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! This page features lore from a different timeline which does no longer exist. For any additional questions ask the Loremasters.

Motive: I was moved to a different plane of existence


Early History[]

I started to play on the server in late 2015. At that time I was searching for a good server to settle and I found AncarCraft, a LOTR server that was Italian/English. Since at the time I was frustrated by the lack of a good server (I tried some before), I decided to give it a go, before quitting the search of for a decent lotr server.

When I started, the server was empty. Not a big deal, because it happened most of the time, but I was an experienced player of the mod and had no problems to start my journey. Or rather, I had one.

I sincerely didn't know what faction I could join, and that was really important for me, because, with the waypoints with 30 minutes of cooldown, I couldn't waste any time. My Idea was to travel to the land of the Wood elves, in the end. I never played there, usually I stayed between the Lone Lands and Gondor, so I travelled there. I still remember my first time on the High Pass. The road was invisible under the deep snow, and the orcs were many, but I managed to pass to the other side of the mountains and go into the hills of Anduin. At that point, the journey was basically over; I had the idea to settle around the waypoint of Thranduil's Halls and live there.

The problem was that when I entered woodland I had at least 20 minutes of cooldown. So I settled near the road, at the edge of the Woodland Realm biome. Small things change the course of the life, and that was certainly one of them. I took a wood elven house and reused it as mine.

After some days, I discovered that you could become a King. Amazed by that (yes, I didn't know that. Quite ironic, since I'm probably the player with most kingships under his belt), I asked, “How could you become a king?” and Acult said, "Build a palace and you can become king"

2016-07-10 14.59

I built the palace in less than a week. To be honest, looking back, it was ugly, but I was surprisely praised for my work. I remember that when I showed it to Acult for the first time, DragonMaster came as well. It was simple, but a home. So I became king and started a happy life on the server. I still remember the feeling of seeing the first other player that came in and joined Woodland. At that time you could trust anyone, so I invited him to live near my house.

Fast forward some weeks and I had reached quite a number of players. They had houses on the other bank of the river and we built toghether, fended off invasions together, usually hiding in my palace to regroup. I sincerely miss those days.

Never even trying to take a break, I asked if there was some sort of position on the server to build stuff, since I had the passion to build custom maps, which I constantly abandoned, and Acult told me to wait some time, that it wasn't the right moment. Days passed and Riccardicus (Later known as KingFundin) joined the server. He was swiftly promoted to builder and for that I was slightly disappointed, but I didn't give up and was occasionally reminded of my desire.

Becoming Builder[]

One day, Acult, probably tired by my requests, told me to follow the order of KingFundin and build a room in Dain's Halls. I don't know where it is, but I remember the joy of Riccardicus telling me that "it was good". Finally had the chance to build.

First of all Acult told me to build Ost-In-Edhil. And thus I witnessed and contributed to the construction of the first two cities in the server.

The First War[]

It all started when Wolfen, who was at the time king of Gondor, was raided by Sauron (Lukereds), Dragonmaster and some other 4 orcs. They had a huge army (or at least huge for us that we didn't have any) and assaulted Wolfen. I remember that I was quietly minding my business when he started messaging me, asking for a help.

Two, without an army, we used the walls of the castle he was building to shoot at the enemy. While he was barricating the door with blocks to prevent them to shoot inside, I attracted their attention on the walls and killed at least three of them. Galvanized by the win, we started bragging about our accomplishment, without knowing that that was only one of the lightning bolts; and even if they don't strike on the same place, they hit hard.

The Calm Before the Storm[]

After the small siege, we relaxed. I started a fort near Thranduil's halls and an outline for a proper city. King Fundin was happily building his kingdom and we were happy and thriving.

The first signals of something wrong happened when Fundin told me he heard some rumors about platoons of orcs hidden in the caves near my city: Molo's Halls. Since there was no limit for the units, I was really scared: we had no defenses besides the palace, and the houses were undefended. The smiths around the city were often killed and not by invasions. We had to do something.

Knowing that we could have used some safe place, I created a small entrance on the side of the stairs leading to the main tower. Down there I made some fields to have some food and a large underground hall to store troops and find refuge.

The Black Gate Opens[]

It was a nice day, calm and without any major event. Then one of my elves reported that he was under attack. We gathered in the palace, frantically messaging to the other players of the Free Folk to come online and defend the palace. King Fundin, Sirmatte, Trild, Ghitti and some more answered to the call and promised to help, but the huge army of Mordor managed to enter in the palace. We ran away, trying to kill the Uruks that were flooding the walls. Some players died, while I managed to escape. Since the walls were on more levels and they were not easily reached by the forces of Mordor, I managed to fast travel to Thranduil's Halls and enter in the fort. There I quickly gathered the players and tried to regroup.

The situation was desperate indeed, because DragonMaster and Lukereds found our location and assaulted another time our walls. We were holding, but less numerous and ill equipped.

Then, when the last arrows were shot at the army, King Fundin, Sirmatte, Trild, Ghitti and other dwarves came to the rescue, hitting hard on the forces of Mordor. We sallied out, and the battle was won. There was a last skirmish in Caras Galadhon, but we drove them away.

The birth of the organized battles[]

June 2016[]

I took a pause from the server to study for my exam and I came back only with the idea of a great build: Thranduil's Halls. I missed a lot in the meantime: Dol Guldur was taken by Lothlorien, and Dragonmaster was now the leader of the Evil side. There was a new way to wage war: not only raids, but a proper battle, a siege between two sides, that became the foundation for the system we still use.

Edoras Sacked[]

It didn't take long before DragonMaster struck, to avenge the capture of Dol Guldur. At his side he had Volta, who was Saruman, and Mairon, an orc. His set of the Witchking was really OP: full protection IV and a flaming morgul sword, better than any other sword we had. Instead our side was poor in mithril and in coins. King Fundin and the Dwarves didn't answer to the call, and Edoras was sacked and captured.

Eilenach: The Bastion of the West[]

Sirmatte, who was for a long time king of Gondor and was building many fortresses, contacted me telling me he knew that Meneltarma, a biome that at the time had the highest count of mithril in it, was the target of DragonMaster. So we decided to find it first. Me, Trild (King of Lothlorien), tuonobotto, Sirmatte and Ghitti found the island, and proceeded to claim it all. We made a huge castle in the middle, with two order of walls and in rapid expansion.

DragonMaster, Knowing we found it and claimed most of its surface, decided to draw our attention somewhere else and declared war to take Eilenach.

At the First War we drove them away, but he declared war again and we were losing. At that point - it is still debated what happened - one of the players was banned and the war cancelled.


2017-04-15 11.01

In 2017 we mostly moved to another server. It was meant to be connected with LOTR and we had in program to make a hub for it. I was charged with the job of making the HUB, alongside other builders.

Sadly, the project was canceled.


Even if it doesn't relate to the lotr server, I'm in mood to tell what happened those days, briefly. It was a server with the kingdoms plugin, don't remember much but it was similar to towny. I was teleported from acult to a random place and I created SPQR.

Fast forward of some months, where I hardly did something besides building sometimes, I joined back constantly for some time, gathering my first stable project, then it escalated quicky until the arrival of a player, Agide (I think that was the nick). He was exceptional in battle (while I'm mostly crap, so it was good for me) and his help was enough to make the faction grow from 5-9 players to 15. We reached the cap of players (27-29, I don't remember well) and 2 satellite kingdoms were made to host other players.

The server was structured that each Sunday you had total war against your enemies, but you had to discover their house. We had two major conflicts with an enemy kingdom, that resulted in the sack of their city twice. With the help of Agide, that lead the troops in the attacks, and mine, that organized the kingdom and built the defences and was the main diplomat, SPQR reigned supreme until the server was shut down.

In the end, SPQR had 3-4 active legions, each made by 2 Centuries (3 players each), with 1-3 auxilliary legions from the colonies (Dragonmaster and HOSTIS were part of the colonies). The city had massive walls, a temple dedicated to the Sacred Sheep of Aüle, a keep on a hill, surrounded by a steep moat, over 20 houses and 5 or more districts. The master of building, Agide, supervised the construction of the houses, to avoid awful builds, while there were other positions to occupy, such as the master of granaries, elected by the citizens every 2 weeks (or something like that).

The Return of the King[]

In late 2017, I came back only to find basically a server that was new to me. The players of the past had almost disappeared, and new generations populated the now thriving Ancarcraft: The Fourth Age.

I was still the king of Woodland Realm, but after a month I decided to become Gandalf. I managed to accomplish my goal in less than one week and tried to fix the situation between men and dwarves, which was rapidly deteriorating. Sadly I didn't manage to, and frustrated by it, I abandoned the role of Gandalf after a few weeks and switched to Mordor. I became a Nazgul and I was close to becoming the next Witchking.

A small thought: I have never borne players that decided to keep their class to not lose their race, nor those who openly broke the lore to be of an incompatible race in another faction (like an elf in the orcs). I always changed race and faction if I didn't see my goals and my preferences of the players compatible with my race and faction.

After chosing to let Hyperkiller be Witchking without competition, I looked back at the Silvan Elves. Vassalised by Artheloth, ruled by a friend of SargonDG. I was sincerely sad for the fate of my first faction and I still remembered the days I passed there with all the other Silvan Elves.

The Gwend Uin Erain, Friendship of Kings[]

I decided to do something about the current state of the server: Gondor was the most populated faction in the server at the time, and had easily a player count half of the total number of the active players. After convincing SargonDG, I created a Federation for all the Northern realms, that at its peak counted Lindon, Lossoth, Artheloth, North Dunedain, Durin's Folk, Blue Mountains, Lothlorien, Woodland Realm, Dale and Tol Edhil (Avari elves).

At the beginning all looked really well. The situation was improving and the past grudges were healed by time. Gondor was still seen as a hostile force to both Evil side and the rest of Free Folks.

Forodrim Ardhin[]

The Forodrim Ardhin (Northern Realms) was created when North Dunedain and the other factions joined. At the time the king PotatoRekt41 was building Tharbad. Simsonmp was King of Dale and Hexperim left the throne to Bolg, trying to get some players onto the evil side, going to Rhun with MarsonX to see if they could gather support there.

At that time Angmar declared war, and the Forodrim Ardhin asked help to Gondor, since most of the players of the federation were really inexperienced in war, besides me. Gondor helped, the only time it happened, I might add.

After that war there was a small period of peace, with constant raids on Tol Edhil; but when Potatorekt and Simsonmp were accused of trying to get a spy inside the ranks of Gondor a war was started.

