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Mithildin's parents[]

Milthildin's father was Mithidris an elf born in Lindon from a half-elf who chose an immortal life named Ithranial and an elven girl whose name has always been unknown to Mithidris.

Mithidris's father Ithranial was a Númenorean lord, and the brother of Vaendel.

Mithidris never met his mother, as she died during birth. But Ithranial always told him stories about how she was and how he reminded him of her in some ways. The only thing Ithranial never told him was her name. She was an elf from the lands of Lindon in the west corner of Middle-Earth.

Ithranial and his wife met while he was on an expedition in Middle-earth to search for survivors of Gondolin. Ithranial's father Vaelen was an elf from Gondolin, so he was seeking someone who could tell him more about his father's adventures. This was without success because all the survivors died of old age or sailed across the sea.

3 months after meeting each other, Ithranial took his wife back with him to Númenor. Where they lived a happy live for the next 5 years. In the 4th year Ithranials wife got pregnant, and 9 months later a son was born called Mithidris. This was the best time of Ithranials life and also the worst, because his wife died while giving birth to their son.

Ithranial cared for Mithidris the next 300 years. He trained him to be a warrior and educated him in the Númenorean build style. Because of this Mithidris could pass on this Legendary craft to his sons when he was old enough to have some.

Suddenly something happened on the island of Númenor, something that drove fear in the hearts of Ithranial and Mithidris.


The sea suddenly started pulling itself back. Creating a massive wave. Ithranials brother Vaendel stayed on the island and insisted that Ithranial fled to Middle-earth with his son.

The last words Vaendel said to his borther Ithranial were: Flee brother ! start a new life with your son. this island is doomed. Take care of Cíthrel and my son Aerendyl.

Ithranial and his son stepped on a ship, and upon looking back they saw how Vaendel vanished in the massive waves.

New life in Middle Earth[]

After they arrived in Middle Earth, Ithranial and his son Mithidris traveled to Lindon to the family of Mithidris's mom. To tell them what happened to their daughter and to show them their grandson.

A couple of weeks later Ithranial and Mithidris traveled to Lothlorien so that Ithranial could fulfill his promise to his brother. He would search for Cíthriel and Aerendyl and protect them until Aerendyl is old enough to protect his mother himself.

When Aerendyl turned 16 his mother cithriel gave him the sword Effírië. Because of this Ithranial thought it was also time to give Mithidris Lhûghrist. After doing this Ithranial realized Aerendyl was old enough and that he fulfilled his promise. So he and Mithidris travelled West to the Gray Havens. Where Ithranial said his last goodbye to Mithidris before sailing off to The Undying Lands.

Mithidris then went back to his grandparents to live there for the next 90 years. Until they also sailed off to The Undying Lands. All alone he went to The Woodland Realm to search for his Cousin. But the forest had changed, spiders were now roaming the paths. and evil was rising throughout Middle-Earth. Out of nowhere Mithidris got stung by one of the spiders, straight through his Elven armor. He immediately fainted, but his cousin Aerendyl came to the rescue, because Effírië started glowing out of nowhere. There were no orcs nearby so how could this be possible?

After walking around the woods for some time he finally found Mithidris. Half dead on the ground, Blood in his eyes. He took Mithidris to Thranduil's Halls where he woke up 5 days later.

The first face he saw was that of his Cousin Aerendyl. he immediately asked: "How'd you find me? I thought I would die." Aerendyl then explained what happened to his sword. He also told that when he arrived at Mithidris's body Lhûgrist was also glowing.

The 2 Cousins went to the library in Thranduil's Halls and found a very old manuscript from the city of Gondolin. In this manuscript was information written about the 2 swords that learned them a lot about their weapons and their ancestors.

In love for their family and their origin Mithidris and Aerendyl dicided to move to Gondor. One of the last parts in the world were some Númenoreans lived who survived the fall.

The Sword Lughrist[]

The sword Lhûgrist was made in Gondolin by the 2 brothers who were one of the finest smiths of Gondolin named Alen, together with the legendary sword Effírië, forged by Ascal. The sword was feared by the many beasts of Morgoth especially dragons for it's name was "The dragon cleaver". It was wielded by the most fiercest of warriors within Gondolin all of whom died by the very beasts they were sworn to kill.

