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This page is used for mentioning everything that happened each weak in real life (every in game year).

It starts from April 19th because its seen as the best place to start from.

Year 193 of the Fifth Age (18th-24th April 2022)

This year a new dark lord appeared (JARANO) recruiting a lot of new nazgul. This year began the uprising of Sauron's forces. At this time two new empires appeared: The Righteous Kingdom and Nîluthâni

Since the previous empire Republic of Mordor got disbanded Sauron makes a new one under the name of The Lean Legion.

The Commonwealth lost two of their kings nowhere to be seen. The Free Folk of Middle Earth started to fall apart losing many people in the process hoping to get them back.

While the Free Folk are trying to recover from the losses of their people, Gondor is being attacked by Mordor at Minas Morgul.

Year 194 of the Fifth Age (25th April-1st May 2022)

This year the flag of the Commonwealth of Rhovanion changed, to make mass-production easier. Birth rates in Middle Earth started skyrocketing. A new regent appears in Dale (Michy_Skywalker) wanting to have Dale as strong as possible.

Isengard starts pushing forward into Rohan and annexes province 151. While that was happening Gundabad started an attack on Lothlorien but got stopped by the Free Folk.

Year 195 of the Fifth Age (2nd May-8th May 2022)

This year Gondor got a new king (szytek) seeking to bring peace to Gondor once again. Woodland Realm mustered an attack on East Lorien but lost miserably. Isengard continued its attack on Rohan and was successful in annexing province 152. Next to that Saruman colonized province 150 with his forces and constructed a fortress in province 157.

While Isengard was pushing through Rohan with ease, Mordor started an attack on Minas Morgul currently taken by Gondor and were successful in the attack, leading into a siege of Minas Vore next week.

Year 196 of the Fifth Age (9th May-15th May 2022)

This year Isengard kept their onslaught of Rohan getting province 218. With that province they successfully connected with Mordor.

Gundabad started its attack on Durin's Folk and annexed province 112.

Year 197 of the Fifth Age (16th May-22nd May 2022)

This year Isengard decided to start an attack on East Lorien and successfully annex province 216.

Durin's Folk got attacked again by Gundabad but were somehow successful in the defend because of one player (Telchar).

Minas Vore got besieged by Mordor and they obliterated the fort with almost to no casualties. Only 1 person died (Ninless) to the hands of 3 horsemen (Doggy, Tehinator and kerr) but got avenged by his fellow allies.