The support in the federation was low: many didn't want to be in a war against Gondor, since the casus belli wasn't a problem for them. Queen Aelwen (akalii) was the fiercest supporter of this opinion, since she and his subjects had received much help from Bolg, who was the Emperor of Gondor at the time.

Instead I tried to make them understand that we needed to stay united, but few answered. The federation broken and arnor too.

The Birth of Maglor Feanoreon[]

The situation looked dire, because Gondor was seen at the time as a bully, with Mordor picking victories with Hexperim and MarsonX inside. The situation changed when Hexperim came back to Gondor, after a failed coup d'etat to become Sauron. I decided to create Rivendell and renew the situation of the federation.

Rivendell was created with the new update, which included Umbar. Most of the population of Gondor went to Umbar, and the so-called "Shield of Free Folks" shattered (I say "so-called" because it's something that only Gondor said and, to be honest, it was only propaganda, they defended Free Folks in a war only once).

Rivendell rapidly reached 6 players, and the Forodrim Ardhin reached a new point. At the time I was even Moderator, I don't remember when it happened, but if I had to guess it was around September to November of 2018. When Gondor regained the players it had lost, it didn't see anymore the divided federation that wasn't able to coordinate, but a unite body with me as the de facto leader. CeryusBusiness, that started in the Avari elves, was my second in command, and ruled Woodland Realm as Legolas.

Wars in Adornland: The Federation strikes back[]

With Gondor weakened and new players in the Evil side, there were many wars to conquer Adornland. Isengard attacked many times, but now the Forodrim Ardhin was there to help.

In the first war we helped the few gondorians and I managed to lead the side of Free Folks to victory, even if we had similar numbers and they had Sauron, Saruman and some nazguls at their side. The second war started with a loss for Gondor, so we decided to help. The second battle was an utter disaster for both Gondor and Mordor: It started with a sally of Hexperim and MarsonX, respectively at the time the Emperor of Gondor and the prince of Dol Amroth. When I said it was a disaster, I'm probably reducing the scale of the problem.

Hexperim and MarsonX, who at the time were considered by our side the two most powerful players, and Hexperim was considered the best general of the server, were killed in a charge, because all the other players, me included, didn't follow them in time. I quickly took command and started a war impossible to win. We started as 10 on our side against 11 on their, with sauron (100hp at the time), and Saruman (40 hp) and some nazguls (36 hp). So it was a dire situation from the start, but now we lost two of our most useful players and our leader!

I commanded a retreat, with six players still under my command. I kept retreating, fighting constantly to keep the forces of Mordor away. I killed three players (one of them was the Witchking), but in the end it was only me, CeryusBusiness and Fvaltrock against Saruon, Saruman, one nazgul and one orc. The tide of the battle was changed when, after much time spent running from the enemy and trying to thin out the ranks of Mordor, CeryusBusiness killed the nazgul. The orc was inside the fort, and far away from us, so we charged Sauron and Saruman and I managed to kill the latter.

We ended the battle at the fort, where Fvaltrock killed the orc while me and Ceryus dueled with Sauron. He fled after seeing his situation so desperate, but I managed to catch him and kill him.


After the wars in Adornland I took a break and became Tom Bombadil. After a week or two, I came back as Maglor, only to leave in early January, for two months.

A New Hope[]

Gandalf Again[]

When I came back after leaving the server, I found the Free Folks in complete confusion. I decided to take again the role of Gandalf, and I managed to keep the good side united. After a problem regarding inthermal troubles of the staff, I decided to take back the role as Maglor, forming the WRE (Western Reunited Eldar). I finished the capital of Lindon, North Mithlond.

The Angmar Incident[]

After some time, the WRE prospered, with as much as 15 players active. Seeing the opportunity to connect Artheloth with the rest of the federation, SargonDG declared war to Angmar, to conquer a province in Forodwaith which blocked him from being connected to the other parts of WRE.

The first battle was a little bit of a win for us, since I didn't expect double the number of our enemies. The excitement for the great army we accumulated undermined my usual cautious behaviour, with tremendous effects. The first battle was a swift win: while the enemy was pinned in a skirmish, I flanked them on the right side and swiftly dealt with them, followed by the rest of the army, killing or driving them away.

In the second battle, the siege, 4 Gondorian players joined as "mercenaries" the battle. This came a little bit unexpected to me, but I thought that 6-7 against around 10 wasn't a problem. What I did overestimate was how our troops were composed: far were the days of the Battle of Adornland, where I could count on the finest warriors of Gondor and FA, experienced players that saw many battles. These, instead, even if not less brave, didn't have as much experience, so, when making plans on the siege, I disregarded the impact of the Gondorian cavalry - I knew the tactic of using a "small" force to attack in the rear of an army during a siege, since I proposed it and Hex and we used it with maximum effect during a Mordor civil war (video:

The result was a dead overconfident army and many players enraged with the Gondorians who joined, not really for the defeat, as wrongly assumed, but for the fact that they kept the items they looted, failing to giving them back until Hexperim ordered them to do so. This incident drove another wedge between Gondor and the Elves, marking this period, without a strong menace in the evil side, that was still rebuilding its power after the civil war, as a sort of short cold war.

Gundabad: the Great Match of the Rising Nations[]

With the rebirth of the Dwarven empire, Mainteemotank decided to annex some provinces of Gundabad, believing it to be an easy target. However, even if the dwarves were many, around 20 players, they lacked discipline, experience and leadership. Mainteemo then looked on the two experienced factions among the Free Folks (WRE and Gondor), and asked for some help.

Second Gundabad War[]

The first war (first for Mainteemotank, second for the Server), saw around 20 dwarves with Lincoln, me and MarsonX against few orcs and Acult, that appeared to make the fight "less unfair". 20vs6? Totally unfair, yes. The first battle was a total defeat for the orcs, even if they were entrenched in an high peak. I commanded the Dwarven side and decided to split it in 2 groups: the first one, under Marson, former dwarven emperor and really experienced in battle and mountain warfare, was supposed to breach the lines of defenses in the north western side, while Lincoln, steady commander and of prooven reliability, had to draw the attention of the enemy. I was alone in the third group, basically commanding the two sides and helping where I saw the necessity.

The siege, however, saw Hexperim leading the dwarves, since I thought I couldn't be there and saw the fortress that the orcs built. When I realized I could come to the war, to be fair I didn't join the attackers. Lincoln was there, alongside Hexperim, the siege leader, and other Gondorians. However, the fortress was too well built and the dwarves were scattered; the only one that manage to go under the walls was Lincoln. Hexperim decided, after seeing the result of the first engagement, to retreat.

Third Gundabad War[]

The Third Gundabad War was started by Gundabad, thinking that they had the upper hand. However, on the day of the battle, the orcs were few, so Acult proposed an event that saw 2 random sides (Elves-Orcs-Gondorians vs Elves (Me, Lincoln, Ceryus)-Dwarves) facing in another mountain battle,

This time the beginning was messy, and we retreated due to the unfavourable terrain. After we found a small plateau, I decided to make a stand there and used the superior organization of the dwarves (who were less, but better trained) and the experience of our players to swing the tides of battle and win. (Small note: many claimed that we won because we had the three elven rings. Even if the rings played a part in our strategy, the enemy side had 2 rings with similar power (combined with brews they had the same power) of two of the elven rings, while the third ring's effects were obtainable with only brews).

Fourth Gundabad War[]

The last Gundabad war saw an unusual approach: I wanted to avoid camping on top of mountain peaks, so i proposed to fight only on plateaus, but I was ignored by the Orcish side. We were on similar numbers, so the enemy didn't feel confident enough in charging, so I had to beat him in a waiting game.

After they were too tired, they charged, with catasrtophical results. However, the battle was redone; this time I wasn't in command of the dwarven side and the dwarves lost the battle, mostly because of the lack of discipline that, even with the best commanders, can destroy the army from the inside.

The shadow of the past[]

Half inactive and half active, I properly came back with an idea: remake Minas Tirith. The whole thing started when I noticed that the status of Minas Tirith was the same for some months, so I got the permission from Acult and gathered some builders. The first stage was to expand the layout of the city - me and Sargon took care of that - then we started the citadel, with the help of Sirmatte, who recovered the original palace and, at this time (30/10/19) is finishing the interior.

Lincoln came to the project to build some houses, while Vegen and AlmightyNilsje came in as builders on approval. The project is going on.

Gandalf Again[]

Tired of politics, I retired from my position and decided to become Gandalf. However, I didn't participate actively in wars, since I was so busy with other things. At this time, Mati became the emperor, while Ceryus, replacing Sauron, abandoned for the first time my side.

Annatar, lord of the Gifts[]

Since DLE was in a really bad situation, I decided to help them a little bit. In the past I've offered many times my advice to the current Sauron, but I wanted to act more directly this time. The whole thing started when DLE and WRE started skirmishes and raids. DLE barely managed to repel gondor and was suffering badly, my advice before was to avoid conflict with WRE to avoid having to face all free folks at once, but Ceryus had an arguement with Lincoln and both weren't capable to settle the issue, since they were too involved.

I picked up the role of Sauron and swiftly dealt with the invasion of Gondor, then I instructed Saruman to attack Isengard (the province), to get it back. Quite ironic, since I was one of the commanders during the capture of Isengard. To achieve victory I had to split my enemies (WRE and EOG), this was achieved when the Dunedain of the north colonized a province in enedwaith. Gondor viewed that territory as rightful Gondorian land, so they started attacking North Dunedain players and conquered a province in Eryn vorn, in retaliation.

Naturally Vlagezda, the king of North Dunedain, didn't appreciate the fact that his players were killed without any explanation (since they were formally still allied) and the alliance between EOG and WRE was broken when Gondor colonized Eryn vorn. The reconquest of isengard looked like to be an easy thing to do. But I was fighting against a Gondor without a lot of its former elite players. This would change.

When the cat's away, the mice will play[]

After the first battle, Mati and Xavron called back Hexperim, alongside Vendetta, that was unbanned, and many gondorians. The second battle was won by gondor, because I went too far and got caught. It was an almost complete disaster, since most of our players were new and inexperienced.

