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! This faction, which once was part of our server, no longer exist. Only the stories remain about it.

Motive: Merged to Artheloth




Cold Land all year round; Temperatures reach critical Levels and sometimes cause severe Damage to Travelers. The Ice Bay of Forochel is frozen nine Months of the Year, but during the Summer, Whales and Seals can be seen from the rocky Shores.


Administrative Organization[]

Purely Clan-based, with the Elders and Chieftains holding Authority. All Goods are considered communal: Hoarding is punishable by Exile.

Current Chieftain (King)

  • AaronDG


Around 800 Lossoth and 200 Men of Artheloth

Cities and Forts[]

Niphleim, City of the Mountain - 50% []

The ancient Capital of Artheloth. This City is built on the Mountains and is considered the Guardian of the royal Fortress; the City has a large Number of Structures and is a Symbol for the whole Territory. Its main Feature is the long Staircase leading to the Fortress, and the Statues representing the legendary Valinor Trees at the Entrance to the City. It is Home of the Theater of Forochel Bay, famous for its Shows.

ForochelThe Winter Village - 100%[]

The current Capital of Lossoth, Village located on the Cape of Forochel from which it takes its Name. It is built for self-Support and is located along One of the main Roads of Artheloth. A Market is located in Front of the Entrance.

Eulogim FortressFort of the Ruler - 100% []

It is located near the Border and is a military Center of considerable Importance, particularly in the South.

Fort of Eldar, The Crossroad Barrack - 100% []

Located in(to?) the North of the Capital, it is responsible for the commercial and travel Route between the far North of the Peninsula and the Center of the Kingdom.

History in Third Age[]


The Lossoth are a Remnant of the ancient People of Forodwaith, about whom not much is known. It can be assumed that the Lossoth flourished well outside the Númenórean Sphere of Influence, and they suffered from Angmar, causing their Remnants to retreat. They were afraid of the Witch-King, and they believed he could control Elements like Frost and Thaw. At some Point, the Lossoth had retreated to the Cape of Forochel, inaccessible to hostile Peoples who harassed them.

Arvedui, Last king of Arthedain[]

They entered History near the End of the second Millennium of the Third Age, when Arvedui, the last King of Arthedain, fled into the North to escape his Kingdom's Destruction and the Lossoth gave him their Aid. In T.A. 1975, when an elven Ship came to rescue him, the exiled King rewarded the Lossoth for their Friendship with the Ring of Barahir. His Hosts sensed an approaching Disaster, and warned Arvedui not to board the Ship. Against their Advice he did so, and indeed a great Storm overwhelmed the Vessel and the last King of Arthedain was lost in the cold Waters of the far North. In the later Third Age, the Rangers of the North learned from the Lossoth the Fate of the Ship, and also paid to buy the Ring of Barahir back.

History (Server)[]

During the Reign of King Siegfried the Half-Blood (SargonDG), the small Kingdom of Artheloth of Cape Forochel decided to unite themselves with the Lossoth Tribes of Forochel. The few Dúnedain Remnants brought in some of the ancient Dúnedain Knownledge to the Lossoth Tribes and thanks to that, the Lossoth Men elected a Dúnedain of Artheloth, AaronFG, as the prominent Chieftain of all the Lossoth Tribes.