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In the Movies[]

The Mace of Sauron can be seen in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring movie. It was Sauron that used his mace to fight the soldiers at the battle of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men. He also used it to strike down Elendil, before Sauron was struck down by his son; Isildur.

The mace is depicted as having incredible powers, just like it's wielder. It is capable to wipe an entire battalion of the battlefield in a single stroke, yet whether that's the power of the Mace itself or the wielder is unknown.

In the Books[]

It is unknown whether Sauron wielded a mace or any other weapon. It was never explicitly said what Sauron's weapon of choice truly is. It could, however, be said that his weapon is "deception" because it was of deception that he crippled and destroyed Arnor, and brought Númenor to the bottom of the sea.

Some believe his weapon of choice would be a Sword since Sauron was "thrown down in combat while fighting Elrond, Elendil, Isildur and Gil-Galad" and wielding a Mace at such a moment would be catastrophic for Sauron.

Some also believe his weapon of choice would be the Mace (which can be seen in the movies) purely because Sauron nearly copies every grand plan of Melkor aka Morgoth (His master, the First Dark Lord) Though until this day, it was unclear what Sauron truly used to fight with.

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