Hexperim decided to act on multiple sides: first of all by attacking us on land, while Vendetta tried to get followers in Mordor and DLE to overthrow me as Sauron. However, while in the battlefield I was defeated, the battle of minds that took place saw me and DLE, lead by the great nazguls CeryusBusiness, ThebigDoc, akalii, Antistalord, MainTeemoTank, T3lChar, Vegen and gguruboss, clearly victorious, capturing the thrones of Umbar, Rhun, Harad and Securing Mordor thanks to Vegen and T3lchar, while MainTeemo and Antistalord established a spynetwork that allowed us to be one step ahead of our enemies. Thanks to the might of Ceryus, Doc, akalii and gguruboss we were succesfull in battle, and the raids were so overwhelming for the gondorians that they didn't manage to answer to them properly.

Finally Isengard[]

Trying to get the initiative, Hexperim attacked the Brown lands, to get access of the lands of Rhovanion. Before the battle I baited them into a wrong location, tping vendetta to the supposed place.

And this is what I wish I did. In truth I was so dumb that i thought I was tping Vegen, but he was not online and so Vendetta came. After telling myself how dumb could I be, we eventually won the battle decisevely, and proceeded to attack isengard.

The first battle was again a victory, with both sides severely depleeted by a problem of the host that didn't allow many of the players to join. In the second battle we were quite a lot on both sides, seven against ten. While it could have looked like an easy victory the WRE players were attacked by uruks and dunlendlings npcs and Gondor was defending, so the result of the battle was not clear at the beginning.

Eventually we won, but due to many rules being broken, the battle was cancelled, but eventually we won the war


Since I had a lot of exams to do, I gave up Sauron's role and disappeared for one month or more. I came back in late february as Manwe Sulimo, since I didn't want to meddle again in the affairs of diplomacy and scheming. I have to say, it didn't last long. The day I joined both sides (WRE and DLE+EOG, that in the meantime switched side when relations deteriorated between Elves and Sauron - I was probably the only thing that prevented Lincoln to try to sack mount Gundabad) asked me to help them. I eventually opted to give them a pat in the head and get back to do admin things. All I offered were advices, since I didn't really have time or will to do anything else. I stopped playing in 2020.


Commanded battle through discord

The Screen looked like this

Ceryus included me in the list of partecipants to the war so I tried to join, eventually I came too late and had to lead them by looking at T3lchar's screen through discord.

We won the battle.




There you will find all the roleplay pieces I wrote (and remembered to store somewhere)

Gandalf – First entrance on the roleplay chat[]

Gandalf's diary, third day.

In my journeys i picked up a strange book, called "of power", while i was reading it i discovered that incredible power could be teached "not by an elf". Does it mean that there is an orchish artifact that could give a spark of the original power of morgoth? If it is, then i've to find it before the Enemy. Some clues made me think that maybe i could find something in angmar, the old witch-king realm, currently i'm not strong enought to ride in angmar alone, so i would ask for help to the rangers of the north. Still it's lasts words last in my mind "not by an elf"...

Gandalf's diary, 15th day

I found a dunedain called Hirùin near the northern downs. He seemed to know very well Angmar and so I took him as a guide. We crossed the trollshawns and the ettenmoors.

Gandalf's diary, 23rd day

We reached the misty mountains on the tenth day of march, two days ago, while Hirùin was guiding me to an old and forgotten tower, a troll ambushed us. Even before i could swing once Glamdring, the troll smashed his mace on the poor Hirùin and killed him. Knowing that if i didn't something i would have suffered the same fate, I raised my staff and flashed my enemies with a powerful beam of light. The troll fell to my feet and i killed him with ease, the orcs, scared by the light, ran to hide themselves in some caves. After the fight i buried the brave ranger.

The day after i reached the tower, or what was left. Only scattered stones under my feet and a wall high less than an ent. I found a cellar that wasn't filled with debrees. On a table there was a skeleton, with a book in his hand. It's written in the black speech, and i'll translate all that's left for the eye to see:

I see the dark and the great lord inside. I hear his voice and the sound of his words. "Find the ring", he shouts with a whisper of voice, "Find my ring, and kill his bearer". The voice haunts my dreams. It's maybe the stone i've found in my youth? Alas, my life slip away and my strenght dwindles, so i ordered that the stone has to be sent to another place. Maybe in my dreams now I could have peace.

The book ends here. Could he stone be a lost palantir? One was sucked by the sea. Is that the artifact I searched for? mmh I think is not, remember the last words "not by an elf" …

Gandalf's diary, 47th day

Before i could continue my researches, an eagle flew to me and warned me about a great shadow rising south: "Great is the menace upon Gondor, men and uruks will clash toghether near Ras Morthil". I was briefly stunned by the news. Never i thought that Gondor could be menaced even in is far west corner. Hopeless was the kingdom of men against the Enemy? I had to do something. I asked to the great eagle if I could ride her, because even a meras couldn't cover in few days the distance between the far north of the misty mountains and the far west of gondor. Hopless was the situation, but a brave haradrim army, allied with gondor, sacrificed herself to save the day. The battle was won, but many were the fallen.

Gandalf's diary, 49th day

After the battle the survivors gathered, more than i thoght, but still not much. The commander of the gondorian garrison was eagher to fight back, and we tried, but the orcs were scattered, and few we saw, running to save their lives. I was happy to hear, just a day after, that Hexnethor, the king of gondor, chased the orcs and killed them in a great battle, slayng many of the orc commanders. I'm glad that gondor held his ground, but the clouds of war gather in the orizon

Gandalf's diary, countless days after the last one

I had to interrupt the search of the mysterious artifact, because many thoughts filled my mind and many more impending tasks were on my path. I was lucky, althought, because in my voyages inside Khazad-dûm i found some records of the death of many dwarves due to an incursion of evil men and orcs. It seems that the chief of that host had a mighty weapon, that broke off many dwarves. Maybe is this the thing that the book mentioned? My mind goes to the last words on the dusty and ruined page: "Not by an elf..."

KHAMUL'S DIARY – Satire in Middle Earth[]

18th of april

After dol guldur was captured, the Boss was really disappointed. For all my years of service, he didn't thank me once, but now, apparently, it's all my fault.

This morning my orc butler woke me up at 6 am, in complete darkness, of course, and dressed me up with my dark cape of wednesday. The mantle of wednesday is my favourite: dark and creased at the right amount. The breakfast was really fast: i ate nothing, one of the advantages of being a wraith. I walked at the gate of Minas Morgul and stopped there, at the entrance, to start my new work: guarding the gate. Ater a couple of hours a strange guy appeared on the road. When he came right next to me, i stepped out of the shadow and asked politely:

"Anything to declare? Why are you here, where you want to go? Weapons? Magic rings? Deposit them here before you enter. If you want yo stay you have to pay 30 silver coins".

He was really rude, maybe he didn't think that someone would be there, but still rude.

"Aahg", he cried, "Begone, foul beast!"

"Really disappointed by your behaviour", I said, "And I feel sorry, but do not complain with me If the price is too high, i'm only at the end of the System. Complain with the Boss." Still rude as before, the man stood in the middle of the road, and swang his sword.

"Run to your master, creature of evil, or stand and fight me".

"Again", I replied, "I'm sorry for the high price, but not my fault". He tried to stab me with his blade, but the sword met my armor. Why the crazy guys come always to me? I bet that Gorbadog, the orc at the other gate, has only normal orcs and occasionally a olog.

I mean, the ologs stink, but do not try to kill you. I laughted to release some tension, and the guy became, if possible more angry.

"To art. 3, comma 7b, attacking an officer in his duty, grants a death sentence", I said, but the man didn't listen. But duty is duty, so i decapitated him with a precise blow. I hate this job. Maybe the boss will find something more useful next time?

23 of april

After some time, I decidet to go on holiday. The north wind is great for my complexion, and in the snow I don't have to fear to be unnoticed.

I packed my things and said goodbye to the other Nazguls. Bobby cried a little bit but the others were ok with my journey. I sent a crow to Wichking to warn him of my arrival and then I jumped on my fellbeast. The Boss didn't showed up, but in his defence, it's hard to come here to say farewell to an old friend, especially if you're a tower.

The wind was glacial, and the mount fast. I was on the fields under the river on the northen border of Rohan, when an arrow struck in the head of the fellbeast. The world started spinning around and I fell to the ground. A voice cried, filled with joy, not far away from me:

"You took him down! Good shot!"

"Yes, he did", replied another voice, "But his knight hasn't been damaged by the arrow". By the arrow no, you piece of rotten horsemeat, but by the ground yes. I lost my sword and most of my baggage is dispersed in hundreds of meters. I shadowed the three figures and warned them of their mistake.

I didn't kill them, but one or two of those guys will need new pants and underwears, because I emerged from the ground right next to them, shouting spells in the black speech.

You got what you deserved, morons. Now, time to think how I can reach Angmar without loosing the reservation of the Hotel.

8th of may

Dear diary, finally a job worth of me!

I thought, when the Boss show me the map and pointed to Minas Tirith.

A spying mission? A raid with a company of orcs? The boss calmed me down.

"Take these leaflets and spread them all over the city." He stared at me intensely, only as he can do.

"Do not try to throw them, ok? I'll be waching you." I did nod the head, but my heart was tempted to say no. I rode to Minas Tirith, as only as a bored nazgûl can do: singing. After the second person I saw, yeld and ran screaming, I thought it was better to not sing anymore.

Some people can't understand art, a genious is the victim of his age.

I stepped on the gate of the white city and a couple of guards stood in front of me, with a small group of townsmen behind, watching the scene.

"This will be the time." I thought, "Let them see the power of mordor.” I took a deep breath, extracted my hand from the mantle and shouted clearly:

"Join mordor today! Become a powerful man under the one eye! Warm food and bed await you!" Swinging a leaftlet in my right hand. I gave one to each guard, who were strangely surprised, and started distribuing all over the place.

Unknown date

Dear diary, today i finally finished the city and the fort. Or, to be more accurate, I finished to kill all the dwarves inside. The survivors renamed the city "Narg-Rakhas", or Black Orcish, a wonderful name, so i'll keep it. I renamed the Fort to "Dhaub-Auga", Agony of the Eye; because, to be sincere, looks like an olog having sex with a great spider: something you want to cancel from your memory and rip your eyes off. The weather is nice there, I think i'll settle there for a while, since Dol Guldur has been invaded by an elven party. They destroied all the fornitures and flooded the floor with vomit. I swear to god that I won't ever host another dorwinion party.

22nd of May

Today I awake with the heaviest head-ache I had in my life. I remember only that a couple of days ago ... or more, my memory darkens next to 17th. My uruk butler asked me what I wanted for breakfast.

"Water. A basin of water, hot enought. I need a bath."

"As you want Sir." Replied the orc. While my bath was taking shape, I wondered in the cellars. I've a clear image of some barrels of dwarven beer. I found them and some were covered in blood.

