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Ancar has gone through many changes over the years, many of them made the server go through a reset process, but we think it's a shame that the Lore built by players is only lost in resets, so when a reset is done, the Lore built in that A certain phase of the server will be saved on this page.

You can also find a lot of information about the server's Lore on the specific pages of each player and YouTube, below are some links that can redirect you to these pages:

The Forgotten Days (2015 - 2018)[]

(Not much is known about this time, but there are events here that need to be mentioned to contextualize the rest of the Lore until 2022)

At that time the sides were defined as follows:

- Dark Legion Empire (DLE): Angmar, Dol Guldur, Dunland, Gundabad, Half-Trolls, Isengard, Mordor, Morwaith, Umbar, Harad, Gulfings, Rhudel.[]

  • The DLE represented the entire Evil side, it was consolidated with Vlad as Sauron, Hyperkiller as Witch-King and KeyLime17 as Saruman who together united all factions considered Evil under the same banner, defeating the igemony of Gondor, which at that time protected Rohan under the flag of the Southern Dúnedain Empire which would later be known as EOM. Under Vlad's leadership, all factions were unified and a solid battlefront began to accompany the Evil side, but this front quickly fell when Vlad decided to withdraw from the server, leaving the position to Hyperkiller, who quickly promoted HogoBojo to the rank of Witch-King; Vlad's withdrawal significantly weakened the DLE, as Keylime was dissatisfied with Hyperkiller's appointment as Sauron, which began a series of conflicts within the DLE.

- Empire Of Men (EOM): Gondor, Rohan.[]

  • Founded by Hex (king of Gondor at the time) followed by memorable players such as Mati and Xavron together with Fvaltrock (king of Rohan at the time) the then known Southern Dúnedain Empire created a military igemony, since despite little territory, the empire's factions had a large number of players. SDE at the time consolidated itself as the strongest Empire after taking the White Mountains from Durin's Folk, which left a very strange atmosphere among the other factions of the Good Side.

- Khazadul (KZD): Blue Dwarves, Durin's Folk[]

  • Initially led by KingFundin (king of Durins Folk and emperor at the time) the Durin's Folk joined the Blue Dwarves (led by HOSTIS) at that time forming a powerful dwarf empire. At some point prior to 2018, KingFundin withdrew from the server, leaving the throne of Durin's Folk and the Empire to HOSTIS, who quickly named Sargon king of the Blue Dwarves and ruled the Dwarves alongside another notorious player, OdinHadock. In a simple change, Sargon left the Blue dwarves to found the kingdom of Artheloth, which left the dwarven kingdom vulnerable; Taking advantage of this loophole, TheBetaOwl along with other notable players such as HighwayToWest and Kholl switched from Gondor to Blue Dwarves, with Beta as their new King; HOSTIS never trusted Beta, which led to a split within KZD.

- Forodrim Ardhim (FA): Artheloth, Dunedain of the North, High Elves (Lindon), Red Dwarves, Rivendell, Shire, Lossoth, Lothlorien, Woodland Realm[]

  • FA was a federation that brought together all the Good Side factions that were not part of the empire of Gondor or the Dwarves (although at some point it implemented the Red Dwarves in its formation), the FA was created by Molo, together with Sargon to unite the Good Side factions with a new government model in mind, the Federation, while the other centers of power had an emperor as leader, the FA had a council of Kings who made decisions throughout the Federation, this council changed numerous times (too many times to be listed here, but I will mention formations that were important when appropriate). In general, the FA has always been an unstable military power, since its leadership was a council of kings, there were usually internal fights that resulted in problems in wars, however, when united, the FA had the potential to bring together the greatest army among the Good Side.

Gondor Attack[]

Unhappy with the retreat of Beta and other Gondorians to KZD, Hex began a series of attacks on the Dwarven colonies that existed in the White Mountains, starting a war between SDE (later EOM) and KZD.

