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The Third Dwarf Empire[]


With the cataclysmic events that marked the end of the Fourth Age, the Dwarves became increasingly reclusive, and during the years that passed, the Reclusion made them preserve their wealth and culture, in the beginning of the Fifth Age, the Dwarfs reestablished many of its old strongholds and consolidated itself as the first empire of the fifth age.

Moradin Stoneshield (MainTeemoTank) led the return of the Dwarves to the surface, and for that he was crowned as the first Uzbad of the empire.

The first political relations were taken when Moradin tried to bring Dale to the empire, negotiations were quick and resulted in Dale refusing the invitation, however, this did not generate a conflict between the factions and ended up generating a friendship between the citizens of both parties.

The second political movement that the empire took, was to invite the Rohirrim to the Empire, Rohan soon accepted the proposal, which made KZD the first great empire of the Fifth Age.

Empire Structure[]

Administration Section: Centralized

  • Allies, Enemies and Wars are decided by One Faction. Each faction is considered a vassal of the leading faction.

Ruler Section: Non-Elected Emperor

  • One Emperor, with full decisional powers;
  • Full decisional powers includes the ability to vote for Empire's structure changes.

Volunteers Section: Disallow Volunteering

  • The members of the Empire cannot volunteer against their own empire;
  • The members of the Empire cannot volunteer against the empire alliances.