"Why the hell they are like that!" I screamed: "Who was killed?" An orc soon replied:

"Oh, don't worry boss, only some dwarves." I was stunned by that info.

"Why? I remember I asked to buy some dwarven beer. At any price."

"Oh, then it was "pay" not "raid." He scratched his head.

"Well it seemed "hfrglaid" to us, but we guessed..."

"Urgl, I hope you raided only a minor settlement." (Urgl is the name of the orc)

"Ehm, actually at first yes, but then we searched in [Moria], Nogrod, Belegost and..." I was terrified.

"For Sauron's sake, why!?" The orc looked embarassed.

"You said it wasn't enough."

"Ok, I hope you didn't mess even further"

"Actually, we killed their king, Sir. Now they want to invade Gundabad."

"How many soldiers we lost?"

"Ehm, maybe a couple of thousand? Not our fault boss! You said at any price."

So, we were basically screwed.

"Prepare my baggages, I heard that Dol Guldur is wonderful in summer."

"Yes, sir. Immediately"


When everybody thought that former hints were hard

The ranger watched the corpse of the dwarf covered with a light layer of snow. "Poor bastard. He died of cold." In the bluish hands there was a diary. The ranger opened it and tried to read the runes.

"11th of Deceber. We reached the Hobbit. He thanked us and talked about the loss of his sword in the Lonelands. He told us the location, and he will give us a reward if we can find it.

24th of January. Khazad dum was cnfortable and the ale was one of the most delicious i've ever drank. The King met me and Flòi and told us about the settlement in mount Gram. He gave us two hardened companies of dwarves to protect the city, and he showed intrested in the growth of all the new cities in the misty mountains.

1st of February. We tried to spot the location of Sting, but is too far away from our path. Moing off the mountains wouldn't be a great thing right now.

16th of March. W reached the settlement and started building a new layer. Flòi went back to Khazad dum to get some rienforcements.

20th of March. An elf showed up, we don't like elves, and don't know why this one was here, but he said he was scouting and saw some "rch", as he told us, or orcs, for all the guys who don't speak elven thongue.

25th of March. The "yrch" entered in a small pass, and thanks to the elf's report we ambushed them. Even if he was an elf, we tried to give him a reward fr the service he did to us, but he replied that he did it only for dty and refused kindly to get the gold we offered. Strange guy, but i wish all the others were strange like him.

13th of april. Clouds gathers on the horizon, and Flòi hasn't returned yet. I'm woried, but a small delay is even possible in these days.

19th of pril. Flòi didn't return. Or the king wanted him elsewhere or he' dead. I hope the firt one.

9th of May. Flòi's corpse was carried from the survivors of the army he commanded. Only a handful of them are still alive. Orcs are assaulting us. We lost the entrance.

10th of May. The Lord was killed during the last assault, we retreated in the inner rooms. The fourth floor has been invaded. Drums. Drums in the abyss. They are coming."

The ranger captain Eldaron commanded his unit to search the settlement for survivors, but there were more arrows than dwarves. All the rooms were filled with corpses of orcs and dwarves, to the point that they couldn't get the dwarves to bury them. Many of the attackers payed their life for each of the defenders, but nothing stopped the orcs.

The captain moved his unit to south west, trying to sting the enemy with their arrows, to get a revenge for the dwarves.

Character Card - Thranduil[]

Name: Thranduil

House: Taurnost

Titles: King of woodland Realm, bearer of rings, loremaster, keeper of ringil

Family: Aelwen (she travelled to the undying lands), Legolas

Faction: Woodland Realm

Culture: Sindar

Race: Elves

Age: born before 750 F.A., around 30000 years

Religion: Iluvatarism, cult of the valar

Friends: Gandalf, Radagast, Amdir

Enemies: Sauron, Saruman, Witchking

Artifacts: Sting, Aranruth, Nenya, Ringil, Silacrist

Starting location /Home: Thranduil's Halls

Fate: In valinor, seeking the help of the Valar

Letters from Woodland Realm

Thranduil seeks to stop the blabbering of other lords, since they make a fool of theirselves. Letters have been sent to some kings to stop the stream of nonsense pouring from some courts.

To High King Halbarad I of Arnor

I'm afraid that some of your vassals stormed into your private canteen and stole your ale reserves. Please check them in order to stop your subordinates to be labeled as drunken fools.

Ellen sila lumen omentilemo, mellon.

King Thranduil

To King Hope of Dale

I suggest you to be vigilant on the trade with dorwinion, because a vassal of yours is probably smuggling huge quantities of wine in your borders.


King Thranduil


To all the free folks, rejoyce! The once destroyed city of Molol's halls, is now rebuilt. All men, hobbit, elves and dwarves are free to live near it, as it was long ago.

False Advertisement

Dwarfs of middle earth!

Tired of travelling around, trying impossible quests?

Would you stop (only for a few decades) to rest?



it's the place that fits you!

Includes board and lodging, it's plenty of recreational activities:

Play all the afternoon "reveal your intents" whith the jailers,

entertainment guaranteed!

avaliable in next days.


animals (ex. dogs, cats, boars) and smugglers aren't allowed.

Chapter One – Smuggling is too much for an elven guard

The smuggler silently walked through the halls of Thranduil, avoiding the sentinels. He arrived near the king, only thanks to his magic ring, that he bought to the jewelry in Ost-in-Edhil, "A ring to rule them all". A figure entered in his field of vision: a general, he thought seeing his dark glowing armour and the well-crafted sword. The guard halted him in the elvish language, so strange to his hears. The general replied firmly: "Ni aran pedithan", and the soldier ceded the way. The general stepped into the room of the king and bowed down to king Thranduil. "Naro!" said with grieve voice. "Cothin bo celan, ar. Ù laew, dan ertho ned yrch." The spy understood only the word orcs. That wasn't what he went to search, so he didn't bother to understand the conversation.

"Faegin sinioth tegach. Gwannon, ti le maethoch." The general nod firmly to the words of his king, pride in his eyes. "Aran, an in pen ertho annol a ti fanan." "Maer, ertho garach."

Both the king and the general left the room and the spy searched between his papers. Finally he found what he searched. He opened the letter and read: "Mellon, ..." Damn, he thought. Elvish. No chance he could understand that.

"Better copy it and give it to my master, he will know what to do." He murmured. With the letter was a map, he looked at that and copied it roughtly. His mission was finished. It was time to get back. He looked once more to the map, wondering what would have been the markings on it.

Chaper Two – Elven council

"Thranduil o Taur-e-Ndaedelos!" Announced the herald on his arrival. As the annual council of all the Eldar took place, his halls were decided to host it. The king of Lothlorien and Lindon were both already sit at the large table, lit

by the pale lights on the walls.

(translation in westron)

"Welcome, my friends. Sorry if i'm late, but the kingdom take all the attention and time i have, these days."

"No need to apologize, but where's the queen of Tol Edhil?" Spoke the king of Lindon.

"She departed to valinor." Answered Thranduil, grieved.

"The Avari haven't yet a leader, and Dorwinion hasn't an elven lord to speak with us." Both the kings weren't clearly happy.

"You're the only one to protect the east." Said the Galadhrim king,

"Sadly my soldiers are worried with the orcs on the west, south and nort." The king of the high elves interrupted him: "We both have our armies busy with orcs in the north and in the misty mountains, but I have good news, the dwarves are willing to help us."

Thranduil's eyes gazed: the dwarves could free many soldiers of the galadhrim and rivendell, with the misty mountains in peace, the east would have been the next. He looked at the map of middle earth at the center of the table, and pointed at the high pass.

"I can send a few hundreds of valesmen, if supported by some rivendell elves, we could free the pass for our communication lines." The high king of the noldor shaked his head.

"Why risk so much, the dwarves agreed to let our elves go though moria. It's the safest route."

"Yes," he answered, “But our lines can't be threatened in the anduin's vale, the orcs are both on north and south. If we don't secure a route to the north, some bands of dol guldur orcs could leave us without communications."

"Fair then." Agreed the lindon king. "I'll leave some of my officers and fifty of my elves. The journey was tiring, allow us to visit your halls, I saw few places beautiful like this, even if i'm not a great admirer of mines."

A voice down the corridor shouted, filled with pain: "And he calls it a mine. A mine!"

Thranduil smiled.

"Don't worry about him, it's one of the dwarves who came there to expand my halls. It's one of the best stone carver i've ever seen. If all matters are over, I would love to leave you to the halls." He stood up and went back to his duties.

Last Chapter – The Grey Havens

Thranduil watched the ruined building with haste. Dol Guldur, the old capital of the Realm. Everything was lost for him. The elves could hold Sauron? Certainly the men could not. Discouraged by the sight of the wicked ruins, he continued in his travel. The journey was long, but at least he saw the sea. Cìrdan was waiting him, a boat already in the water, ready to leave to Valinor.

"I hope my call for help won't be unheard. I hope I will come back." Cìrdan smiled and showed him the road. "We all hope."

Thranduil sailed to west. The wind in his hairs, light in his eyes.

Character Card - Maglor[]

Name: Maglor

House: Feanor

Titles: King of Rivendell, Kinslayer, Lord of Maglor's Gap, High king of the noldor

Family: Feanor (Father, Dead), Nerdanel (Mother, Dead), Maedhros (Brother, Dead), Celegorm(Brother, Dead),

Caranthir (Brother, Dead), Curufin(Brother, Dead), Amrod(Brother, Dead), Amras (Brother, Dead), Celebrimbor (Nephew, Dead).

Spouse: Unknonw

Faction: High Elves

Culture: Noldor

Race: Elves

Age: Unknown, born during the noontide of Valinor

Religion: Iluvatarism, cult of the valar

Friends: Currently none

Enemies: Sauron , Saruman, Witchking

Artifacts: Sting, Aranruth, Nenya, Ringil, Silacrist

Starting location /Home: Ost-In-Edhil

A little bit of backstory for the most recent years of Maglor's life.

