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Family Storyline[]

In the old days most of the family members was blessed with immortality.

Third Age
*This happened a year before the events of the Battle of the Five armies*

Mithidris and Aerendyl met each other for the first time in the woods of Mirkwood after the sword of Aerendyl started glowing while no orcs were nearby. After searching for some time Aerendyl found Mithidris, who lost the path. He was alone, in danger and being hunted by hundreds of spiders.

There was a moment Mithidris almost was killed by the spiders, and would be lost to darkness. But Aerendyl came to the rescue with a group of Wood-Elves. While Aerendyl's troops fought off the spiders he himself took Mithidris back to Thranduils Halls where he gave him some Athelas brew.

Aerendyl saw during the fight that Mithidris his sword was also glowing.

Mithidris awoke 3 days later. After hearing the news of Mithidris's awakening Aerendyl Immediately came to Mithidris.

They had a long conversation, and after some time they discovered that they both were half-Elves and descendants from Númenor, This was something they learned from their swords and from the many books they read in the days after.

They both used the swords of their father. In this was an elvish text engraved that translated to:

Lost in battle, this sword will find it’s brother once again.

Lost in battle, this sword will find it’s brother once again.

The two of them became good friends. And together they did many adventures. They met many dangers, but they always had each others back.

After Thranduil summoned them, they had to return to the Woodland Realm to prepare them for a battle at Erebor.

It was a rough fight, and after these events Mithidris traveled back home to Harlindon. This was where he lived and where his friends were.

Fourth Age

*The age of the final diminishing of the Elves and a new evil rose…*

since the defeat of Sauron, The Elves of Middle-Earth all traveled to Valinor from The Grey Havens. Except for the 2 friends they were not planning on going to Valinor. Instead they intended to stay and help rebuild Middle-Earth to it's former glory.

Because a new evil had risen. they now need to fight it together with their friends, and so they started a dynasty named: Númedhel.

Instead of staying in their elf lands, they traveled to the lands of Gondor, where Emperor Artrexes ruled. this was something they did to honor their family-line of Númenor.

The dynasty Númedhel quickly became a well-known dynasty in Gondor. and the members have been accepted by the men of gondor.

The Elves were known in Gondor and Middle-Earth as The Gondorian Elves and together with the Gondorian army they fought against Mordor and other enemies of the free folk. Aerendyl joined the Fiefdom of Anórien, where Lord anardil rules. Aerendyl's power and bloodthirst had been noticed by Anardil, and Aerendyl became captain of Anórien and began the build of the city Thírien.

Mithidris chose Ithilien, but he was warned by other Lords that Ithilien is a dangerous Fiefdom because it's so close to Mordor. All these warnings didn't stop him from doing what he wanted the most. And together with his men he built the Harbor city: Duinost and the trade center of Imlithar. After proving his loyalty to the emperor Mithidris became Lord of Ithilien, until his death at The Battle of Duinost.

When constructing the city, Mithridis and his family members had been ambushed by a group of Uruk-hai, they have fought valiantly but were outnumbered and caught off-guard, Mithridis, and Istariel died to the blades of the attackers, while Thandir and Helmitros later succumbed to their wounds in the battlefield.

After the Battle of Duinost:

After the battle and the death of Mithidris, Mithildin Son of Mithidris moved to Lebennin together with his friends and adopted brothers.

There they started a new life. And rebuilt the Númedhel family to it's former glory. Not long after moving, Anardil now king of Gondor gave Mithildin the rank of Arquen. His first step to becoming lord just like his father except Mithildin will one day be The Lord Of Lebennin instead of Ithilien.

Family Members[]

name Titles Wealth Status
Mithidris † Lord of Ithilien ●●●● Deceased
Aerendyl Steward of Gondor ●●●●● Alive
Istariel † Captain of Ithilien ●●● Deceased
Helmitros † - - - Deceased
Thandir † Captain of Anórien ●●●●● Deceased
Mithildin Arquen of Gondor ●●●●● Alive
Arlynolin - - - ●●●● Alive


Name Type Location information
Siniath Cuil City Lebennin A Strong and well defended Harbor city with a great navy.
Lagosa City Lebennin A Wealthy farm city, meant to house the farmers of Lebennin.
Gilduin Village/Fort Lebennin The Southern Fortress of the ''Brotherhood of the star''.
Duinost City Ithilien A strong and big harbor city with a growing navy. //Gifted to Anardil after the Battle of Duinost
Imlithar City Anórien A big trade center located at the border of ithilien. //Gifted to Anardil after the Battle of Duinost
Hala Citime Village Ithilien A small village that supplies the cities of fish. // Abandoned
Artarima Fort Ithilien A fort at the border of ithilien guarding the lands. // Abandoned after Istariel's Death
Thírien City Anórien A city that is built by Aerendyl since he joined the men of Gondor
Minas Astalda Castle Harondor Castle of Steward Aerendyl of Harondor, it is said it is impenetrable.