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In ancient times, it was one of the powerful factions in all the Server with the guide of the High King Legolas (Trild900), who built Cerin Amroth and Caras Galadhon.

After High King Legolas passed away, the entire kingdom went to a decadent status and Lothlorien lost his old great power. After that King Carantir joined the Empire of Khazadul until the first fall of the empire.

When King Celeborn (Giacobrick) of Lothlorien, , obtained the throne the faction returned to its old power becoming one of the founders of Forodrim Ardhin alongside the other elven factions.


Caras Galadhon

After Galadriel's and Celeborn's department for Valinor , their influence in Lorien started fading giving a chance to other political factions to gain more political influence. There were many different faction but the one which stood out was Glannen-onnen. For years Celeborn and Galadriel kept a close eye on the faction limiting its influence. The faction was lead by Maeron (Sup3rDuck) and Auriel (akalii) who eventually claimed the throne of Lorien. At the 444th year of the fourth age , the Silvani Hegemony was formed between Lorthlorien and East Lorien. Lothlorien has been kingless for much of the fifth age, and after the collapse of the Republic of Mordor, it is open for the taking, and its fate is open to whoever controls it.


The Glannen-onnen view other races as lesser . Despite not encouraging these races' extermination, they do limit their freedom and do not allow them to have administrative positions. Only pure silvans are accepted in the realm and the army. The party calls for the regeneration of the Galadhrim and the establishment of a culturally homogenous Lothlorien. The High King and Queen hold all the power and anyone who opposes them is sent to mining camps.