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Khazâd Empire[]

After the end of the Second War of the Dwarves and Orcs, Narvi (MainTeemoTank) assumed the throne of the empire becoming the Uzbad.

By mid-July 2019 Narvi began a series of changes to the empire to bring the Dwarves back to their former glory and end the crisis that the empire was undergoing.

under a concept of renewal and change, Narvi sealed a defensive pact with Western Reunited Eldar (WRE), and after doing so, set up a series of new laws for the Dwarves; a new flag was raised as a symbol of the empire, some elements caught the eye on the flag, in the center there is a symbol that is completely symmetrical which was identical to the symbol on Thror's throne, representing prosperity, above could be seen the representation of Arkenstone the magnificent jewel of the dwarven kings, which represented order, and more above could be observed 3 stars, these represented the union of the 3 dwarf factions (Blue Mountains, Durin's Folk and Red Mountains), and this became the triad of values ​​of the Dwarf empire: Prosperity, Order and Union.

from that day onwards the empire of Khazâdul II came to be known as the Khazâd Empire (KZE).

On August 7, Narvi died leaving his throne to his son Uri VII.

Cults, Factions and Houses[]


Mahal is worshiped by all Dwarves as their creator, so Cult Of Mahal is the only official cult for all Dwarf factions.



Old Khazâdul Empire[]

The united Dwarven Kingdom (Khazâdul)[]

Formed by Gamil Frerin (HOSTIS) that unified Durin's Folk with Blue Mountains Dwarves. His successor, Fili (MarsonX), extended the Empire‘s Dominion to the Elvish Kingdom of Lothlórien and Dale.

In final days of May 2018, after months of Dwarven domination, kingdom of Lothlórien became independent.

In 6 June, the Blue Mountains, one of the founder Kingdom, abandoned the Khazadul Empire in favor of independence.

Khazâdul was allied with "Dor en Anbor y Ithil" and also with Crebain Federation for some time.

The capital was set in Khazad-dûm.

Reformed Khazâdul Empire (Khazâdul II)[]

The Khazadul Empire was recreated by Durin VII (HOSTIS) during the end of December 2018 since it was dissolved and he wanted to unite the Dwarves once again. Shortly after the reform, the Empire had a new emperor, Thorin (Stasky). He ruled for a while, but not for long. Then came Dain IV (TheBetaOwl) who was given the throne by his father Thorin and he became the Uzbad. His presence made the dwarves active again. The Khazadul Empire maintained good relations with Forodrim Ardhin, although it was hostile to the Empire Of Gondor, after some time as Uzbad, Dain IV was deposed from the throne, a number of leadership changes were made until the throne was passed to Nargrec I (Beleg_the_elf) who led the Dwarves on the start of the colonization of the east of Ered Engrin and to the Second War of the Dwarves and Orcs. Nargrec I ruled the dwarves for a short time, due to his suddenly death in the Battle of Ulukesh, leaving the throne for Narvi (MainTeemoTank). Years later Narvi gave the throne to Úri (Mainteemotank) who ruled for a while but not for long. Because he had a civil war on his hands. Because he couldn't handle the pain and stress anymore, he decided to get an old friend back from exile. This friend was Dain IV (TheBetaOwl). Úri (Mainteemotank) Gave his emperor-ship to him and from now on Dain IV (TheBetaOwl) was ruler of Khazadul for once more. Until he resigned years later to exile himself for good in Thorin's Halls.After that king Stannis (Odin Haddock) of Durin's Folk assumed the emperor-ship of Khazadul. Now someone new has taken the throne. Someone not from Durin's Line. His name is Frar , former High Lord of Ered Mithrin.

After a short period of time, due to health problems Frar ceded the throne to his son Azaghal II (Chetnik4c).

Rulers (updated)[]

  • Gamil Frerin (HOSTIS) Unknown - Unknown
  • Fili (MarsonX) Unknown - Unknown
  • Durin VII (HOSTIS) December 2018 - Unknown
  • Thorin (Stasky) Unknown - Unknown
  • Dain IV (TheBetaOwl) Unknown - 20/04/2019
  • Stannis (OdinHaddock) 20/04/2019 -
  • Nargrec I (Beleg_the_elf)
  • Narvi (MainTeemoTank) 21/07/2019 - 07/08/2019
  • Úri (MainTeemoTank) 07/08/2019 - 04/09/2019
  • Dain IV (TheBetaOwl) 04/09/2019 - 04/11/2019
  • Frar (T3lChaR) 01/11/2019 - 19/11/2019
  • Azaghal II (Chetnik4c) 19/11/2019 - Present

Rules and Laws[]

General Rules[]

  1. All server rules;
  2. Any aggressive act against another Dwarf or Ally is prohibited, subject to court;
  3. It is prohibited to kill, stalk or harm any new player of any faction;
  4. It is forbidden to steal any player;
  5. If a player dies in unfair Raid, their items must be returned, subject to court; (this does not include artifacts)
  6. Breaking a NAP is prohibited, subject to punishment by both empire;
  7. It is forbidden to conquer new provinces without the permission of the King or Uzbad.

Citizen's law[]

  • To be considered a citizen, the player must:
  1. Be part of a Dwarven Faction;
  2. Have more than 300 alignment;
  3. Be part of a Dynasty;
  4. Have a Role Play Name.
  • Citizen Benefits:
  1. Receive empire protection;
  2. Can participate in wars;
  3. Gets armament for Wars;
  4. Get subsistence allowance to recognize faction structures;
  5. Get material help to build recognized faction structures for your faction;
  6. You are entitled to a kit, including food, armor, tools; (limit of 1 kit per day)
  7. Vote in official polls.

