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Southern Dúnedain Realm was in the past known as New Númenor and the Southern Dúnedain Empire.

It extends its control over a large part of Southern Middle-Earth. The Empire includes the Lands of Gondor and Rohan. It's houses are some of the remaining old Númenoreans and many of the Dúnedain.

The Empire of Gondor was known under a variety of other names, such as: New Númenor and White Dúnedain but in common its referred to as "the Gondorian empire" or "Gondor".

(Although high command doesn't like that because it makes vassal nations sound like they were conquered, which is not true. Since they all agreed to join the Empire. Kings of vassal nations may have "Lord" title, and have more power than fiefdom lords from Gondor.)

But it has been decided that the official name will be "Southern Dúnedain Empire" (This is mainly because of the deal made with the North Dúnedain Kingdom.); sometime later, the name of the empire officially changed to the Empire of Gondor (EOG), and after some events inside the server, the empire was renamed again, thus making New Numenor (NN)

After the return of Hexperim name was again changed to Southern Dúnedain Realm.

This is the longest existing empire on the server.

Empire structure[]

Administration: Centralized - Gondor is the overlord faction and seat of power

Ruler - Non-Elected Emperor

Volunteering against own empire - Disallowed