During the battle of Gondolin, a young elf named Castoriel fought a dragon on the cliffs of the mountains surrounding the mighty elven city. But in the end Castoriel fell to the dragons wrath. When they found the remains of Castoriel's body the sword was nowhere to be found. All of a sudden Vaelen stumbled upon the 2 swords Lhûgrist and Effírië and gave them to Tuor. After their succesful escape from Gondolin, Tuor gave the 2 swords back to Vaelen who then gave them to his 2 sons Vaendel and Ithranial.

The 2 swords, Effírië and Lhûgrist glew blue even though there were no orcs nearby, this is because they were made by 2 brother smiths. Within the swords, an elvish text was engraved: "Death awaits the enemy of the wielder"

Death awaits the enemy of the wielder

The Brothers Ascal and Alen[]


Time in Gondor[]

Encampment in Anórien[]

Upon arriving in Gondor Mithidris and Aerendyl went to see the steward of The white city, Anardil II. Who gave them permission to start a settlement in Anorien. After getting the good news they went north to the river Anduin, at the most northern part of Anorien right underneath Ithilien and there they started building their settlement. Soon after they already had new people joining their settlement and it became bigger then expected. That's when Mithidris had new plans, his idea was to settle across the Anduin in the Fiefdom of Ithilien and later gain Lordship over it. Together with Aerendyl, Helmitros, Thandilis and Istariel they went to see Anardil to ask for his blessing, which he gave.

Founding the Numedhel Family[]

Upon getting Anardil's blessing to start a settlement in Ithilien the group of friends and family made a pact, they saw each other as their own blood even though Mithidris and Aerendyl were both hundreds of years older then the humans. They shared a connection, all of them had been in great suffering and pain at the hands of the dark lord and his evil minions and they couldn't live without each other anymore. So they created a dynasty "The Numedhel family'' meaning: "Numenorean Elves", because Aerendyl and Mithidris were Elves and both Numenorean and the others saw them as leaders.



Mithidris's Lordship of Ithilien[]


The Birth of Mithildin[]


The Battle of Duinost[]

''On a peaceful day in the city of Duinost, we heard drums beyond our city walls.'' When Helmitros went to take a look he took an arrow to the head and died instantly. A group of orcs and trolls were raiding  the surrounding villages and not so long before they also breached the outer gate of the city. Me and my companions took a last stand at the Castle of Duinost, but the orcs were too strong and our provisions were small. Because there was no hope left, Captain Istariel and Thandir made a last charge to meet the orcs in the field and died a heroic death. Mithidris didn't want to leave the castle and instead insisted on opening the gates and fight until his last breath inside the halls he himself created. By doing this he made sure that the orcs were distracted so that his cousin Aerendyl could escape and live happily ever after. But 6 months later something unexpected happened Mithidris's son Mithildin did he also die ?

Mithildin's View on the event written in his journal My friends died outside the castle, but i managed to survive. When the first group of orcs entered the castle walls my father managed to kill all of them with his sword Lhûgrist. after that wave i saw another one trying to break the gates that my father closed when taking his last breath. at that moment i decided there was no point in dying. My surviving friends still need me. so, i ran to the secret exit of the castle, a cave underneath the ''Hall of Heirlooms''. But when i got to the end of the cave it collapsed. and there i was stuck in a cave closed in from both sides unable to get out. i only have a pocket full of lembas and water that's running into the cave from the natural spring above me. The sword of my father is stuck between the rocks, i hope the orcs don't see it and try to dig me out, that will be my death if it happens.

Thandilis's Betrayal[]

Thandilis was one of Mithidris's most trusted friends and the Lord commander of his city-watch. But something changed inside of him, maybe it was because of his raiding adventures into minas morgul. He became darker and hungry for power, but when there was no position open within Ithilien's ranks he got furious and rode to Minas morgul, there the Witch-king gave him an army of orcs and trolls to take matter into his own hands. Together with his army he travelled back to Duinost. Upon arriving they immediately started torching down villages and farms surrounding the cities walls. Not that long after they also laid siege to the city walls itself. When they broke through it was total chaos and by that time most of the captains and Mithidris's friends had already died in the fight. But Thandilis couldn't win from Mithidris himself and upon getting wounded by Mithidris's blade he fled the scene and escaped Gondor. Last thing we heard of our spies is that he travelled to the city of Umbar to gain power in the ranks of Herumor's descendant.

