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  • Amandil (Bolg) - Lord of Lebennin
  • Tar-Anardil (Mati_429) - Founder of the House, Lord of Anórien, Emperor of Gondor
  • Eradan (PotatoRekt41) - Lord of Pinnath Gelin
  • Aelandil (termix1111) - Lord of Lossarnach, Citadel-Captain
  • Aiwendil (JazvecBoy) - Ranger of Ithilien
  • Aerendyl (Xavron) - Lord of Harondor, Steward of Gondor
  • Wynnin (Topsies) - Captain of Anórien
  • Azriel (Duilan) - Swan Knight of Dol Amroth


The Númerión family is one of the most powerful houses in whole Dúnedain Empire. The family is currently headed by Tar-Anardil (Mati_429), Lord of Anórien.

The House Númerión is one of the few houses with true Númenórean ascendance, most family members still have true Númenórean blood.

House Estates[]

Númerións own different estates in Gondor.

Name Type Location Short Description
Minas Númerión Caslte Anórien The current home of the house.
Minas Brethil City Lebennin A huge city surrounded by vineyards and olive farms.
Minas Sernis City Lebennin City of Amandil
Eldford Fort Pinnath Gelin Home of Eradan
Minas Astalda Castle Harondor Castle of Aerendyl
Minas Mondériath Castle Ithilien One of the Castles securing the borders of Ithilien
Amon Isílya Castle Ithilien One of the Castles together with Minas Mondériath

securing the borders of Ithilien

Lore about the family Númerión[]