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Empire Structure[]

Administration Section: Centralized, Allies, Enemies and Wars are decided by One Faction. Each faction is considered a vassal of the leading faction.

Ruler Section: Non-Elected Emperor, One Emperor, with full decisional powers.

Volunteers Section: Allow Volunteering, The members of the Empire can volunteer as they wish, even against parts of their empire


In the final years of the Republic of Mordor led by Sauron VII, some members could see the shit hitting the fan and saw an opportunity. An opportunity to not solely benefit but to create something new, and something that Middle Earth has not seen in ages. These people were the ruler of SGG, Uvatha, and the ruler of Angmar, Er Murazor the WitchKing. As the Republic dissolved, these two nations unified and declared themselves independent of Mordor's control. Although Nîluthâni is officially allied with the Lean Legion ruled by Mordor, let it be very clear that the two are not the same. Nîluthâni's members are allowed to come and go as they please, and SGG has even allied itself with Dale and the Woodland Realm. The goal for Nîluthâni is to prove that "evil" factions do not need to bend to the will of anyone and do not need to be "evil". People of Middle Earth who state that "all orcs are evil" or similar statements are disregarded as nothing more than racist, uneducated beasts who know nothing of the cultures of Angmar and SGG. Nîluthâni hopes to expand its borders and alliances, and become a major player in Middle Earth, while changing the status quo.


States of Greater Gundabad - (04/18/22- present)

Angmar - (04/18/22- present)