Maglor had three children, it's not known who was the wife, but she died in an orc raid near the southern border of Eregion. The only child it is known at least something is his only daughter, who married a Dunedain and gave birth to Meneldur. His son in law was killed during a battle in the Ettenmoors, by a troll, while he was accompaning Gandalf (Rings a bell to someone?) and Maglor took the nephew and his daughter back in his home in Lindon. He and Meneldur travelled for many years in Middle Earth. The turn was when Meneldur became king of the new realm of the dunedain of the north. Maglor then decided to help him and made his move to become the king of Rivendell. It is known little of his journeys across Middle Earth, it is known he stayed many years with the dwarves of Khazad dum. The east is one of his least favourite places, instead he loved to wander in the thriving nature of the south. He learned Adhunaic in Umbar, while he was teaching to his nephew. It's not known the extent of his knowledge of Gondor and Rohan, but it's almost certain he contributed to some unique books in the library of Minas Tirith. Even if nobody really knows for certain, most suspect that the fact that one of the Silmaris has awaken it's the motivation behind his appearement

Chapter 1 – A long expected party[]

The city square was full of elves, many were discussing in small groups, other spoke to the great assembly. A shadow walked between the elves, and whoever was near him retracted in fear or surprise.

"The kinslayer." They wispered.

"Look at the two lights on his fingers. Are those the rings?" Ringil on his left side, the sword of his uncle. He had a longer and greater shadow than the others, even if his body wasn't no more tall or wide. The kings of the elves stood in the middle of the plaza, discussing with each other, but they sensed the growing silence, and looked to Maglor.

"Maglor, ion o Feanor. Rhach eneth." Spoke the king of Lindon.

"Have you returned from the dead?" Asked Celeborn, "or you refused to join the hall of Mandos?"

Maglor didn't replied. He was alone, surrounded by all the other elves.

"I'm here to get what I deserve, the high throne of the Elves." The elves were hostile, but only, and maybe even, a blind could see that the spirit of Maglor was changed. So the king of lindon, after a brief talk with the others, replied:

"We will see. A council will take place, but you are not invited. Return to us in three days."

Chapter 2 – The Window on the west[]

Maglor was at his desk in the palace of Ost-in-Edhil. Letters were written in multiple alphabets and languages; one was from the dwarves' king in Khazad dum; a battle took place in ithilien and some dwarvesmarched from the glittering caves with the rohirrim. It was a victory for gondor but a costly one. Other two reports showed him the finances of the kingdom and the forces of the kingdoms: three thousand elves in rivendell, maybe one or two in Lindon. The rangers were the same as them. All of them were on the northern border, except his army, watching over dunland. Dwarves few thousand, divided between the forces of Isengard and Gundabad. Lorien was safe for now, but few soldiers there. A silent figure stepped in the room.

"News from the Silvan elves. King Legolas would like to have news of his father, and tells that he is strenghtening the southern border. Dale is ready and solid. The avari elves have a new lord." Maglor looked his spymaster. Most intresting news from the east.

"Hand a letter with a request of a meeting between us, I want to see how this elf is. Dispatch few letters to king Tanrkid and King Legolas. They will be not pleased to hear they lost the chance to fight. It's all for now."

Chapter 3 – A knife in the dark[]

Near the trollshawns, a pyre was burning from a day.

"My lord, should we go home?" Asked a soldier, one of Maglor's retinue.

"Let's wait. I'm going to see the end of it." Five merchants, a family of Breemen, was travelling through lone lands, when orcs descended from the hills. Orcs with a couple of trolls, in the middle of the night.

"We came too late. Every time is too late for me." His bannerman tried to soften him:

"We can't be everywhere my lord." That was true. They massacred houndreds of orc bands since his arrival, Eregion was now safer than before.

"We weren't here, tell to those poor souls that we stopped for a day in Rivendell, the city they won't ever see." Maglor still remembered the woman and the man. Dead both after many twisted tortures. Only one child, a girl, was alive, and she didn't stop crying. He took her on his horse and tried to confort her:

"Olthach, lend sell, Olthach ..." The girl closed her eyes just before a rider came from the south, carrying news.

"Saruman asks us the meaning of our actions. He tells us that he seeks peace." The noldorin king's shade grew twice as before, and the girl agitated a little bit in her sleep.

"Would I may not remember what happened to my people, to her parents and siblings, this child will remember me this. He wants peace, I don't." Maglor squeezed the air in his fists. Then he calmed down. Anger was in his youth, now he was wise.

"Don't reply. I don't still know what will happen with isengard. Or maybe send him one of the heads of the orcs, and explain that this is the reason behind my actions. The bands between our borders must be eradicated." The fallen istar would maybe be upset by this, but better to keep him hanging. His grandson Meneldur maybe could ease the poor girl's suffering. He dispatched few orders and kept riding under the moon and the stars.

Chapter 4 – The White rider[]

"I've to admit that there's strong magic in Ringil, i didn't know that." Said the elf, smiling. Maglor replied without joy:

"The sword prooved his valor before. No need to think it would have failed." He acted swiftly the plan to kill one of the nazguls in the south. Every servant of sauron had to be eliminated. The nazgul was powerful, but not as much as a noldor, grown in Valinor and disciple of the Valar. Even if he had a long retinue, they all were dead, slew by his small but deadly army.

"How many we lost?" Asked to the captain.

"None, our arrows were too swift for them. I think you were amazing, if I can say it my lord. Facing a nazgul in single combat is something to be remembered."

"Thanks, but we won't say we were there. Better if they don't know we did this." Maglor laughted, for the first time. "Let's see what the servants of Sauron will think of, to cover this." The sun descended on the small group, that reached a long elven ship, that would have sailed them back to the Grey Havens.

Chapter 5 – Flight to the ford[]

The small column of elves was travelling to the ship when a word reached their ears: war. The same evening a small council was held to think what to do.

"The taurethrim were defeated once, near ... Shaman Pah. We could slip through the Morwaith territory and reach the Taurethrim army." Said the capitain of his retinue."

"It's risky," replied another elf. "From what the map says there's only a known bridge, and it's in the hand of the morwaith." Debate raised but Maglor didn't spoke. He was thinking. After a while, the whole council became silent and the eyes were all on the king.

"We will not follow the road, too many risks. But we will cross the bridge. We are too many and too much encumbered by weapons to swim. If we have luck they won't expect us, we have to be swift and merciless." After four days of riding the elves arrived near the river. They set a small camp an waited the night. Around midnight, Maglor gave the order. While riding he started singing quietly:

"Varda, min lond dothitach?

Sila galu annitach..."

The column arrived in sight of the bridge, but Maglor didn't give the signal. The elves looked around and saw clearly as day the sentinels and guards, but not a single man saw them even if he looked in their way. When they reached the bridge, the king shouted:

"Ride! Quickly!"

The guards noticed them and surprise was in their eyes, because they could see them for the first time: high shining knights in the darkness of the night, most of them were blinded and fell to the swords or the bows before they could even draw theirs. As a lighting before the thunder, they escaped before anyone coud react.

"Now, to the aid of the Taurethrim!"

Chapter 6 – The old forest[]

The thick jungle encircled the small army of elves. Their horses were useless, so they had to abandon them. Maglor ensured they were safe and fed.

"May the valar damn who tried to conquer this place." Wispered an elf, after the umpteenth time they had to bend under the thick foliage. They found the camp after few hours: the taurethrim army was small and scared. Few knew the westron and Maglor spoke to them, to gather some informations. The taurethrim warriors were intrested by the elves: shiny and strong armours, long swords and spears, tall bows and fierce look. Maglor soon realized that his small army could overcome the much bigger ally: few discipline, the captains more scared than their soldiers and their general was still wounded.

"There's no point trying another pitched battle: they will slaughter us. I'll search for a good location, stay there." Ordered. The march in the forest finished when he saw the perfect location: A high hill, near a river on the east.

"Tell them to come here," said Maglor, "We will make our stand in this place." His ears sensed rumors to the north. Voices. "Come," said, "Let's see who's there." More and more they moved close to the voices and more Maglor realized they weren't from the south:

"Captain, what will we do?"

"I don't know, it seems we are lost." Maglor stepped on their way:

"Mae Govannen mellonin nim. Have you lost your way?"

"An elf!" They shouted. the captain recoveder from the surprise:

"We didn't expect to meet elves there, who may you be?"

He was suspicious, but Maglor would have been it too.

"I'm King Maglor of the House of Feanor, bearer of Nenya and keeper of Ringil." He smiled. "And who you would be? Pelargir is far from there."

"You are right my lord," the man didn't look impressed, "We are here to help the men of the forest. Our king told us to come here." Maglor nod,

"I'm happy you are there, I thought we would have died in this place."

"The situation is sohopeless?"

"For the Taurethrim yes, and I've few elves."

"We don't lack men, nor elves. One of your lords decided to join, as well as one corsair. He claims he served under you other times." Maglor saw the elf and the corsair and he was most pleased by that.

"Battle is won then. I've a good hill we can defend." The same night, a small fort was built at the top of the hill. Somewhere between 100 and 150 defenders were in. All sleeping except the elves, who guarded the battlements.

"My lord, the captain of the gondorians want to speak to you." Said a guard.

"Let him come." He looked at the river. Silent and calm.

"I've sent few scouts." Said the captain, "Not many came back, but all who did they told me the morwaith are coming."

"Orcs." Maglor didn't even asked, he could feel the foul stench.

"Yes. Most of them."

"Let's meet them. I'll have the east, you take the other walls." Quietly, the noise increased. Before they could even realize, arrows were on them.

"Behind the battlements! Don't expose yourself!" An enemy lord smuggled over the cover of the trees, Maglor drew the bow and he fell dead, his soldiers scattered.

"Shower them with arrows! Don't let them come close!" Heard the captain shouting. The elves were swift and deadly, and one more captain fell under their bows.

"Good job, keep them pinned. How many arrows left?" Asked.

"Less than four hundreds."

“Don't waste them. We will need all the arrows this night." The battle protracted all the night. At dawn even the men could see the battlefield: red and green the trees, red and green the terrain. One of the chieftains who he thougt he killed came near them, with a white flag.

"Who is the commander, here?" Maglor stood up:

"What do you want?"

"I've an offer. A duel between two champions, to settle the war!"

The king laughted: "We are comfortable here, if you want a duel, come closer with your army!"

"I offer surrender, then, so you will be spared from our bows and swords."

"I'm cofused," replied Maglor, "All this time did you think we were surrendering to you? Because no arrow or blade touched my soldiers." He laughted again. "I'll surrender when the sun will rise from the west. But i've a counter offer: I'll let you come close, and if you will manage to get inside, you will have the fight you ask so much!" The chieftain stood silent, thoughtful.

"We accept."

The army drew close, frightened and distrustful. When not a single arrow flew, they started running for the walls. As soon as they started digging to collapse a portion of the walls, Maglor gave the order: "Attack!"