The war took a long time until the Gondorians took victory and expelled the Dwarves from the white mountains, but what marked this war was the instability in the other Empires, while the FA was going through a moment of renewing players under the leadership of Ceryus, the federation it lacked experienced players, and provided little support to KZD; DLE continued its internal conflicts between Hyper and KeyLime, with Keylime as Saruman supporting KZD while Hyper as Sauron supported Gondor.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Civil Wars[]

After the Gondorian victory, Hex calmed down in his lands training new players, meanwhile, Keylime (Saruman) plotted a rebellion within the DLE against Hyper (Sauron) at the same time that TheBetaOwl launched a rebellion against HOSTIS as he was unhappy with the current government.

Weeks of conflict lasted before the official declarations of war, and in those weeks FA received a ton of new players, who were quickly taken over by one side of the dispute; Things intensified when MainTeemoTank (King of Rivendell) signed a treaty with Isengard without the Federation knowing, Teemo intended to have Rivendell outside the federation but faced the bureaucracy of the Council of Kings divided between his opinion and Ceryus' opinion; Keylime established his alliance with Rivendell, promising help if a civil war started within the FA in exchange for the position of the Gondorian Aerendyl (Xavron) base, which changed the scenario of the imminent wars that would come, since because of this, Gondor was no longer Neutral to conflicts happening around you.

After a week of conflict, civil wars in KZD and DLE were declared, but the wars ended in a strange way, with Molo's return to the server, a search for illegalities was carried out within the Staff itself, which led to the banning of several players for abuse of GM1 or similar, including Keylime17 (Saruman, leader of the rebellion against Sauron and Server Moderator) and TheBetaOwl (King of the Blue Dwarves, Leader of the rebellion against KZD and Server Builder); Losing the leaders of the rebellions affected the entire functioning of the wars at the time, and a series of decisions were made behind the scenes and when the rebellions reached the battlefield, both battles were used to train newcomers, as the rebellions had already had been resolved.

By popular vote HOSTIS lost the throne of KZD and Durins Folk to TheBetaOwl, founding the Red Dwarves joining the FA and calling for a conflict between FA and KZD to regain their throne; Not having the support of the other FA leaders, HOSTIS, frustrated with their fate, became inactive, days later TheBetaOwl was banned, leaving the 3 dwarven factions without a king and the empire without an emperor.

Hyperkiller (Sauron) survived the popular vote, so he should face Keylime17 (Saruman) on the battlefield, however, Keylime17 and a large part of his followers were banned before this meeting took place, causing the DLE to maintain its current leaders, but suffering greatly due to the loss of almost half of the empire's total players.

The End Of Forgotten Days[]

2018 was the only moment in history that is divided without a reset, since during the massive ban of 2018-2019 the server and empires went through several changes. But in general terms things ended like this:

  • DLE ended this period extremely fragile, however the ability to maintain her throne meant that Hyper could see the loyalty of her vassals, leading to a series of changes among the Nazguls of the time, at that time, DLE had Hyperkiller (sauron) king of Mordor, TheBigDoc as King of Gundabad, Rambo as King of Dol Gudur, Akalii as Witch-king and Sup3rduck.
  • SDE/EOM ended this period relatively well, remaining the most powerful empire, despite all power being concentrated in Gondor, leaving Rohan as a mere vassal, at that time, the empire of Gondor had Hex as King of Gondor, Aerendyl ( Xavron), Mati, Termix and Fvatrock as King of Rohan
  • FA ended this period by seeing the return of Molo, who behind the scenes made MainTeemoTank leave the elves with a goal in mind, leaving the throne of Rivendell to Lincoln, a great supporter of Molo, who together with HOSTIS (who returned from a period outside the server) and Sargon, divided the FA into 2 federations, WRE and ERE (Western/Eastern Ruined Eldar) with the Misty Mountains as the divider to define which factions would stay with each empire.
  • KZD was the most affected during 2018, with the fall of HOSTIS and its withdrawal to do new projects alongside Molo and the banning of TheBetaOwl and its followers, all of KZD found itself without leadership, however, instructed by Molo and in agreement with HOSTIS, MainTeemoTank and Beleg_the_elf from their factions to become the kings of the Blue Mountains and Durins Folk, leaving MainTeemoTank as the emperor of the Dwarves. however, even with the rise of a new leader, KZD was the most fragile of the 4 empires during the transition, losing even to FA which was going through a secession, since due to the inexperience of Teemo and Beleg, the empire had a contingent of rookies without the sympathy of other OG's.

