandil I of Lebennin, decided to offer Arnor an ultimatum:

"Disband your empire, and mercy shall be given."

Casmir, being stubborn and confident, declined and spat in the face of the Gondorian ambassadors. And so the undoing of Proud Arnor was complete.

Gondor's mighty army crushed the Arnorians with ease and advanced to Tharbad. They slaughtered everyone, man and woman, and burnt the city to the ground.

Casmir, once a proud man, broke. He fell into the depths of depression and ran away, never to be seen again in the North. Word is, he fled to Umbar and is still residing there to this day.

The peace had started. The Empire of Arnor was disbanded and the march of Riverlands annexed to the Gondorian Empire, while Tharbad stayed under Gondorian occupation for some time. A weakened North Dúnedain Kingdom started to slowly recover, little by little, under the rule of Tar-Meneldur. Eventually under the rule of Tar Surion (LordVlagezda), a descendant of the house of Isildur and the house of Feanor, Arnor rose from the ashes and ruled again over the north of middle earth, alongside the Elves in Rivendell and Lindon.

Dúnedain Culture: []

Since the rise of Arnor, the numbers of the Dunedain have grown again, therefore replacing the wild rangers with city-dwellers similar to the Gondorians of the south. They have started to colonize territories and reform the borders of Arnor, so that they could repel the shadows of Angmar. The Dúnedain have always been harmonious with nature and were known for their arts of healing through athelas and other herbs and plants, and their friendship with the elves is also well-known. Being Dúnedain of high birth and proud ancestry, these men are honorable and will not fall for the darkness like their half-kin the Ar-Adunaim did in old Atalantë.

Dúnedain Abilities:[]

Despite the restoration of Arnor, the Dúnedain are still known for their use of formidable rangers, who intercept enemies and deal devastating losses in lethal ambushes. They are good with the bow and the sword, and are adept at hiding out of the sight of their foes.             

Faction Rulers:[]

  • King Aravorn (Morgorf)
  • High King Halbarad (PotatoRekt41)
  • High King Casmir I (Hlodgier)
  • High King Meneldur (PhoenixDood)
  • King Ostarion (AAZZAA)
  • King Eärendur (Pap02)
  • Basileus Arginon III (Hlodgier) of Dorwinion
  • King Aldarion Elrossirion (Sirmatte_)
  • King Eldarion Elrossirion (Vegen)
  • King Traianus (LordVlagezda)
  • Tar Surion Elrossirion (LordVlagezda)


  • Fornost (Capital)
    Fornost - View of the castle from the city

    View of the castle from the city.

    2018-02-19 17.08

    A view of the city.

  • Annúminas
  • Bree
  • Beriõdin (R. Fort)
  • Tarsis ( City of Flowers )
  • Tharbad