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In Middle-Earth the Loremasters are the most learned Scholars among Elves and Men. A specialized school among the elven Loremasters or Ingolmor were the Lambengolmor.

Loremaster Orders or Guilds[]

A complete list of orders that want to protect lore.

  • Dwarven Keepers of Lore
  • The Quendingoldor (Elves)
  • The Loremasters of Minas Tirith
  • The Antiquarians of Gondor
  • The Sauronic scribes

Dwarven Keepers of Lore[]

The Erudite order of dwarves, they protect the dwarven lore and language.

The Quendingoldor[]

The guild of elven loremasters inspired to Pengolodh, known as the "Sage of the Noldor", he counted as the greatest Loremaster since Fëanor and Rúmil. Pengolodh was one of the few Elves admitted into Khazad-dûm, where he might have learned Khuzdul. It was during the War of the Elves and Sauron and after the fall of Eregion when Pengolodh left Middle-earth for Tol Eressëa, last of the Lambengolmor Loremasters to leave Middle-earth.

The Loremasters of Minas Tirith[]

Order of erudite men that preserve the history and lore of Middle-Earth.

The Antiquarians of Gondor[]

A small guild of antiquarians that want to preserve Middle-Earth lore.

The Sauronic scribes[]

Sauronic erudites, most of them Black Númenóreans, that write Sauron's annals.

The Historians of Dorwinion[]

A group of commonly motivated scholars from Dorwinion who seek to record Dorwinion's rich history. Sponsored and funded by Her Imperial Majesty Arenelyya Engoria-Dagothar Hakkonos.