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<Note: This page is for a custom faction that Does not exist anymore>[]


Map of Nethûl and the surrounding area

King: Lukaslop2315

High Preist: KillerX42

The Location and finding of the Nethûsai people.

In the days of the dawn, far in the east, there was a prince of one of the tribes of the nomads fled his tribe, for he had killed his brother over the throne, outcast from the clan he wondered in the wild places for a year.

One day as he wandered through the infinite plain, out of the sun a great hawk appeared in the sky, the prince thaught to himself 'what a great feast will I have if i slay that beast' he followed the great hawk through the vast steppe, untill the steppe slowly have way to forrest and gentle hills where the wind no longer lashed at him.

The red hawk landed on a great oak and the prince charged at it with his spear to kill it.

Then the  great beast flapped his massive wings once and the prince was cast on the ground, then the hawk spoke:

I will forgive this...once only human, i have followed you for many years oh wonderer and i have chosen you to be my servant.

I give you all this land under the shadow of my Blood Mountains to be yours and your children after you...but you must serve me and worship me... people form all over the east shall come here and you shall lead them to me to be my servants, one day your descendants will make a great nation, go now in peace my servant.

As the days passed thousands of people who also saw the bird gathered to the oak and brought offerings every month to the great blood hawk(edited)

2nd encounter of the Blood hawk:

One day a Nomad from Rhun was farming quietly and peacfully, all was calm.Then after a short while small red bird had started to fly around the Nomad circling around , at first the Nomad did not take notice, he did not care about some small bird.After a few hours in the scorching sun out of nowhere the Red bird had shapeshifted into a Red Hawk the colour of Blood. It was twice the size of any Troll or Olog in middle earth, The sun also seemed to shine brighter, the Nomad fell on his knees  and at that moment This Huge Blood Red Hawk spoke these words "Follow me, Praise me I am your Saviour and God. " The Nomad was astonished he started bowing down to this Hawk and then The Hawk started to fly Eastward far into the east. The very next day word had spread faster than any kind of disease, People from all over started to follow this bird, moving to the east, people from all kinds of Tribes of Rhun, where they met  together and formed the Religion of Avarism and Called themselves Nethûn (Blood Men) from the colour of the Hawk. To this day the Nethûsai have only been growing stronger...

Dynasty of Avar

The Dynasty of Avar, the dynasty of Contains  its Creator Abomnibus The High Priest, most tribes of Rhun had joined Nethul even Nethul has some cores in Woodland realm from the people that left the woods of mirkwood and joined the Nethul people (only humans no elves) . TheDynasty Contains the King and Holy priest   Ir-Dâcug and Abomnibus, the sacred land Spans all over the shadow of the red mountain, where the stonefoots live, The Nethul have good relations with  the  stonefoots  and are their closest ally, they trade and feast together. In short the Dynasty of Avar is a diverse and multi cultural dynasty full of many people all around rhun, with dwarves and