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"My heart and hammer always for the Dwarves" - Moradin


Moradin was born during the early years of the Fifth Age growing up in the halls of Erebor and replacing his father as the King of Durin's Folk.

Moradin grew up listening to stories about the incredible dwarf kingdoms of the past, and if he fancied himself with his deeds, one of the young dwarf's great dreams was to be able to retake the Gray Mountains and re-establish his people's dominion over the Misty Mountains; During his growth, Moradin loved to enjoy good beer, a hobby that made him a great brewer.

The Uzbad Stoneshield[]

In search of fulfilling his dreams, Moradin called an expedition with a group of dwarves to Moria, that expedition would pass through the Gray Mountains and had the objective investigate the territory so that the Dwarves could retake their lands.

Two days after the group leave Erebor, they were ambushed by Uruks from Gundabad, the Dwarves bravely resisted, but as they were not prepared for a great battle, they ended up suffering downs and being forced to retreat, however, the number of attackers was infinitely bigger than the number of Dwarves, and to run for two days to Erebor would be an impossible mission, Thorgrin, daughter of Moradin, during the escape ended up finding the entrance of an old Fort of the Dwarves of the Gray Mountains, where the stone doors took them safe, Moradin and three other dwarves held the door preventing the Uruks from entering, while Bruenor (one of the Dwarves who made up the group) looked after the wounded without much hope, while the Uruks forced their way in, Thorgrin was instructed to enter the halls of the abandoned fort in hoping to find a way out on the other side of the hill, Thorgrin then ran for a few minutes in the company of two other dwarves, until she found a small hole at the top of a corridor, too small for an adult Dwarf or Orc to sneak around, however, one of the Dwarf was in his company, were her brother Drizzt, who was young and small enough to pass.

Drizzt squeezed through the rocks and managed to get out on top of the hill, the young dwarf now had a big mission at hand: Run up to Erebor and mobilize a group of dwarves large enough to fight the Uruks and save his family. While young Drizzt ran as long as he could, Moradin held the door with all his strength, time was not his ally, exhaustion was gradually catching up with him, and with every passing second it became more difficult to hold the Uruks out. Every hour, the Dwarves relay who would hold the door, but Moradin refused to leave his post, the Dwarf remained immobile, being an example of resistance and inspiration for these around.

The Dwarves remained refugees for three days, long enough for Drizzt to reach Erebor and mobilize a platoon of Dwarves to the rescue. At a time when even Moradin's hope was about to end, the Dwarves 'trumpet could be heard outside the fort, took no more than an hour for the Dwarves to repel the Uruks' attack and save refugees.

Upon returning to Erebor, the event was counted as a feat of heroes, those who avoided the bloodshed of many innocents, some of these dwarves were awarded titles related to their actions.

  • Drizzt was awarded the title of Windfoot;
  • Throgrin was awarded the Hawkeyes title;
  • Moradin was awarded the title of Stoneshield and later the title of Uzbad.

Unfortunately, in 196 VA Moradin was caught logging into other people's accounts to exploit their artifacts and gain an advantage. Because of this, Moradin is forever banished from Middle Earth. F in the chat for Teemo.