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Dynasty of Môr, of Púkel-land.[]

General Information[]

This is the Dynasty of Dhân-Buri-Zhôn. He was the first ruler of the so called Kingdom of Púkel-land.

Line of Môr's chieftains:[]

  • Chieftain Môr, he was the eldest family member the people can remember. His rule over his tribe was peacefull and isolationist.
  • Chieftain Zhôn, he the father of Dhân who made closer ties with Rohan. His rule was short but meaningfull, he officially broke the isolationist policy of his forefathers. He would make the first standing army of the Druedain ever. He got severely ill, and would die in the year TA 2940.
  • King Dhân, the most famous so far of this bloodline. He was sent as a token of friendship to Rohan at early age, he would there befriend Eothain who would become the future King of Rohan. He would learn how to fight, eat and speak like the rohirrim. When he returned at age 20 because his father was severely ill, he took over leadership and started to do small reforms to get the Drúedain more advanced and modern. He did so by starting the build of the first permanent city Púkelstad. He would unite the Druwaith Iaur Tribes under his rule, by using the fears of the chieftains against them. Proclaiming himself as King of Púkel-land. -To be continued...