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The following list serves for a better administration of the structures related to the world of lore built on the server.

For any problem concerning a specific structure (need for improvement, grief report etc.) the player must contact the supervisor assigned to that structure, he will solve the problem or delegate someone else, in the event that there is no supervisor marked then the request must be made to an admin or founder.

Structure Faction Builder Condition
Spawn Shire Sirmatte_ Built
Bree Arnor TheBetaOwl WIP
Weathertop Arnor BossBaby321 Built
Nogrod Blue Dwarves SargonDG & Ganondorfio Built
Belegost Blue Dwarves JARANO & BossBaby321 Started
Grey Havens/Mithlond Lindon Molo97 WIP
Dale Dale LordTankrid WIP
Vintner Court Dorwinion Hlodgier WIP
Lake Town Dale Remaclus & Tranun Built
Khazad-Dûm/Moria Durin Dwarves KingFundin Built
Dain's Halls Durin Dwarves MainTeemoTank WIP
Orthanc Isengard _ _ _ Renovation
Edoras Rohan tuonobotto Built
Black Gate Mordor _ _ _ Built
Umbar Umbar TheBetaOwl WIP
Amon Ereb Lindon gweithir Built
Forlond Lindon gweithir Built
Durthang Mordor TheBetaOwl Built
Aldburg Rohan tehinator, DoggyGameNL, JARANO & BossBaby321 WIP
Brandywine Bridge Shire 15Karim & Nils Built
Wulfburg Rohan BossBaby321 WIP
Dunharrow Durin Dwarves Ganondorfio Built
Elostirion Lindon McSeed Built
Forsaken Inn Bree / Arnor Mati_429 Built
Freca's Hold Rohan BossBaby321 WIP
Mering Stream Rohan Yggdrasil, Tranun, Remaclus & Deityy Built
Crossings of Lithnen Harad Highway_to_Back WIP
Tighfield Shire AlmightyNilsje WIP
Thranduil's Halls Silvan Elves MainTeemoTank WIP
Amon Din Gondor Captn_Hexxy_T WIP
Hennet Annûn Gondor TheBetaOwl & Highway_to_Back Built
Lipha-tun _ _ _ TheBetaOwl & Highway_to_Back Built
Sarn-Ford Arnor MainTeemoTank Started
Minas Tirith Gondor TheBetaOwl WIP
Tol Morwen _ _ _ Michy_Skywalker Built

Staff will ensure that the list is always updated