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! This faction, which once was part of our server, no longer exist. Only the stories remain about it.

Motive: Suppressed



It is unknown where these desert tribesmen came from, nor where their next destination may be - they are a people shrouded in mystery, as much phenomena as the sandstorms that ravage the vast sands they call home. A relatively peaceful and reclusive people, the Nomads of Near Harad keep to their own, stirring neither the men to the north nor their more civilised southron neighbours. They live off the land, going from water-source to water source and herding vast hosts of livestock for food and sustenance. When a water source is discovered, they stay for a while and settle in tents and yurts...but when it dries, they move on. Now, if they failed to find another source of water, their animals will die off, they themselves thirsting to death soon after. When this happens, their typically peaceful demeanour changes - like a ravaging sand devil, they sweep to the edges of the desert, raiding fringe villages for food and supplies, enslaving man, woman and child. With the spoils of war, they either vanish back into the desert before considerable authority arrives, or head to the settled tribes and sell off their goods and slaves, and mellow out again. There have been attempts to unite this scattered people and change their way of life, but none of which came to fruition; like the sands of the desert, they are ever-shifting, unpredictable and inhospitable.