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Dale Gang

Members of the Third Kingdom of Dale participating in a mock war at the Castle of Vinburg. Known members (left to right), dicklover6969, onionboy1101, mrquiver3000, KingRandiu, simsonmp (behind Randiu), yamo, hatfulhat, TitanicMartel16

Joining in Spring of 2019, KingRandiu has been a very "on and off" player. His pattern usually consists of playing nonstop for 4-5 months, then disappearing for a year. When KingRandiu first joined, he was a blue dwarf. Although duped into thinking he was king by Kholl_, this stint was relatively insignificant. After leaving, KingRandiu rejoined in Spring 2020, this time as a member of the growing Dale nation. After briefly being banned for landgrief (unrightful), he became extremely involved with the subcommunity of Dale, and are still quite fond of that time in Dale. After the server reset to the 5th age in summer 2020, Randiu would scramble for a now empty wizard role and end up with Radagast. Although enjoying the fact that he had a special role, Randiu was not satisfied, as many of his comrades were fighting for Sauron and Company, which by rule he could not fight for. Randiu would go on to sell the Radagast role in Fall 2020 and join his brother onionboy1101 in building up Gundabad. This stint was relatively short lived, as once many of his villages lost their recognition status, he fell disinterested, and would leave before the end of the year. Randiu would return in spring 2022 as onionboy1101 became Sauron, quickly making his way to a Nazgul position and King of Gundabad.

Tree house

KingRandiu's house he used as Radagast: hollowed out boabab trees

Aside from his small acomplishments in game, KingRandiu is mostly known for his discord activity. He is known to have folders of thousands of pictures, with the sole purpose of shitposting them like a firebombing campaign. Although one of the most frequent posters in the discord, he is rarely seen having an acutal conversation, opting for spamming random nonsensical pictures and videos. KingRandiu also has the most voided actions in roleplay, as he often tries ridiculous or just impossible stories. Even when inactive in game, he will stop by the discord just to make his presence known and to interrupt others to post explicit content from his camera roll. Even when he decides to take part in server roleplay, it is usually with the intention of changing the story and having his own fun. In conclusion, KingRandiu is quite the perculiar character, for as often as he is shitposting, he is found having genuine conversations and assisting others. Perhaps we will never know his motives or thought process, and maybe for its the best.