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" You challenge an Osh-Tekk! Zahuintoc Miquini! Amo titla! "

( Half-dead Mortal! You are nothing!)

- Ko'atal to Texiuitl, former Emperor



Chronicles of Ko'atal[]

The Fall of the Osh-Tekk[]

The formation of the Far-Haradric Empire changed a lot within the Taurethrim lands. Petty chieftains gained power over a short amount of time. The Emperor slowly started losing power to the chieftains their influence grew, along with it a desire, an inexpressible desire for bloodshed. During this period many smaller tribes were destroyed.

The Osh-Tekk was a tribe was in the southernmost part of the Far-Haradric Jungle. They were bordering 2 other tribes, Tlāloc & Ixpopoyotl Ocelotl.

The Tlāloc Tribe was the superior of the three tribes, thus they took the initiative and invaded the Osh-Tekk. In two weeks the Osh-Tekk had suffered enough losses to succumb to the Tlāloc.

Rebellions would occur frequently, but none of them was successful until the Ixpopoyotl Ocelotl tribe started invading the occupied Osh-Tekk Land. The Tlāloc fled. Once an army big enough was mustered, they returned to fight the Ixpopoyotl.

A bloody battle with many casualties leads to the weakening of both sides which was used by Ko'atal, the leader of the Osh-Tekk to start a war that would utterly destroy the Ixpopoyotl Ocelotl Tribe, gaining the title Ocelotl for himself. Ko'atal negotiated a long-lasting peace between the two remaining tribes as their peace was settled in blood, it was said to be eternal.

Seven long and peaceful years passed with no conflict until a small disagreement between the two chieftains leads to another war.

The War of Rain and Warrior[]

Ko'atal was attending a meeting alongside his rival, Matlal, the Green One.

The meeting was taking place in the Emperor's Courtyard; it was an important meeting as the chieftains discussed the future of the southern tribes. The Emperor was proposing a united tribe under the leadership of an Elder chieftain, to which both sides agreed. Once the meeting was done, the Emperor summoned both chieftains to unite the two immensely different tribes. Matlal proposed a marriage between himself and Ko'atal's sister, which Ko'atal took as an insult, being in the Emperor's presence made it even worse, Ko'atal throws Matlal to the ground, then he lifts him up with one hand and whispers:

"Is this what you want? To insult me? Next time you do something like this you will be on your knees begging for mercy!"

Not even two days later, the Osh-Tekk started raiding the Tlāloc. The first few raids were met with no resistance. As the plundering and raiding continued, little did Ko'atal know Matlal had summoned a great army that would decimate the Osh-Tekk raiding parties and push into Osh-Tekk Land. The armies of the Tlāloc tribe would not stop to raid nor to rest, they'd push towards the capital.

Ko'atal's decision not to call a good part of the army back to the capital lead to hesitation and doubt within his closest circle of warriors. He went to every single one of them, looked them deep in the eyes, and if he saw fear he'd kill them, he sacrificed over 20 able warriors, A blood dripped Ko'atal would scream while killing them: "Monextlahual!" (meaning your sacrifice to the gods)

The Tlāloc could be seen approaching for a few brief moments before the slaughter began. Nearly none of the Osh-Tekk were left alive, Ko'atal barely escaped with a wounded leg.

A Burning Wound[]

The battle was over, most of the Osh-Tekk were cut to pieces, meanwhile the main target, the chieftain escaped.I ran from the battlefield. Not one Osh-Tekk would do that, they would rather die fighting than run. My leg was dreadfully wounded and needed treatment, and as I was moving through the lush woodland, I used my plant knowledge well. Using a plant with large leaves to create a bandage for my wound, burning some small twigs, and using putting the ashes on the wound and wrapping it with the dressing probably saved my life. As nightfall was coming, and the temperatures lessened, Ko'atal's wound would ache more than usual. He'd get no rest for days. I would try seeking refuge in the nearby villages, however, nobody wanted to help me. The smartest thing I could've done was to forget my past and start anew, but such a thing is totally against the Osh-Tekk customs, so I did not think twice.

Quite some time passed and my wound is nearly healed now. I was scouring a small forest next to a clearing that was occupied by the Tlaloc. A wooden shack with stone totems around it was placed in the middle of the forest. As I approached the shack, my senses tingled, a dim mist appeared in the distance, I started feeling uneasy. I noticed a strange smell of burnt herbs as soon as the smell hit my nose strange lights started appearing...

Last thing I remember after seeing those hellishly bright lights was...a lady. The lady bore a resemblance to the goddess Toci, mother of Gods. She had black markings around the mouth and nose, and she wore a headdress with cotton spools. I do not remember interacting or speaking with her. But to the current day i feel her presence.