The Race For Power (2019 - 2020)[]

(Note: This was probably the most fun period of Ancar, but at the same time it was the saddest, the chapter is called Race for power because that's what literally happened, it was an endless race to see who could be more powerful, the problem is that the server only allowed you to evolve your power up to a certain point, which often led players to break rules to become even stronger, there are many reports of players who used one or several of these methods to become stronger, such as x- ray, Log in to other people's accounts, sales of items for IRL money, dupes, abusive farms, among others that should not be mentioned here.)

The beginning[]

With the arrival of new leaders, and the return of some OG's to the server, Ancar went through a period of intense daily activity; Even with many active players at that time, no war was being fought due to the different internal problems that each empire/federation was facing at the time.

At the beginning of 2019, the rules for artifacts and the artifacts themselves were reworked, in short, the effects of all rings were rebalanced to remove Damage Resistance from all rings, but the most fundamental change was the following, instead of artifacts being bound to cities or certain buildings (which needed to be conquered through war for the player to lose their artifacts) now the artifacts would be bound to the players, so if the player dies, he loses his artifact to his killer, in addition to that, those who owned artifacts had to carry at least 1 artifact (if they had more than 1) at all times; Furthermore, the few artifacts known at the time as King Bound (Axe of Durin, Bow of Bard and Anduril) were placed on the artifact list, and the artifacts of players banned at the end of 2018 were progressively distributed to the remaining players on the server. , which in a subtle way led us to the following situation:

  • EOM and DLE had many powerful artifacts, but players could no longer take risks in Raids as they no longer had less powerful artifacts to protect themselves.
  • WRE and ERE told how they were always going through an unstable moment, most of the artifacts were concentrated in Lincoln (king of Rivendell at the time) and Molo (Gandalf at the time) the other artifacts were kept by players who rarely appeared on the server with the aim of keep such artifacts away from the enemy.
  • KZD started at the bottom, but gained a lot with these changes, OdinHardock remained in the Durins Folk advising Beleg_the_elf and the newcomers who arrived at the faction, having in his possession the Arkenstone and a Dwarf Ring; As King of Durin's Beleg_the_elf received the Axe of Durin, which didn't take long to become a legitimate artifact (instead of a king bound), while in the Blue Mountains, Emperor MainTeemoTank, obtained possession of the Battleaxe of Uri Firebeard, Angrist , a Dwarven Ring, among some other artifacts of lesser importance and some lesser rings to protect such artifacts (one of these Lesser Ring was later passed on to Beleg_the_elf, aiming to protect the Axe of Durin)

With empires and federations growing in power little by little, it didn't take long before conflicts began to appear.

The Clone Wars[]

With the arrival of dozens of newcomers to the KZD empire, it didn't take long for the emperor to seek solid military alliances, that year, KZD signed an alliance together with WRE and ERE that would last until the end of that era, however, something unexpected happened for MainTeemoTank , a veteran Gondorian on the server (MarsonX) sympathized with the Dwarves' cause and openly declared his intention to help the Dwarves in the event of a war.