All the defender flooded the surrounding area, killing the enemies. When not a single adversary was alive, the battle stopped. Maglor searched through the deads and found two elves of his retinue dead. One lain dead near an enemy commander.

"Bury our deads, burn the others. Let's go home."

Chapter 7 – Many meetings[]

The colourful fresco was almost finished. The painter had only a small portion of a tree missing and a few details on the far left.

"A really wonderful masterpiece. I am impressed." Said Maglor. "I particularly appreciate the ithildin on the mithril armours, what asked the dwarf?"

"To see our artisans working with the gems."

"Clever dwarf." Laughted Maglor, "But I feel he deserve a reward too. Few hands could rival him. Narvi, Techlar, but not really anyone else."

The wall had a breathtaking sight: In the center there was the gondorians with the rohirric king, Elfwine, surrounded by orcs. In the right, the rising sun glittered on the army of the elves, dwarves and men of the Forodrim Ardhin. Maglor himself was depicted on a rampant horse, the sword shining trough the sky.

Of course, the battle was really different: no saving at the last minute, no shining swords.

Only blood and pain in the trees.

When the painter finished, Maglor returned to his desk, writing messages, studying maps. A small, lonely potrait was on the desk, while the surface was full of papers, that spot was carefully clear. He raised his look, and met the eyes on the painting.

"It was not far where I buried you, Awethen."

Year 794 S.A.

The small group of avari elves was gathered at the campfire. Few words were exchanged in the cold. It was early winter and the weather was more harsh. Probably it would  have been the last gather of the year.

"I heard the noldor are prospering in their new realm. Some of their wealth came even there: beautiful jewels, mithril-trimmed necklaces and more."

"I heard some of them came even there, not only their art."

"Nonsense." Replied another elf, "they won't ever leave their precious realm."

A voice fell in the discussion like snow in the winter, or rain in the spring. Strong and gentle, fleeble and hard:

"Three were the jewels, many their claimants,

Nobody reached his goal without pain

Not the black haired, heir of the rampants

Finwe and Feanor, kings beond the veil

of the world, at Valinor, most fair

their gravestones lay in the rain."

A dark haired figure entered in the circle of the campfire. One of the elves, probably the wisest and the oldest, welcomed him:

"Sit with us, kinsman. Sit with us. It's a pleasure so see one of your kin here."

The stranger's hand, covered by a glove, trembled. "Thanks, may the light of the Valar be upon you."

"Can we have the pleasure to know your name?" "My name?" Replied melanchonic the stranger, "My name is Erebethen."

Year 795 S.A.

"Are you 'Erebethen'?" Erebethen turned and saw a young elven maiden, dressed in padded clothes.

"I am." Confirmed the noldo. "And you are?"

"Your guide." She smiled back. "I'm Awethen."

The couple sat at the fire, Awethen assaulted Erebethen with questions about him, his kin and his voyages.

"I have to say I didn't see much of the world. I was born around the last years of the first age. My family was killed in the war against Morgoth." Erebethen interrupted himself, then took the harp with his gloved hand. "I'm alone with my songs, now."

Awethen didn't notice really too much the sorrow in his words, but other things switched on his attention: "Even I was born during the last years of the first age! My parents fled from the devastation made by Morgoth's armies. I didn't see beleriand." Said a little bit sad.

Erebethen caressed the harp, evoking distant notes. "I remember Beleriand. My second home.

Three were the jewels, many died searching

them. Only Morgoth Bauglir had benefits

from them. Not the elves, at his fortress dying,

Not the men, their champions had to desist.

In the ruins of Utumno his foul laughs last,

The men and the elves, did barely resist."

Awethen listened to the poem, then asked: "Did you know this so well? It doesn't seem to be composed by anyone else than you." Erebethen stopped suddenly, and laid down.

"I don't know if you need to sleep, but I'm an old elf. I need to sleep and dream." Awethen asked herself how could he be such an old elf if he was born in the same period as her. Nevertheless, Erebethen fell asleep. Awethen, thoughtful, stared at the dying campfire.

Year 821 S.A.

The hills, covered by snow, were amazing. Awethen looked at the snowy trees, dancing on the white floor the snow created.

"It's so beautiful! These woods are ancient and were left undisturbed for ages!"

"I don't like snow." Grumbled Erebethen. "Let's move, the place we are searching shouldn't be so far."

"Oh, I see. The old, grumpy elf doesn't want to play." She gathered a small ball of snow in her hand and threw it at him. With the gloved hand, without even turning, he grabbed the snowball mid air, then he threw it back, hitting her on the shoulder.

"Ah! So you do want play!" She laughted; Awethen gathered another snowball, but was preceded by Erebethen, who crouched and sent her another ball. When they got tired of the game, Awethen closed the distance with Erebethen.

"It was the first time i heard you laugh." Erebethen smiled and replied: "I'm an old, grumpy elf."

"I'm serius: it's strange that you are always closed, moaning and filled with pain. I know veterans of the War of Wrath that are more happy than you."

Maglor didn't reply.

Chapter 8 – Many partings (Unfinished)[]

"That year, that same year." Remembered Maglor. The potrait didn't answer. "We headed from the eastern sea to the halls of Durin, the first step to see Beleriand." A thunder rumbled in the rain, the trees were bent by the power of the wind.

"We were close to him. So close." He stopped a moment, listening. "I never said goodbye to him."

Year 1350 of S.A.

The elf greeted in his house, as the custom asked to do, Erebethen and Awethen stepped in, thanking him.

"Thanks for your hospitality. We are both grateful." Erebethen bowed to the silvan elf.

"I'm delighted to make your aquaintance. We are travelling to the misty mountains, to see the city of Durin." The elf entertained them while they were eating, telling them the most recents news: "Celeborn and Galadriel went in the woods of Lorien. Now Celebrimbor rules the realm of Eregion." Erebethen almost chocked himself, Awethen looked at him worried.

After dinner, Erebethen sang, the pohem was on Beren and Luthien, and their search of the Silmaril.  Both the elves were, not without proudness from Erebethen, totally enchanted by the poem.

"Ah, you should go to the court of king Oropher! He would certainly appreciate you!" Erebethen thanked him, but he replied they had to reach some distant relatives in Lindon. They departed the same evening. The journey was quiet, until they reached the woods of Lothlorien.

"The lady ask to every Noldo to reach Caras Galadhon." Informed them the guard at the gates of Lorien.

"Mh, unfortunately our journey takes us elsewhere. Tell her that I apologize for my wrongdoins." The guard nod,

"She only asked to go to her, it's not an order. But if you don't know, the realm of Eregion has a new king: Celebrimbor, descendant of Feanor." Erebethen informed the guard they would probably go elsewhere, but thanked him for the information. Awethen didn't seem to be surprised. Else she was hiding it well, or she was suspecting something. After some miles in silence, it was clear that the latter was the correct one.

"Why didn't you want to go to Caras Galadhon?" Asked.

"Maybe another day. I thought we could do it when we go back to your home." Answered Erebethen.

"Or simply, you don't want to meet your cousin. Or your nephew." Awethenen looked at him in a strange way.

"I've no idea of what you are talking, I've no relatives there."

"Show me your hand." Asked her. "The one you keep always glovered."

"Nosy little elf." Grumbled him. "How did you managed to understand it?"

"You said you lost all your family in the wars against Morgoth, you are a minstrel, your hand is burned, probably. It doesn't take a genius to understand it, Maglor."

Chapter 9 - Third War for Adornland – Maglor’s account[]

The walls were filled of men and elves, all watching the desperate charge of the king of gondor.

"Come there, charge into the orcs!" Shout the captains. Maglor went down from the battlements, the bow still in his hand.

"What's happening?" Asked to Legolas, that was leading his elves out.

"Hexnethor charged. Half of the men didn't follow him."

"We have to go. Ready your troops and guard the gate, I'll ask to Eradan and Fengel what to do." He descended to the lower level, and found Fengel, livid and shouting.

"What happened, why Hexnethor charged alone?"

"The men were afraid. Only prince Falan followed him with his knigts, but my rohirrim and the other gondorians saw the ologs and hadn't the guts to face them."

"Ready the troops. We have to follow him. I saw the situation: the orcs are divided." They ran through the gate, charging the orcs. Maglor lost the sight of the others and found some leaderless men of Dol Amroth.

"Prince Falan has fallen!" Shouted one, the face covered with blood.

"Stay here!" Ordered Maglor. Then, a shadow overrun the battlefield.

"Sauron!" "The dark lord!" Maglor didn't abandon the position, instead he charged through the uruks like a flame on the wood. The men of Dol Amroth recovered and charged with him, shouting the name of their prince, killing many orcs.

Maglor dueled briefly the dark lord. Ringil struck on him twice, and the mace of Sauron fell on his shield. Maglor was eager to continue the duel, when he saw the situation of the battlefield: the men scattered, the orcs everywhere. Small pockets of resistance were separated and the entrance on the fort was precluded.

"Retreat!" Ordered. "Come with me!" The men and the elves followed him, and they met with the survivors. Only half of the army was there. Or less than an half.

"Keep this position." Said to Eradan. "The orcs are too many to try another charge."

"There are some that are attacking the rearguard. The witchking is among them." Maglor smiled.

"I'll take care of them."

The rear of the army was disordered and in full rout, the Witchking and an orc captain were shattering the morale of the defenders. Maglor swiftly challenged the nazgul king and defeated him, then killed the captain.

"To the hill, men! Run to the hill! Meet with King Fengel!" The soldiers recovered their fallen morale and regained the strenght in their arms. When Maglor reached the hill, he found a small, but not broken army. "Where's Eradan?" Aked to Legolas. The king lowered the eyes.

"May the earth be light on him. I saw his troops surrounded by orcs and trolls."

"So how many are left of us?"

"Around four thousand or less. What should we do?" Maglor looked at the smoke, and didn't reply.

"They are flanking us." Lord Anardil appeared at their side. "I saw Grima with some uruks."

"Ready your troops, shower them with arrows, I'll take my elves and he won't be a problem anymore."

Descending from the hills was certainly a hard choice, but they couldn't allow the enemy to encircle them. Maglor lead his small army and counter-flanked the orcs, killing and routing many. He saw another captain and chased him, but he saw the main force of mordor approacing and retreated. When he arrived on the hill he informed the others: "If we stay here, we're doomed. We have to retreat." The orcs clashed with the retreating army of elves and men. But it wasn't a rout. In an ordinated way, they inflicted many losses to the enemy. Fighting for each fiot they ceded.

Then Maglor found himself alone.

