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''One there was as great as a dove's egg, and its sheen was starlight in the foam of the sea; Nimphelos it was named, and the chieftain of the Dwarves of Belegost prized it above a mountain of wealth.'' - The Silmarillion, of the Sindar.

Nimphelos was the greatest Pearl Thingol gave to the Dwarves of Belegost in payment for their service in the building of Menegroth. Pearls were very rare to dwarves as they were not fond of the sea and had no means of acquiring them except through a trade.

Nimphelos was originally given by Círdan the Shipwright to Thingol and found by the Falathrim of the Isle of Balar.

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NOTE: to achieve the 20% discount staff keeps a tally of how many colonizations have been recognized in your name, once this reaches 5 you get that colonisation without paying a colonisation point. It will be noted in #colonization-recognition that the colonization was paid for with Nimphelos