With all the cards placed on the table, the first major conflict of the year began; The Emperor of KZD launched an attack against the northern Misty Mountains, aiming to conquer Mount Gundabad for Durins Folk; the KZD Empire was completely underestimated by the DLE, but the Dwarven forces surprised Sauron and his allies on the battlefield, with an incredible contingent of 22,000 fighters (22 players) against a low resistance from the DLE, which only had 4,000 fighters, with the numbers clearly inflated for one side, some staff members, and other players entered the conflict aiming to inflate the number of DLE players (since this was the first war of the year, it would need to be epic) leaving the final counts as follows 22 players fighting for KZD and 7 players fighting for DLE.

You can read more about this battle here: Battle of the Endless Arrows

Even with the help of the Staff, KZD obtained a decisive victory on the battlefield, generating the siege of the fortress of Ulukesh, which led Sauron to reinforce his defenses in the North.

In a tactical move, Sauron took advantage of the absence of commanders on the enemy side who could not attend, besides the King of Durin's Folk (Beleg_The_Elf) and the king of Rinvedell Dalinar (Lincoln), with the absence of half of his command, a gigantic number of novices to be instructed, and a powerful fortress on top of a mountain, the dwarves were defeated and forced to retreat, providing an opening for the DLE's counterattack.

You can read more about this battle here: Battle of Ulukesh

With the defeat at the foot of the Ulukesh fortress, the withdrawal of the dwarves and the DLE counterattack, the months that followed (approximately 3 months IRL) were full of turmoil, KZD and DLE faced each other in the open field several times, leading to some changes in the factions' territory, however, at the end of the war, neither the KZD nor the DLE obtained major gains, at the end of the war the factions' borders remained with their original owners, which resulted in a frustrated offensive by the KZD which saw a lot of bloodshed in exchange for nothing, and on the other hand, the DLE was going through something similar, even surviving the dwarven attacks, the DLE was unable to make major advances within the Dwarf territory, leaving both empires an air of conflict useless.

The period of "Clone Wars" or 2nd War of the Dwarves and Orcs, only came to a final end in mid-October 2019, when due to differences of ideas within KZD and DLE, two new conflicts arose.

Another Civil war in Khazadul and Dark Legion Empire[]

With infinite victories and defeats for the Dwarves, Nargrec (Beleg_the_Elf) left the title of king of the Durin's Folk to T3lchar (who at the time was a newcomer who was located in the Gray mountains with a large number of players at his side, and not It took a long time for the new king of the Durin's to start a rebellion to acquire the title of Emperor of the KZD.

While KZD began to have internal problems, DLE was experiencing similar problems, Sauron's (Hyperkiller) fickle activity began to leave many members of DLE dissatisfied and with such dissatisfaction, some players began to denounce Hyperkiller's illegalities, starting a rebellion out of play.

After a discussion by the Staff, it was decided that Hyperkiller would be banned from the server, leaving Sauron's Role free to be taken, however, in order to satisfy the players, the Staff decided to place a more active member as Sauron, thus naming CeryusBusiness as the new Sauron in 20/10/2019, who later would pass the role to Molo, aiming to bring players to the Evil factions (which at that time lacked players).

With the civil war in DLE being quickly resolved, the rebellion in KZD did not take long to come to an end. MainTeemoTank has reached an agreement with t3lchar, leaving the throne of KZD to follow Molo in his plan. After sometime, without MainTeemoTank and Beleg_the_elf dealing with the newbies, KZD under T3lchar command entered a crisis, as it did not have enough players to have total and absolute control over the 3 dwarven factions, however, despite losing internal influence, T3lchar's government left the Dwarves even closer to Rivendell and North Dúnedain, having great importance in founding Arnor and keeping the WRE as allies.

(Note: at some point T3lchar left KZD to follow Molo too, leaving KZD vunerable again, however, KZD's vulnerability was not important during the events that followed.)

