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The Fiefdom of Lebennin[]


Known sometimes in full as Fair Lebennin of the Five Streams, referring to the Five Rivers of Lebennin, Lebennin was known as one of the most faithful fiefs of Gondor, and one of its provinces. It was a wide green land that lay between the rivers Gilrain and Anduin and the lower reaches of Erui. The Anduin delta lay to the South and the White Mountains lay to the North. Pelargir was it's chief city. Linhir was another town or city within it, above the mouth of Gilrain.

Lebennin was largely populated by Men of mixed blood, as many Men of Lebennin traced their ancestry to the forgotten 'Men of the Mountains' that had been displaced from the White Mountains by the Númenóreans.

The rebuild and prosperity of Lebennin:[]

The fiefdom has known great prosperity, since the Númedhel family moved from Ithilien to Lebennin. Mithildin and his nephew Arlynolin constructed cities and castles to accommodate the many citizens living in this area. on top of this they planned out an economic plan so that all the citizens can work and earn their own money. Because of all this Lebennin is a central place for traders, farmers and anyone else that wants to maintain a sustainable future for their family, or for people who want to start a new life.

even though Mithildin's main goal is the rebuild of Lebennin. he doesn't want to keep all the wealth for Lebennin itself. That's why he constructed many trade routes in and out of Lebennin to spread the prosperity nation wide. So that all of Gondor will be prosperous and provisioned for the wars and times of peace to come in the foreseeable future.

Besides the construction of trade routes Lebennin also made ''The Brotherhood of the Star''.

The Brotherhood of the Star:[]

The Brotherhood of the Star is a Brotherhood mainly located in Lebennin itself. It's created by Mithildin to protect Lebennin's borders and trade routes from foreign invaders and raiders.

Before it was called "The Brotherhood of the Star" it had only one job : To protect the borders of Lebennin. These days the brotherhood has a far greater job to do. It doesn't only protect Lebennin's borders now, but also it's trade routes, Ships and building sites.

The Brotherhood has 4 main castles in Lebennin. 1 in each corner of the fiefdom. The most well known of them is : "Gilduin". this is the first castle build for them and the biggest. It's also located near Lebennin's most important naval city at this time  : "Siniath Cuil". Since Pelargir is abandoned.

To expand their protection influence The Brotherhood also has a couple of outposts and fortresses in other provinces throughout Gondor. To protect Naval and land merchants entering and leaving Gondorian borders.

The brotherhood also owns about 30% of Lebennin's navy.