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"Since the Ainur left us, survival has became more important than honor." - Mablung


Mablung is a sindarin elf who lived in Lindon, Alongside his crew he sailed to the South due to West endless conflicts. Mablung and his crew first sailed to Taurelondë and then headed to the east sea. The Unseen is known by his meetings with dwarves of orocarni and wind mountains and his assaults against some barbarian tribes who lives in harúdor. Over the years he made several trips along the coast of Rhûn, meeting many tribes and different folks along the way.


Early years[]

Mablung was born in Lindon in TA 2581, he was not part of any noble lineage, all he knew was that his grandparents lived in Doriath and after the fall of the city and the destruction of Beleriand settled in Forlindon. Mablung had light gray hair, just like his mother's, had his father's gray eyes. As an adult, he was a tall, skinny elf.. His grandfather, Therion, travels a lot through Middle-Earth with his father, Lastedir, during the second age. For this reason, Mablung listened to the most diverse types of tales, be it those of ancient times or those about distant lands in which different folks lived. He was named Mablung in honor of the legendary Chief captain of Thingol in doriath and pretty much everything he knew he learned from his father due to his grandfather dead in the War of the last alliance as a soldier o Gil-Galad armies. Due to sadness his grandmother headed to the undying lands on the beginning of the Third Age.

Despite the humble origin of Mablung he has always been very well educated, mastering the main languages of the West, such as Quenya, Sindarin and Westron. Because of all his knowledge he has always been very rebellious towards the valar, never understanding why they did not send aid during the war of the last alliance, as they did in the war of wrath. Much because of his youth and immaturity he blamed them for the death of his grandfather. His father was a skilled blacksmith, and placed Mablung to be his helper for several years of the third age, thus passing part of his knowledge to Mablung. Despite this, Mablung never aspired to be a great blacksmith, his heart was turned to exploration, something that became increasingly difficult with the resurgence and strengthening of the Darkness in the middle-earth.

At the end of the third age he gone to Rivendell, assisting in the elven war effort. Although skilled with blades, Mablung did not wish to compose the ranks of the elven armies. In his opinion elves like him only served as slaughter meat to bring glory for their commanders. At the turn of the third to the fourth age, Mablung went again to Lindon, seeking to move away from the conflicts. He settled in Mithlond, where he could learn a lot about shipbuilding and navigation.

Fourth Age[]

At the beginning of the fourth age Mablung stayed living in Mithlond, in the first century he finished building his first boat, the "White Swan", a ship built mainly in birch and apple wood, the ship was made according to the mablung interpretation of the Falmari ships built in Aman and those ships that brought the exiled noldor to beleriand. During this period he traveled a lot through Eriador, a safe place protected by the Dunedain and the Rivendell elves. Now, in addition to the elven stories told by his father, Mablung was able to learn a lot about men, especially the Edain, with his tales coming from the first age.

At the FA 415 Mablung and his parents went to live in Valfenda, the place was more fortified and there were rumors that a Umbaric and Gondorian fleet, now subjected to mordor would attack Lindon, although this never occurred. Arnor's empire had been rebuilt and much of the region's Dunedain became important figures in the kingdom. Despite the reappearance of the ancient realm of men and the increasingly powerful Rivendell, Eriador was still a desolate and infested place of orcs and other creatures.

His mother was already safely established in the hidden valley, but Mablung and his father returned to Lindon to seek some old tools for his father's work as a blacksmith. They went with a group of elves who headed to Mithlond to sail to the Undying Lands. One night the convoy was suddenly attacked on the Great East Road by a group of Angmar Orcs. The convoy was well protected by experienced guards, leading to an easy victory over the poorly trained orcs, but Mablung's father, Lastedir, took an arrow in the eye, thus being one of the few dead elves that night.During the battle, when Mablung saw his father's corpse, he was gripped by an intense fury, throwing himself into the group of orcs and beheading one by one, the guards responsible for defending the convoy were horrified by such barbarity coming from an elf, however impressed by the mastery of the elf in the sword wield. He was offered a post in the ranks of Rivendell, an offer which was promptly refused. Mablung had no reason to return to Lindon, so he returned to the hidden valley and remained with his mother, Faingwen, for a few years.

A unique opportunity[]

At the FA 420 his mother decided to leave Middle-earth, he did not question, he had understood that Middle-earth was gradually falling into darkness. He accompanied her to Mithlond. That day the city was paler and colder than usual. There were a large number of elves waiting for the ships that would take them to Valinor, the icy breeze hit Mablung's face and only contributed to his soul being dominated by the feeling of solitude, loneliness that would be permanent after the departure of his mother, his only companion in recent years. For a moment he hesitated and tears flowed from his eyes, and thought briefly of joining her towards the Undying Lands. But as if she could read your thoughts, she said: "Why do you cry? What are those tears on your face? You can't go yet, your destiny in Middle-earth hasn't been fulfilled yet, you have to stay. Soon you will see that all this fear will pass..." Mablung tried to hold on, but ended up falling into tears, wondering: "What would be my Destiny? "Would I become a great elf like those of the old tales?" "Weren't all the bad things that had happened to me enough?" only time could tell. The night was falling, a pale moon rises on the horizon and the ships have come to carry his mother home.

On the way back Mablung couldn't stop thinking about his mother's words. It tormented him deeply, he felt aimless. When he was near Bree he decided to make a stop, he went to The Prancing Pony to drink a few shots and rest a little. He hardly knew that night would be decisive for his fate.

Mablung has arrived in Bree. The region known for its joy and coexistence between Humans and Hobbits seems darker and little cheerful. Mablung could feel the mood of the war, as much as it was hundreds of miles from that place. Arnor still fully maintained that central region of Eriador, but there were rumors that Gondorian forces were organizing in Eryn Vorn, preparing to attack arnor from the south, while other forces attack from the east, a delicate situation that worried the leaders of the West. When Mablung entered The Prancing Pony he met some rangers, including his old friend, Faramir, who was at a table with companions after a guard in the northern bree region. Faramir called Mablung to join the table and they spent hours drinking and chatting like old friends.

After a few hours Faramir quoted a kind of treasure in the conversation, and about the mysterious peoples of the east, and the opportunities they could bring. Mablung was immediately curious, but questioned why Faramir quoted these stories. Faramir expressed his dissatisfaction with everything that had been taking place in the west of Middle-earth, he said he no longer felt fighting for the freedom of free peoples, he had spent some time researching the distant lands and the wonders and mysteries depicted on them. Mablung became interested, it had all awakened his ancient explorer spirit. There were Arnorian soldiers at the bar at the time, so Mablung called Faramir to discuss it alone.

Mablung asked how far Faramir's knowledge was going, he feared it was only the daydreams of a drunk man, but Faramir showed a map and a text, describing a place in the Rhûn where there was a treasure, abandoned and forgotten by the dwarves of yore. Mablung arranged for them to meet in Mithlond within a few weeks, where they would discuss what they could do with all that information, he asked Faramir to come with some bailmen, because depending on the decision they could leave immediately.

The Quest[]