The rerise of the Dark Legion[]

Until that moment, the DLE had EOM (led by Xavron and Mati) and WRE (led by Lincoln and Vlagezda) as its main enemies, and could barely withstand direct attacks from Gondor, however, at some point the North Dúnedain (at that time having recently reformed Arnor) colonized a province in Enedwaith (unclaimed territory, but which was promised to Gondor in a treaty prior to "The Forgotten Days", in response, EOM began launching Raids against Arnor players in addition to using their fleet to colonize Eryn Vorn's territory was at that moment when DLE saw its golden chance, its two enemies were fighting each other (it is important to understand this context, since Molo belonged to WRE, took a break and returned to playing as Sauron, already at DLE, however, its proximity to WRE never ceased to exist).

While WRE and EOM fought among themselves, Molo took on the role of Sauron under the name Annatar, followed by a series of players who respectively took their path within the Evil side, completely changing the political scenario of the time.

In just a few weeks, Annatar made a treaty with Dalinar so that the wars against the WRE would cease (This meant peace with KZD as well, as KZD and WRE were still allies due to the treaty made by MainTeemoTank while still Emperor of the Dwarves and keeped by T3lchar) and both would have only one enemy in common, the EOM; At the same time that Annatar focused his efforts on improving the political scene of DLE, something historic happened, for the first time since "The Forgotten Days" the 9 Nazgul Roles were taken (CeryusBusiness, ThebigDoc, akalii, Antistalord, MainTeemoTank, T3lChar, Vegen , Sup3rDuck and gguruboss); with the security that no attack would come from the north (Via WRE) and with their maximum power potential having been reached, DLE and WRE were able to focus all their military power on a single target, Gondor.

Emergency times[]

With a gigantic target on his back, EOM quickly seeks help, calling former allies into battle. Hexperim resumed the throne of Gondor, while Vendetta_V followed by some players began to colonize the free factions of the East in secret; However, Vendetta's secret was quickly discovered by the DLE, through MainTeemoTank and Antistarlord (who at that time were responsible for spying using a forbidden secret technique, aka log in to people acc), and a series of Raids began to take place in the East. , but this did not stop Vendetta's plans, who quickly founded the Great Rhûnic empire (GRE), composed of the Wainriders, Avari Elves and Red Dwarves (the Avari elves and Red dwarves were part of the ERE federation, but after Ceryus left the federation, the ERE became an empty federation, so when both factions started a rebellion to be free and join GRE they did not encounter any resistance from ERE).

With this, the political scenario was established very clearly, Gondor and Mordor were the factions with the greatest power and had powerful allies, while on one side Gondor attacked Mordor from the West, forcing the Black Gate and Morgul Vale while the GRE attacked from the Northeast trying to enter the Vale of the Fell Beast on the other side the DLE attacked Osgiliath and Ithilien while the WRE prevented the Gondorian advance on Eryn Vorn.

This scenario continued for a few months, with Mordor and Gondor too busy fighting each other, the great advantage of each side came with their alliances, while the WRE extended its territory increasingly throughout Enedwaith, the GRE extended its domains throughout East without any resistance, and it didn't take long until the WRE and GRE were compared in power with the DLE and EOM, until the moment when the 4 governments finally achieved "equality" of power.

The last battle in this scenario was fought on 01/18/2020, with the DLE retaking Orthanc from Rohan to Isengard. That same day, Molo announced his withdrawal from the role of Annatar, as his objective of fortifying the Evil side, and reconquering Orthanc were complete, along with Molo, some other players left DLE with different destinations in mind, as they all shared the same sense of achievement". However, the WRE still faced problems with the Gondorians in Eryn Vorn.

You can watch Molo POV of this battle here:

Forodrim Ardhim and the New Balance of Power[]

With the loss of Orthanc, Gondor invested even more in their attacks in the north, as they knew that with Molo's departure, the DLE would soon begin to experience some problems, which didn't take long, with the departure of several players. of the DLE, Ceryus resumed his place as Sauron, and reformed the Dark Legion Empire into a new empire called the Servents of Sauron (SS), however, this did not prevent the empire from falling into a moment of vulnerability, this vulnerability forced Sauron (Ceryus) to attempt a new alliance, the SS would actively aid Gondor and the GRE in attacking Eryn Vorn, in return, EOM and the GRE would cease attacks on Mordor.

