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<Note: this empire no longer exists>

Empire Structure[]

Administration Section[]

Centralized: allies, enemies, and wars are decided solely by the commanding faction of the empire. Each faction is entitled to give their opinion on matters that the emperor will listen to, but the final decision always goes to the emperor.

Ruler Section[]

Non-Elected Dictatorship: The King of Durins folk will always be the commander of the empire unless the king gives power to a different king.

Volunteers Section[]

Disallow Volunteering: The members of the empire cannot volunteer against their own empire, however outside of wars they can raid each other. When the emperor calls, all members must answer and fight by their leader.



With the failure of KZD, the dwarves of Durin needed to consolidate their power and rally against the powers surrounding them. The dwarves originally looked to Moradin (MainTeemoTank) to who created a council of kings to form a protective shield against the powers rising to the south and to the east, however with the leaving of Rohan and the collapse of Eregion, added to Moradin's pause, Durin's throne was usurped by Malvur, who manipulated certain factions for mantillas under Sauron's control.

With the merger of Durin's Folk and Woodland Realm, the nation and remaining factions rallied to form the first evil dwarven empire. The empire attempted to have Rivendell merge to start rebuilding its central power, however with the betrayal of Elured, who refused to join the empire and alerting Moradin to what was going on, the empire maintained its status of two members. However, the empire fell after a civil war in Durin's Folk, initiated by Moradin, who restructured the empire by releasing factions from Sauron's influence and banishing the usurper Dwarf from Durin's Folk.

The initial formation of the empire was concentrated in the Central-North part of the Middle Earth and the empire is formed with:

  • Uzbad Malvur Stoneshield (TheBigDoc22) representing Durin's Folks
  • King Thranduil (Batzgamer) Representing Woodland Realm

After his fall, this empire became known as: "The shame of TheBigDoc22"