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Lindon is the home of the High Elves located in the West of Middle Earth, a peaceful and prosperous place.

Lindon is known for its various ports that lead to Valinor. It is not an aggressive faction and will not make frequent attacks on his enemies.

The culture in Lindon recalls many traces of the Elves of the First Age, and after the fall of Eregion, the best elven blacksmiths are found in Lindon, there is also where the greatest secrets of the elves are kept, as it is the safest and most peaceful of all elven kingdoms.


Early years in 4th Age.[]

In the first years of 4th Age, Lindon was ruled by king Klimmesil. This part of the history of Lindon is somewhat clouded, but it's certain that King Klimmesil was with Gondor in the wars for Ithilien, and joined every war in defense of the Free Folks (whenever it could).

Reign of Maglor[]

After Maglor has taken the throne, numerous reforms,  return of some elves from the west and strong cooperation through WRE caused the rise of the elves' numbers and power.

Reign of Penlod[]

After a subtle change in the policy of the server, Gondor became a faction allied with evil, and the elves realized that it would be necessary for each soldier to resist this new threat, with that, Penlod was sent to take the throne of Lindon and restructure the faction.

Early years in the 5th Age: Reign of Aduial.[]

After the eruption of Mount Doom, and the following disaster, Lindon was left in total chaos and most of the elves that inhabitated the land took the ships to Valinor, most of the former regions were abandoned and only a few were still habitable. Anyway some elves decided to extend their permanence in Arda, first of all to take this decision was Aduial Malthen who gathered some fellows (Corchran,Dazahk and many others) and decided to rebuild the kingdom, after an election he was elected King of Lindon and so his reign begun. After Aduial and his followers (thanks to the efforts of Corchran) rebuilt Brethil and Bredele (a village and a city) the works to build Aranel started.

112th Year of the Fifth Age: Crowning of Ëarlairë[]

After many, many years, Aduial and the remaining residents of Lindon returned to Valinor, leaving Lindon behind. A hopeful and charismatic orphan sets out from Valinor to set Lindon and Middle-Earth to rights, hearing of news of Lothlorien and East Lorien turning to the Enemy as well as the abandonment of Lindon. Seeking to be the Lighthouse of Lindon, Ëarlairë settled in the husk that was once Lindon, building Nelidorei and Levelon (Village and City). He was also adopted as nephew by Nénwë Ëressë, an Avari elf from the first age, becoming Ëarlairë Ëressë. Upon his ascent to kingship, he aspired to turn Lothlorien and East Lorien back to the light. Gelendir (Okej), however, refused to change his ways. Ëarlairë still saw wonderful things happen during his kingship: the return of elves to the once abandoned realm of Eregion, the sailing of Cirdan the Shipwirght back from Valinor to Middle-Earth, and many more.


Political structure[]

The policy in Lindon is subtly different from other factions, every elf in Lindon is responsible for his own actions, that is, every elf is free to do what he wants, but his actions are in the name of himself, not the faction.

Lindon has a King and two Lords:

King Of Lindon - The king is responsible for protecting the people, developing the faction and dealing with foreign policy, when necessary the king (and only the king) can make a call summoning soldiers to go to war. Alignment needed: 1.5k (because of Ancar rules).

Lord Of Forlindon and Lord Of Harlindon - The Lords are responsible for the development of their region, they receive direct orders from the King and transfer them to his followers, the Lords are appointed by the King himself, and together with him form the Council of Lindon. Requirements: 1.2k align, one village for colonization built.

Political structure in the 5th age[]

At the beginning of the 5th age , since to the majority of the elves left Lindon to return to Valinor, the form of government changed. Now Lindon has only one King and no Lords. The policy in Lindon isn't changed from the 4th age, every elf is responsible for his own actions and free to do whatever he wants, but his actions are in the name of himself and not the faction.


Alignment Titles:[]

  • Gondolin - Equip a full suit of Gondolinian Armour
  • Heri Noldoro / Heru Noldoro - Pledge to High Elves and reach +3000 Alignment
  • Canó Noldoro - Pledge to High Elves and reach +2000 Alignment
  • Arquen - Pledge to High Elves and reach +1000 Alignment
  • Hesto - Pledge to High Elves and reach +500 Alignment
  • Tercáno - Pledge to High Elves and reach +200 Alignment
  • Grey-Elf / Sindar - Earn 100 High Elves / Woodland Realm/ Lothlórien alignment
  • Elf - Earn 100 High Elves / Woodland Realm / Lothlórien / Dorwinion alignment
  • Noldor - Earn 100 High Elves alignment
  • Eregion / Forlindon / Harlindon / Imladris / Mithlond - Earn 100 High Elves alignment
  • High Elf / Lindon / Rivendell / Mahtar - Earn 100 High Elves alignment
  • High Elf Friend - Earn 50 High Elves alignment
  • High Elf Guest - Earn 10 High Elves alignment

note: you can only have one alignment title at a time.

Special Titles:[]

  • Aran (King) - Ëarlairë Eressë (WasStrangerFlame)
  • Heru Forolindonë - Ranlhun (Szymon0103)
  • Heru Harolindonë - Argon Fingolfinian (corso_)



  • South Mithlond (No Longer Exists)
    South Mithlond
  • Council Of Middle Earth (No Longer Exists)
    Council Of Middle Earth