With 3 of the 4 main empires as their enemy at the same time as old players returned to the federation, the WRE had little choice but to leave old riches aside and work intelligently and effectively; the first move was to reestablish the old federation, uniting the weakened ERE (which at that time only had Woodland Realm and Beornings) while taking advantage of KZD's vulnerability to undo the empire and annex the factions to the federation, forming the first White Council of the new federation with the leaders of each faction, namely:

  • LordVlagezda - King of Arnor
  • Sasha99 - Queen of Artheloth
  • Pavle - King of Beornings
  • T3lchar - Uzbad of Durin's Folk
  • Vegen - Gandalf
  • MainTeemoTank - High King of Elves and King of Lindon
  • Lincoln415 - King of Rivendell

In a few weeks, the FA became the greatest military power of its time, controlling all the territory that expanded from the coast of Lindon to the border of Mirkwood and Dale (a faction that, together with Dorwinion, remained Neutral for almost the entire history of Ancar), despite controlling a large, very well-protected territory, the faction's power was concentrated in the number of players capable of showing up for war, and in the number of artifacts that federation members carried, however, the federation still had problems to drive the Gondorians out of Eryn Vorn.

(Note: The conflicts in Eryn Vorn were a series of battles for control of the region, although a Gondorian colony there was a risk for Arnor and Lindon, Gondor was attacking the heart of the federation, far from the Gondorian lands or their allies, and despite masterfully defending the territory conquered from Eryn Vorn, the Godorians were never able to advance in their campaign in the North because whenever they tried to advance, they were repelled by the federation.)

In retaliation for the number of players that the FA gathered, the other empires began to launch a series of Raids focused on players who possessed artifacts, aiming to bring a little more power home; In an audacious strategy, Sauron (Ceryus) began filling the remaining Nazgul positions with trained members of Gondor, leaving Gondor temporarily Evil. With the arrival of darkness in their hearts, the men of Gondor renamed the empire to New Númenor (NN), which ended up sustaining the conflicts in Eryn Vorn for a few months.

Backstabbing the Backstabber[]

With the conflicts in Eryn Vorn taking all the server's attention, Akallii, Sup3rDuck and Okej took the opportunity to dominate Lothlorien and create a sub-faction called East-Lorien forming a new empire called Silvani Hegemony (SH), however, to the FA's surprise, the SH decided to declare itself neutral, leaving a great feeling of betrayal for everyone in the federation, and with the arrival of new blood for the Gondorians, the battles in Eryn Vorn intensified even more, lasting for a few more weeks, however, a doubt still lingered , who was the SH empire really loyal to?

This was a complex question to answer, since Lothlorien was a Good faction, making it expected that the SH would join the federation, which did not happen. At the same time, the SH declared itself an ally of Sauron, but began to attack Rohan (a member faction of the NN empire, leaving the SH's intentions very controversial) with the support of the FA. The controversy that the Silvani Hegemony became was enough to bring together the leaders of the other "empires" in a conversation to answer the big question that was in the air.

The Third Alliance The Doom[]

The meeting of the leaders of FA, GRE and NN made everyone reach the same conclusion that the war for Eryn Vorn took a lot of resources and time, and was not taking any of the 3 "empires" anywhere, it was then that a great insight came, the only empire that really benefited from the battles in Eryn Vorn was the SS, on the other hand the SH players were very close to Sauron and his friends, which immediately led everyone to the conclusion that the SH was nothing nothing less than a vassal empire to the SS gathering power for a possible unification in the future, in which the SH intended to betray the federation by making Lothlorien an Evil faction, and the SS intended to betray Gondor by removing the Nazgul rings from its players after the SH had conquered part of Rohan with the help of the federation; however the meeting was a success, and Sauron's (ceryus) plan backfired, during the meeting the Third alliance was formed, this consisted of a military alliance between the FA, GRE and NN, and among the terms of the alliance, Gondor it would surrender the territory of Eryn Vorn to the federation and the 3 empires would focus their forces on ending Sauron.

