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A list of Kingdoms and Custom Factions within AncarNetwork in the 5th Age.

The column "Faction Items" indicated which items and alignment a certain sub-faction uses.

Kingdoms may be suppressed due to inactivity or other causes, such as Bragolmor.

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Human Factions Description Faction Items
Rohan The Mark of the Riders, located in the Land once known as Calenardhon. Rohan
Gondor The last Kingdom of the Dúnedain located south of Rohan. Gondor
Arnor The northern Wandering Peoples of Eriador, the reformed kingdom of Arnor. North Dúnedain and Gondor
Dale The Kingdom of the Northmen located in the North of Rhovanion. Dale
Dunland The Hillmen-Tribes of Dunland, Land of wild Hills and Woods. Dunland
Dorwinion The Kingdom of both Men and Elves, who border Rhûn and sell the finest Wines in all of Middle-Earth. Dorwinion
Taurethrim The peaceful Tribes of the Taurethrim, inhabiting the Jungles of Far Harad, sharing Love for Agriculture. Taurethrim
Morwaith The tribal and wild Men of the Savannas of Far Harad. Morwaith
Rhûdel The golden Kingdom of Rhûdel, located in western Rhûn near the inland Sea of Rhûn. Rhûdel
Wainriders A Confederation of Easterling Tribes which live east of Rhudel. Rhûdel
Harad Tribes of Southrons living along the Coast of Near Harad. Near Harad
Umbar Kingdom of Men located in western Near Harad. Near Harad
Beornings The Beornings descend from Men of the First Age who were related to the Edain. Dale
Gulfings Inhabitants of the fertile Lands around a great Gulf in south-eastern Near Harad. Near Harad
Khand A land located south-east of Mordor, inhabited by Variags and Ioriags Rhûdel
Hobbit Factions Description Faction Items
Shire The Homeland of the Majority of the short Race of Hobbits in Middle-Earth. North Dúnedain
Elven Factions Description Faction Items
Lindon The High Elves of the Forlindon and Harlindon High Elves
Woodland Realm The Sindar of Mirkwood. Woodland Realm
Lothlórien The Galadhrim of the Golden Woods. Lothlórien
Avari Elves The Avarim tribes of Eryn Caran. Woodland Realm
Eregion The Elves of Eregion High Elves
Rivendell The Last Homely House High Elves
Dwarven Factions Description Faction Items
Durin's Folk The mighty Clan of Longbeards, also known as Durin's Folk, Descendands of Durin the Deathless. Durin's Folk
Blue Dwarves The Dwarven Clans of Firebeards and Broadbeams of the Ered Luin. Blue Dwarves
Red Dwarves Dwarves who inhabit the Red Mountains, located in eastern Rhun. Durin's Folk
Orcish Factions Description Faction Items
Mordor The Realm of the Dark Lord Sauron between the Ered Gorgoroth. Mordor
Gundabad The Orc Clans of the Misty Mountains, ancient Enemies of the Dwarves. Gundabad
Isengard The Uruk-Hai who follow the corrupted Wizard Saruman, the Lord of Orthanc and Isengard. Isengard
Angmar The Remnants of the long destroyed Kingdom of the Witch-King, who destroyed Arnor during the Second Age. Angmar
Half-Trolls The evil Half-Trolls of the volcanic Lands of Pertorogwaith, serving the Dark Lord of Mordor. Half-Trolls
Custom Factions Race Description Faction Items
Artheloth Men Dúnedain of North Forochel. North Dúnedain and Gondor
East Lórien Elves Elves which settled in south-western Rhovanion Lothlórien
The White Colony Dwarves Dwarfs which settled in White Mountains as vassals of Gondor Durin's Folk
Nethûl Men Men who settled west of the northern peaks of the Orocarni Red Dwarves (Durin's)

Suppressed Factions

Dead Pirate Clans