Alone and chased, he ran through the wooded hills. Fast he was and the enemy lost him once. Then he was found and lost again. When he knew he was alone, Maglor started to search the remains of the army. He found them to the north east of the fort, near a river. King Legolas and King Fengel were discussing, uncertain on what to do, they were only sure that they wouldn't flee from the battlefield. When they saw him, both smiled.

"I thought you were dead." Said Legolas, "We were chased but fooled them and retreated near this river."

"I was chased too. We have to go to the other side of the river, to distance the orcs. Back to the fort then." They all agreed. They were in the mid of the process of transfering the army, or what remained of it, when the horns of the orcs sang and the enemy was on them. Legolas and Maglor managed to get on the river bank, Fengel was trapped on the other side.

"Archers, loose!" The bows twanged and the orcs fell. Legolas was at his side: "Archers, loose!" The orcs and the trolls fell in the river. Finally Fengel was with them, alive but not without losses. But they were toghether, finally. The orcs charged again, but this time Legolas saw the nazgul leading the vanguard and defeated him. The survivors raised a shout of joy when they saw the king smashing the nazgul to the ground.

"You gave back to us hope, Legolas." Thanked him Maglor. Now on even numbers, the army of elves and men charged the orcs, Maglor challenged again Sauron, Legolas pinned Saruman to the ground, injuring him, but he was driven away by the uruks. Maglor saw him, took the bow and shot at him. The arrow met his target and Saruman fell definetly to the ground.

Sauron retreated to the fort, and now the forces exchanged the roles, but they were swift, and after a brief assault they managed to enter in the fort. Maglor was the first to enter in the small tower, went through the stairs but when he managed to step on the roof, the mace of sauron fell on him and he was pushed back. Fengel and Legolas surpassed him. When he returned to the roof, he saw Fengel dueling an orc captain and Legolas fiercely engaged with Sauron. He joined him, and with both the kings against him, Sauron jumped from the roof.

"Follow him!" Shouted Legolas. Maglor jumped and both tried to reach the dark lord. But his luck was ended: Maglot found him not far, and after a brief exchange he defeated Sauron.

The battle was won, but not many were there to enjoy the victory.

Chapter 10 - A bittersweet simphony[]

The wind howled in the night. Far too many wolves with him. The patrol of elves ran through the rain and the darkness. One of the knights was curved on the saddle.

"My lord, resist. Eden Cuil is near." No answer from the wounded elf.

They passed a small river, chased by arrows and hostile, heavy breath. Death was on their tracks. The small patrol fled in the gate. But no help was possible: King Hyperion, son of Feanor, ruler of Rivendell, was dead.

Two weeks later, in Ost-In-Edhil, the King's son, Dalinar, was giving the last goodbye to his father. The city itself was crying, the rivers fatten by the heavy rain.

"My father was a good, just and strong elf. He ruled us through a harsh period and managed to lead us to greatness. As his father before him. All hail to Hyperion, of the House of Feanor! May the journey to the halls of Mandos be swift!" While the whole room erupted, following his leader. A lonely voice sang, heard by many:

"The child I saw grow back then,

The elf I, for his all younghood, den

The king of eldar, that all world knew,

His mighty arm rests, and the memory of all he slew."

Chapter 11 - A storm Is coming[]

Maglor looked upon the reports and scratched his forehead. Another ship sailed to the west. The master ship's carpenter sent him another report with all the new ships in production.

"How can we stop this costant bleeding of elves?" Asked more to himself than the other lords in the room.

"My liege," replied one, "many are tired of Middle Earth, and they don't see any reason in staying there."

"True. Through all my journeys I saw that it's mainly Lindon that has this problem. The other elven realms are too pressed by war to think to abandon their home to the orcs. But here, nobody takes the orcs as a real threat." The lords murmured their agreement. "We need to give them a reason to suspend the usage of ships for the civilians. Inform that there's an umbaric raiding fleet not far from our shores and we have to divert all the ships to the navy. This will give us time to think. You can go."

That problem was solved. For now, at least. The army was almost nonexistent, and the weapon production was limited. All problems that haunted his days.

"Chamberlain!" Called him Maglor. "Come here." The elf approaced quickly. "Enedwaith has the whole south disrupted by orcs. I do not doubt that many refugees are pouring into the northern part. Suggest to the king of the Dunedain to offer protection in exchange of military service. That could bolster our ranks."

"Yes, my liege." Replied the chamberlain. "There's something else you wanted to say to me?"

"Right now? Mhh... Actually yes." Maglor took a message from the table. “My great-grandchild Aldarion tells me about an attack on his lands, to a small settlement north of Annuminas. Ask to our healers if anyone wants to volunteer to bring some hope to the poor men. Tell them that we will escort them to the settlement in a week."

The chancellor bowed and extied the room.

'Another good move.' Maglor smiled the first time that day. 'The healers will see the destruction of the orcs and spread the word. Hopefully the support will increase.'

Chapter 12 - Hope and Memory[]

The companies were executing a turn and fight manoeuvre under the command of Maglor, when  a messanger arrived to the place, riding as the nazguls were chasing him.

"King Maglor! I bring good news! A part of your old fortress was found standing!" Maglor stopped the drilling.

"Inform a captain of a ship to be ready to leave for Himling."

The ruins were majestic, even if the time hadn't been merciful. He wandered between the ruined walls and halls.

"We standed here while the horde of Morgoth besieged us. Those were the days I like to remember." The small escort, composed mostly of noldors, was happy to hear what they heard since long time ago. A well of memories and mistakes, that was what Maglor thought of him. "Hire the finest dwarven stonemasons and elven craftsmen. This fortress will rise once more."

Chapter 13 - Flight to the ford[]

"The journey was overall calm. And boring." Joked Lindhir, one of the elves of the small army of Maglor.

"Better boring than filled with orcs. They crawled back to their lairs, I see. If you saw these lands ten years ago, the journey would have been less boring and more deadly." Replied the king. "Be glad we are not surrounded by orcs." After some time in silence, one of the explorers came back.

"My lord! There are orcs around a tower. It seems like there are some people inside it that are trying to defend themselves."

"I spoke too early. How many they are?" The scout lowered his head, trying to remember the image accurately.

"At least eight hundred. There are some wargs but only a few. Most of them are orcs or hillmen. I saw no trolls."

"Dolrach! So many?" Lindhir grabbed the sword.

"My lord, we have to free them!" Maglor turned to him.

"Have we? I don't think so. The right question is can we? I cannot throw the life of three hundred elves only to rush to the rescue of someone. If we die too, who will rescue the other elves and men we have to protect?" Lindhir bent down the head, ashamed.

"I can't leave them behind. You have to understand me."

"I do."

The orcs were everywhere around the door.

"Plag, plas agh klag Raughr! " (Cut, smash and cleave cravens!) Shouted the Orc chieftain. "The gate is stronger than i thought" Told to the Man that lead the rhudaur Sharak.

"It won't hold anymore. Now it's my turn to try. Your orcs are only a bunch of idiots!" The chieftain grabbed the curved blade and was on the edge of killing the man.

"A rider!" Shouted an orc in the distance.

"Does it bring draut (Light)?" Asked the chieftain.

"No." Replied the orc. "But he's alone."

"He is not the damned Rider. Maybe only an unlucky golog." Many smiles appeared, when the possibility of slaughtering an elf appeared.

"Others are with him. Around twenty or thirthy riders! They saw us! They are fleeing"

"Chase the elves!" The loud noises of the army followed the shout. "Kill the elves!" A horde of wargs, orcs and men swarmed in the direction of Lindhir and his small force.

The chieftain foretasted the banquet of that night.

"Chased the gologs! Slaughter them!" The army, almost forgetting the tower, ran towards a small vale, between wooden hills.

A clear voice trumpled the turmoil of the orcs: "Hur!" (Ready) The orc chieftain saw the bows of hundreds of elves between the trees on the two sides. "Leithio i philinn!" (Release the arrows) The last thing he saw was a high elf pointing the bow at him.

Maglor descended on the confused orcs after the second volley. Aerlinn sang and the orcs fell. Lindhir arrived with his unit and trampled a dozen of unlucky men and orcs that were on his way, before jumping down from the horse and joining Maglor in the slaughter.

After some bloody minutes, the valley was clear. “Now,” Said Maglor to Lindhir, smiling, “we can save the refugees in the tower.” Lindhir nodded and smiled back. “Ah, another thing. Bow down, Lindhir of Harlindon.” The young elf was confused and bent the knee in the mud and blood. Around him there were fell corpses of orcs and shattered shields.

“For your loyalty to your King, for your dedication to your people, I declare you, Lindhir, Captain of Harlindon and Defender of the Realm of Eldar and Edain.” The soldiers all around him shouted proudly.

Chapter 14 - The Shadow of the Past[]

The small council room was filled with elves and men dressed in armour. A map of the northern part of middle earth was placed on the table.

"The large part of the army will attack from south. Ephraim, Aldarion and Tarcil will lead the combined army of the dunedain and the elves. You will gather at Annuminas and ride towards the Ettenmoors. You will divert the attention of Angmar. Do not engage in any battle unless the odds are extrimely favourable. We can't lose soldiers." The three brothers nodded.

The finger of Maglor pointed towards the bay of Forochel.

"A smaller, handpicked force will land in the bay of Forochel, our real objective. If we can press Angmar from two sides, they will be so focused on our main army that our secondary force will be able to press even to Carn Dum. If we are lucky." Ephraim stepped forward and announced: "I've fur and supplies ready at my capital. You can travel there and replenish your provisions there, then follow the coastline to land near the fort. You will be lucky and find it almost unguarded, I think." All the presents looked each other. An ambitious plan, but a good one indeed.

"May Iluvatar guide our steps." concluded Maglor

Chapter 15[]

Maglor and the other captains of the expedition landed from the three ships and set finally foot in the frozen land of Forodwaith.

"Start setting up the camp. We will wait for the rest of the fleet." Said Maglor. The fleet was indeed bigger than only three ships, actually it was ten times more, but he wanted to reach the place with the swiftest ships to set up a camp, organize the invasion and scout the terrain.

"My lord! Ships on the horizon! I see at least five of them!" Shouted Lindhir.

"Come with me! Ready your bows" Ordered Maglor. "We have to meet them while they are landing if we want to have a chance!" The small army, approximately a company of elves, stretched in a line on the seashore. The tension was high.

"It's the banner of Artheloth!" "We're safe!" Shouted the soldiers when they saw the scepter surrounded by the seven stars.