If you want a visual experience of the discussion, watch this video

First Rivendell launched an attack on Gundabad in the north, where everyone met in the open field just to see the beautiful victory of the federation, enabling Rivendell to cross the misty mountains and colonize the Vales of Anduin, then Rohan launched a series of attacks against East-Lorien where the Horsemans found success, breaking the border between East-Lorien and Lothlorien.

However, with news that the end of the age was approaching, activity on the server was falling, causing military campaigns to be much slower compared to others; Even with all the news of the end of the era (which would basically mean a server reset) and low server activity, the FA remained relatively firm, while other empires like DLE, NN and GRE were going through a period of extremely low server activity. its players (most of them had already reached a peak of power and were waiting for preparations for the server reset), so the FA created a plan to close the 4th Age with a flourish, taking advantage of the lack of activity in the NN, the federation sent players as "spies" to launch a rebellion and dissolve the empire, which surprisingly worked, and within a few weeks, Gondor and Rohan were annexed to the Federation, which at that time had control of Lindon, Rivendell, Rohan, Arnor, Woodland Realm, Shire, Durin's Folk, Blue Mountains, Beornings, Artheloth, Dunland and Gondor.

The same plan would be applied to the other empires, aiming to free the remaining Good factions (Avari, Red dwarves, Lothlorien and East-lorien) from the clutches of the Evil empires, however, The Doom (aka reset) was faster than the federation taking everyone into a new era on 16/07/2020(dd/mm/yy).

The 5th Age (2020 - 2022)[]

The 3rd Age(2022-2023)[]

The server reset one more time, on 29/09/2022(dd/mm/yy).

First came the alliance between Púkel-land, led by Dhân-Buri-Zhön(Tranun) and Rohan, led by Éothain Folcwalding(Yggdrasil030). Together they formed an empire, with the council of kings as their ruler.

However, nothing much happened and server eventually changed ownership at 11/01/2023(dd/mm/yy). With the ownership change, all the artifacts, leaderships and roles were taken away. All the diplomacy that happened was removed aswell.

Beornings chiefdom[]

In TA 2941 The Beorning Chiefdom was created with its first leader being Beorn.

The failed empire[]

During TA 2941-TA 2942 King of the Realm of Gondor Atanatar III(Bluekiller87) invited leaders of the North Dunedain, Woodland Realm, Blue Mountains and Beorning for peace talks and creation of empire with him in position of an emperor. However, none of the leaders agreed to join the empire, and Gondor was now also know as Realm of Freedom(RoF).

The unification of the East[]

Far in the east existed the realms of Balchoth(wainriders) and Khand. In early TA 2942, leaders Khan Morokha Jotkhan(Tranun) and Khan of the Balchoth Ertugrul Khan(caranthir00), united their realms under the name of Kochmü Caliphate, with Balchoth as a ruling faction.

Tensions between Gondor and Khand[]

Due to quick expansion of Khand, almost stretching from Bay of Belfalas all the way to the eastern seas, gondorian king Atanatar III(bluekiller87) asked Khan Morokha Jotkhan(Tranun) to stop the expansion so that it is possible to maintain peaceful relations. However, it was not accepted well. Khand sent a diplomatic insult towards Gondor, calling them names due to the religion of gondorian people. This was almost seen as a declaration of war by Gondor. Atanatar III(bluekiller87) asked Khand to give up the wanted provinces as a compensation for their actions, or else their lands will be burned to the ground. This was later resolved by both sides ignoring each other and doing nothing. Khand stopped the expansion to the west, and Gondor stopped threating it.