6 Months after The Battle of Duinost[]

This dialogue of Mithildin and Aerendyl has been written in a book.[]

I hear voices above me , it sounds like the voices of Aerendyl and Anardil. I will never forget those voices. Aerendyl to Anardil: 6 months ago i had to run from this city because it was under attack. Mithidris stayed to distract the orcs, and i never saw him again. Anardil to Aerendyl: We found the bodies of your friends : Istariel, Helmitros and Thandir and Mithidris. But we never found the body of Mithildin.

''At that moment Anardil sees something shining from between the rocks, he immediately starts to investigate it.

Anardil: it looks like the point of a sword. ''Aerendyl walks closer and looks to the object'' Aerendyl: There's an inscription on it. IT'S LUGHRIST I AM SURE OF IT. Anardil: Don't scream so loud, we don't want another attack at this moment. Aerendyl: We should remove these rocks , as i remember correctly this was the entrance to the secret cave. Maybe Mithildin's body is in there.

''They immediately start digging. when suddenly the sword gets pulled into the cave''

Aerendyl starts screaming: MITHILDIN ARE YOU IN THERE ???

''A peacefull voice screams back : IS THAT YOU AERENDYL ?''

Aerendyl: Yes it's me, I'm with Anardil. The voice: That's what i thought. Aerendyl: hold still we are removing the rocks.

''Upon removing the last boulder Aerendyl sees a tall man in gondorian armor''

- Aerendyl: Mithildin is that you ? Mithildin: Yes it's me. Aerendyl: We thought you were dead. That you died in the attack. Mithildin: I managed to escape the orcs right before the second group was broke through the gate, but i got stuck here. Aerendyl: It's been six months Mithildin. this explains why we never found your body. Mithildin: SIX MONTHS ???

''Mithildin faints , and Aerendyl and Anardil take him to the Gondorian healers on Aerendyl's ship at Duinost''

''3 Days later Mithildin wakes up, and beside him sits Aerendyl.''

Aerendyl: What are you gonna do now Mithildin? The city is in ruin, and it gets constantly raided by orcs. Mithildin: My future in Ithilien is over. My friends here are dead. And indeed the city is destroyed. Everytime i fell asleep in that cave i kept getting the same nightmare over and over again. This place is haunted for me. I can't live here anymore. Aerendyl: where will you go ? Mithildin: I'm gonna take my ship, and pick up the friends that survived from Hala Citime . Then i will sail south to Lebennin. I've heard it's a nice place these days. Aerendyl: Arlynolin is still alive, he's the one that incisted on coming back here. Mithildin: I'm going to start a new life in Lebennin, build a new city, and new villages. Aerendyl: and what about Duinost ? are you just gonna leave it here abandoned ? Mithildin: No, seeing as this borders Anorien. I will give it to Anardil. he can do with it what he wants. Aerendyl: I whish you good luck in your journey to Lebennin. You, my friend are always welcome to visit my castle in Harondor; Minas Astalda. Mithildin: Thank you friend, you're always welcome to visit me in Lebennin.

Mithildin's new life in Lebennin[]

Upon his arrival in Lebennin Mithildin immediately saw potential in these lands, and so he started building a city looking very much like the one his father built in Ithilien. He called this city : Siniath Cuil, which means ''New life". from this city he reigned over the people of Lebennin as a lord, it didn't take long before Anardil gave him this title officially.[]

With his new title Mithildin made even bigger plans for Lebennin, he created "The Brotherhood of the star". A brotherhood made to protect the trade routes and the borders of Lebennin from incoming orc attacks.

After a couple of years in Lebennin Mithildin fell in love with a Dunedain girl of the North, Her name was Ilianna and she gave Mithildin a son named: Mithalis.

For once life was actually peaceful, Lebennin was the epicenter of trade within Gondor and they didn't have any orc attacks in years.

But all of that changed, Mithildin thought Lebennin was so safe that he could afford to make a journey to Lindon together with Aerendyl to meet the 2 legendary smiths that made their swords. But their journey ended in tragedy...

Mithildin's journey with Aerendyl, Ascal and Aelen.[]


An unexpected new life in Harad.[]

The fall of Lebennin.[]

Finally it was time for Mithildin to return from his journey with Ascal and Aelen,