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The Kochmü Caliphate, also known as "the Caliphate", is an empire that lies east of Rhudel and of Mordor, part of which are the Balchoth and the realm of Khand. It was formed when these two Illahvatarist States chose to unite under a single Caliph to spread the Word of Illah and of the Prophet.

Empire structure[]

Administration section[]

The Caliphate is centralised, which means that any political action, such as alliances and wars, are first decided or have to be approved by the Caliph (the emperor).

Ruler section[]

The Caliphate is ruled by a non-elected emperor, the Caliph, whose rule is absolute and hereditary.(Current ruler:Nogai/Yami_Scar)

Volunteering section[]

The Caliphate disallows volunteering of its members against itself. In fact, any believer who fights against the Caliphate is to be considered a kafir (disbeliever).