Trade Rules and Resource Collection[]

  1. Every Dwarf who wants to sell items must follow a table, every member who is caught trading off-table prices will be punished; (tables can be found in #kze chat in the discord server)
  2. Breaking trade treaties is prohibited;
  3. It is prohibited to cause major environmental damage for resource collections for any purpose; (EXAMPLE: If you need to collect Sarlluim, look for shafts in the underground rather than mining the found surface.)
  4. Any resources obtained through a Bug, or otherwise unlawful, must be reported to and returned to a member of the Server Staff;
  5. It is prohibited to make trade agreements without the permission of a King or Uzbad.

Judgment rules[]

  • Any player from KZE who is caught or reported committing infringements will be subject to a judgment to determine his or her guilt and/or punishment.
  • Every player found to be reported is entitled to:
  1. Choose a judge to judge you; (if not done, this decision is Uzbad)
  2. Choose up to two people to help form a defense.
  • Every player who reports another has the duties and rights to:
  1. Provide evidence of the infringement;
  2. Choose up to two people as witnesses to help form an accusation.

Discord laws[]

  1. Use your IGN as discord name;
  2. If you have a Role Play Name, it can be used in place of IGN;
  3. Role Requirements must be made in General chat;
  4. Anyone can log into this server as long as it respects its laws;
  5. Spam is prohibited;
  6. Any act of racism, xenophobia, gender discrimination or the like is prohibited.


Official discord of the empire:

If you are unable to enter Empire Discord, send PM to Finelli#4040

Khazâd Council[]

'The Council Chairs (outdated)'[]

The council is formed by the most important people of each faction of the empire, these people are defined by Roles.

Currently council chairs:

  • Úri: vote weight = 4.5
  • Nain: vote weight = 2
  • Stannis: vote weight = 3.5
  • Belegar: vote weight = 1

Roles (outdated)[]

Each player is entitled to 1 vote in council decisions, the weight of their vote varies according to their role:

  • Dynasty Leader = 1
  • Uzbad = Add one more point to the final result.
  • Zabad = 2
  • Prince = 2
  • King = 3

If a player plays more than 1 role, the weight of his vote will be that of his highest role + 50% of the other roles.



Azghzabad - Warlord (Highest Military rank)

⦁ Leads battalions ect.

⦁ Gets Chosen by dwarves with Uzbad's consent

Has to show he is capable of leading an army and has to be good at PvP.

Anarur - Champion - (Honorary Military Title)

⦁    Has been declared a Champion by the Uzbad , Zebdar(s) and Zabad(s).

⦁    Has to have done more great deeds for the dwarves.

⦁    Gets a Champion's Ring form the Uzbad.

⦁    Has to be a figure of importance ( Zabad , Uhlath , Bingurad , Izbad ect.)

Bingurad - The Fearless one - (Honorary Military Title)

⦁    Title given to a person who has shown no fear and is a good fighter.

⦁    Declared by a Zebdar under the approval of the Uzbad.

⦁    Has to be a Warrior or a Great Warrior

Gabil Uzâgh - Great Warrior  -

⦁    Has shown great fighting skills and has potential to lead an army in the future.

⦁    Declared by Zebdar or Zabad with the approval of the Uzbad & Azghzabad .

Hubukbark  - Warrior (Dwarf Mercenary)-

⦁    A mercenary who follow's no one's word , has no lord

⦁    Title granted by a Zebdar with the approval of the Uzbad.

Uzâgh - Warrior (Lowest Military Rank) -

⦁    Has to have completed a series of tests under the supervision of either Uzbad , Zebdar or the Azghabad. ⦁    Gets a set of armor , is financed in wars ect.

⦁     Title granted by a Zebdar.

Non-Military :[]

Uzbad - Emperor of Khazadul , the Dwarven Empire.

Zebdar - King of Durin's Folk , King of Ered Luin

Zabdel - King of Orocani

Zabad - Lord

⦁ Governs a major part of the dwarven provinces

Title granted by a Zebdar or Uzbad.

Izbad - Lesser Lord

⦁ Governs 2 or more provinces

Title granted by Zabads , Zebdars under the approval of the Uzbad.

Zabdul - Lord-like

⦁ Governs 1 province

Title granted by Zabads under the approval of the Zebdar.

Uzrak - Master

⦁ Not necessarily a province holder

Title granted by Zabduls,Izbads,Zabads

Binazrak - (special) w/o master

⦁ A free dwarf who has master/lord

Title granted by Zebdars under the Uzbad's approval.

Uhlath - Hero - ( Honorary Title )

⦁    Has done one ore more great deeds for the dwarves.

⦁    Declared by a Zabad , Zebdar , Uzbad . @here

Dynasty Leader (outdated) :[]

Should wear Silver Trimmed Dwarven Armor in wars.

Can approve new members for the Dynasty, and make them citizens.

  • Longbeards: Stannis
  • Firebeards: Úri
  • Stonefoot: --- (Create Dynasty, have Uzbad Permission)
  • Ironfists: --- (Create Dynasty, have Uzbad Permission)
  • Blacklocks: --- Belegar
  • Stiffbeards: --- (Create Dynasty, have Uzbad Permission)
  • Broadbeams: --- (Create Dynasty, have Uzbad permission)


Should wear Mithril Trimmed Dwarven Armor (King and Uzabad)

Should wear Gold Trimmed Dwarven Armor in wars (Prince)

Leads the faction or the empire, can't become Zabad.