"May the valar be blessed." Said one of the elves of the Dalinar's retinue, Tadryth.

"I think I see King Ephraim." Said Maglor to Dalinar. "Let's meet your cousin's son, and we will understand why he's so far from where he should be." Ephraim landed quickly, followed by a couple of hundred of dunedain and, surprisingly, beornings.

"Great Grandfather, Dalinar. I think you are suprised to see me." The troops kept landing, using small boats to preven the men to freeze to death in the deadly cold waters of the bay of Forochel.

"Indeed, we are." Replied Maglor, his brain at work to figure out why his great grandson was there, instead of the lower part of Angmar with his brothers.

"We found reports that the Witchking was informed about your fleet. There's a small contingent on this island and the fort has been reinforced. We came here with the intention of defeating the small army to allow you a peaceful landing, without ambushes from the orcs."

“Mmh, and the beornings?” Ephraim smiled.

“Surprisingly,” Said with an ironic tone, “We had no company to spare, so, when we found a small contingent of beornings that offered their help, we surely didn’t refuse the offer.”

“I understand, and most pleased by your actions. Now let’s find the orcs.”

“Damn this cold.” Complained Dalinar. “How can you live there?” Ephraim smiled.

“We use furs, see?” He showed him the padding of his cloak.

“I got furs too.” Replied him. “But it’s still cold.” Almost an hour passed, when a scout rode back as he had the whole army of morgoth and the balrogs behind him.

“I see the orcs! They are on the south west. At least two hundred!” Maglor gave the order to form a line.

“Let’s fight. Send the Dunedain forward, spreaded out. They will cover the advance of the main army.” Ephraim ran to give the orders.

“Dalinar. Take two crews and stay on the left side. I will remain with the rest of the troops on the back.

Chapter 16[]

Dalinar entered in the small, unguarded room. There were books and instruments on the walls, shelves and even the floor. He approaced quietly the figure laid on the chair.

"I can still hear you." Maglor turned and smiled. "How are you Dalinar?" The question surprised him. His grandfather wasn't the kind of person that summoned you only to talk about weather and light matters. Usually it meant two things: either a bad new, or a pohem he wasn't sure of the ending. Still to that day, Dalinar didn't know what was the worse of the two.

"A weird question, iauradar. But all is good. Rivendell is thriving."

"Good, good." Maglor turned to face him. "I have something to tell you" 

'Please Eru not one of his songs.' Though Dalinar. Maglor took the sword, Aerlinn, from the wall.

"I have an announcement to do." His eyes had a strange light. "Come."

Following Maglor through the rooms, Dalinar wondered what he had in his mind. Finally, they entered in a huge hall, with all the major lords and Kings of the Federation.

"My lords, I have an announcement to do: From now on, Dalinar, my nephew, will be known as High King Dalinar of the Noldor. May the Vala bless his path." 

The whole room turned from silent to blasting with joy in a moment:

"Long live Dalinar! High king of the Noldor!"

Chapter 17[]

Year 1350 of S.A., Winter

The snow littered the mountains as Maglor and Awethen were travelling to the gates of Khazad Dum, the great home of the Dwarves. The trade was still going during winter, as the riches of dwarves and elves were unending. Sometimes they stopped to talk with other travellers and Maglor sang for them. They reached the doors of Khazad dum and passed through, stopping only to taste some dwarven beer.        

 Maglor drank in one sip and Awethen tried to mimic him, but managed only to throttle herself with the beer.

"Ohw, it's so strong!" She complained. The innkeeper laughted, followed by the other dwarves. 

"It's not for light weight." Maglor smiled.

"Then it's perfect for you." Awethen, looking at the belly of the dwarf, giggled, but the innkeeper didn't notice the cutting remark, or didn't pay attention to it. Eventually Awethen managed to finish the beer and they sit at a table, waiting for the food to come.

"So, are you settling in Eregion?" Maglor shaked the head. "Then why are you going there?"

"I've a friend there. Even if it looks strange for someone to befriend me." Awethen didn't reply and let the rumors of the tavern to fill the gap left by her silence.

"Maybe this is not the place or the time to talk of this, but why did you do that?" 

"I'm afraid you should be more specific." Answered Maglor, the voice was grieved by memories. 

"I'm talking when you and your brothers invaded the Doriath. My grandfather was one of the warriors that fell during the attack." Awethen waited for the answer, but when Maglor opened his lips, she felt sleepy, and fell asleep.

"Lady Lightweight, m'lady." A bearded face welcomed Awethen, now awoken. "Your companion left for you a letter. He told me not to disturb you, but it has been gone since some time and I'm worried. He had such a fiery eye that could have melthed the rock." Awethen, now fully awake and aware of what happened, frantically pulled up.

"Where's gone?" She looked left and right. "Where's companion?" The dwarf raised the shoulders. 

"I don't know." He pointed at the letter and went away. Awethen opened it, and read:

"It appears I'm hunted by the past even thousands of years later and even in far lands. I'm sorry for your family, but I can't do anything for who is gone. Believe me. I wish I could.

If your idea was to see how a member of your race could be so wicked, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you won't be able to know. I wish you a happy journey back to your home.


Chapter 18 - When the wolf dark howls...[]

Year 1696 S.A. - Late summer

Awethen marched through the forest with her small band of followers. Total war was open only since two years, yet she managed to convince his people they needed to send help to their western kin only few months ago. The elves were swift on the road, but while traversing the southern part of Eregion, they slowed, seeing the first signs of the presence of orcs.

The fifth day of march, they heard the gloomy sound of wolves. They did not rest that night, trying to reach Ost-In-Edhil before they could meet a merciless death. After a week they met the first sign of friendly life.

"Ohi, if it's not lady Lightweight." A bearded dwarf, alongside many of his kin, clad in steel and mithril, were accompanying a strong host of elves. 

"Lady Lightweight?" Asked the captain of the elves, smiling to Awethen. "I might have lost something, Borin." 

"He's talking about a time I stopped to his tavern." The dwarf nod.

"My father's inn. He talked many times about you. It was not easy for him to forget that day. You also came back many times." The dwarf carressed his beard. "Have you found your companion?" Awethen couldn't but blush and shaked her head. She adressed the elven captain:

"I'm sorry for my rudeness; I'm Awethen, I'm here to help you against the great threat." 

"You're truly welcome, Awethen." Said, much pleased, the captain. "I'm Celegolf, captain of Eregion. Your presence here is really a breath of fresh air, considering the smell of orcs and the stench of the breath of this dwarf. I swear to the Valar I saw him knocking out a warg just breathing on him." Borin laughted hard.

"All credit to your cooking, they are using it to scare orcs off from our land."

Celegolf and Borin sit with Awethen, updating her on the current situation:

"Bands of orcs are all over the countryside. We've only a bunch of warriors, even if we can slaughter a thousand of them, they seem without an end."

"Aye." Said the dwarf. "I had to ask a replacement of my axe twice and our ranks are thinner day after day." Celegolf nodded.

"If you and your warriors could join us, we could defend the borders of Eregion for at least for half a year." Awethen thought about it; she went there to defend the land of the elves, sure, but in her idea she would have gone directly to Celebrimbor, meeting with him with the excuse of foreign help and would have asked him about his uncle. 

"All right. We're joining you."

Chapter 20 - ...The grim orc crawls[]

Year 1697 S.A

After only few months, the atmosphere completely changed: ofter the night was lightened by wild fires, trees burning, ambushes in the shadow and the heads of the orcs impaled. The fallen companions were buried in secret, to avoid having their spoils desecrated. Awethen was scarred by the first war she ever experienced first hands. Celegolf was the only one within their group to mantain a light heart, while Borin steamed with rage at every fallen dwarf or elf. 

They had to retreat a long way since Eregion borders, and now their line of defense was behind Ost-In-Edhil. They were less than four hundreds, so secrecy was the best weapon for them. They rested often separed, in small groups along the road between the capital and Khazad dum. One day They recieved a flock of defeated dwarves, that brought them grim news.

"Our king has been defeated at the doors of Khazad dum. I think we're the last dwarves that will help you, lady Lightweight." Commented Borin. "Damn those orcs. Ohi, Celegolf, any news from the capital?" The elf approaced, the face was grey, as the red fire couldn't light him up.

"Ost-In-Edhil is no more." He sit disheartened. The usual good humor was gone. "Celebrimbor is dead, alongside many of the noldor."

"Then what can we do?" Asked Awethen. Celegolf didn't answer and stared at the fire. "What can we do?" Borin stood up and took his axe.

"My king has been defeated, your king has been killed. I say let's kill some orcs, bring them as many as we can. I'm sure we can kill more than they can breed, at some point." The soldiers around the campfires suddenly were alarmed by something. A clear voice stopped their weapons:

"Post caun, hîn, ùtrasta tolthal o lachenn." A tall figure came to the campfire where the three were discussing. Awethen gulped when he saw who he was. 

The glove, often on the strings of a harp, now held a sword ancient as steel itself. The head, so many times free to breathe the hair of the dying sun, now was closed in a fearful helm, with a long tail on the top. The armor was one with the elf, that moved as he weared a second skin, not a layer of impenetrable valinorean steel. 

"Hi, Awethen. It's nice to see you again."

Borin looked suspiciously at Maglor, while Celegolf dropped to his knees.

"My lord Maglor. So you are alive." Awethen had still the jaw wide open.

"Celegolf, I remember you. It has been a long time since we departed Valinor." The elf just nodded. Borin still looked at him suspiciously.

"How did you manage to get unnoticed between the sentinels?"

"I've my ways, master dwarf. I have to say I can't but admire your will to fight, but it would be as useful as trying to eradicate a mountain with a shovel. There are many refugees that are fleeing. We have to escort them to Rivendell, I offered my wisdom to everyone that I met alongside the road... except orcs. They recieved a cold death." He smiled, but there was no joy in his words.

"So we should retreat." Borin shaked his head. "I can't believe I'm listening to a pointy eared coward." Celegolf stopped Borin with a swift gesture.

"He has spoken." 

"I noticed it, but I couldn't give a rotten head of an orc to what he said, I'm not retreating." 

"You can die as a brave and dumb dwarven warrior, or you can live, and be of an actual help. Your decision. We're departing at dawn. The destination is Eden Cuil. It's a small city, the enemy won't notice it for some time. I told the refugees to go there and gather, they will start the journey to Rivendell in two days if we don't come before." Awethen and Celegolf nooded, Borin grumbled a little bit, then agreed.

The next day, they were in Eden Cuil. New destination: Rivendell.