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Khand is a khanate of men located south east of Mordor. Khand is a dry and barren land covered in desert and vast grasslands. Not much is known about Khand and its people, except that the Variags are well known mercenaries. Their culture is a mixture of nomadic lifestyle and east-asian culture. Variags names are mongolian, they are axe-wielders as well as using bows. And are skilled horsemen, using chariots in battle. They have banners attached to their backs, similarly to the Japanese samurai of the Medieval period. The Variags following Sauron do it not out of fear or worship but because of the riches promised to them.

O Khand land so vast, Loves you member of any cast

Homeland so big, Where every warrior vig

To ride across land so vast, To rejoice in its glorious past

For it we shall face dragons fire, And face Dark lords ire

Vast steps olden, And land so golden

Yurt,saddle and horse, its life with no remorse

Land so vast, land so free, Land of gold, land so brave

History of Khand (Third age):[]

Not much is known of the history of Khand. Somewhere in the start of the Third age the then nomadic Variags would settle down in the nowadays lands of Khand, south east of Mordor and built some permanent settlements. Like Javraat the current capital of Khand. Though a lot of Variags still live nomadic lifestyles on the vast grasslands in Khand.

A battle would take place south east of Khand between a unnamed rhûnic steppe folk and the Variags. Named the battle of Red Sand(TA 2940-2941), the Khan of Khand Guntomor would die, impaled by a spear. Moroka was there on the battlefield when his father Khan Guntomor was impaled by a spear. His anger was unparalleled, he went what some call Berserk. While on his horse, he brandished his ax and plunged into battle, slaying many enemies. When his horse was injured and had to be abandoned, he literally pounced on his enemies and later beheaded the nameless Rhûnic steppe leader. He took that leader's crown and metal mask as a trophy, Morokha's soldiers had to stop him from following the fleeing enemy. He has been wearing the metal mask and spiked crown ever since.

Around the year 2941 of the Third age, Khan Morokha the son of Guntomor would convert with his court to Illahvatarism, making it the official religion of the state. And entering into the Kochmü Caliphate empire lead by Balchoth. Khan Morokha would dissapear at night in TA 2943, never to be seen again, his successor is his nephew Kaiben Jotkhan.

House Jotkhan, the rulers over the Variags:[]

The royal dynasty of Khand, they rule over the Variags as far as the people can remember it. Jotkhan and by thus Khand has always aligned themselves with Sauron for riches. It's a ancient bloodline that traces its roots back to the steppes of Rhûn. Sadly the variags and Khand as a whole are illiterate, and by thus no record of the previous Khans are being kept except for some stories. The previous Khan Guntomor died in battle against a unnamed steppe folk in the vast steppes of Rhûn in the battle of Red Sand. Khan Morokha ascended the throne in TA 2941, he is known for wearing a metal mask with a pointed crown upon it which he looted from a dead enemy. Khan Morokha would dissapear at night in TA 2943, never to be seen again, his successor is his nephew Khan Kaiben Jotkhan.

House Jochid the usurpers[]


Line of Khans and their achievements:[]


Morokha Jotkhan

(Player: Tranun) Khan Morokha Jotkhan:

  • Khan from 02/02/2023 (TA 2941) until 15/02/2023 (TA 2943)
  • Converted the realm towards Illahvatarism.
  • Colonized the following provinces: 325,326,349,352,354,355.
  • Joined the Kochmü Caliphate empire.

(Player: XanJakobenn) Khan Kaiben Jotkhan:

  • Khan from 15/02/2023 (TA 2943) until 08/05/2023(TA 2955)

(Player:Yami_Scar) Khan Nogai Jochid:

  • Khan from 08/05/2023 (TA 2955) until current day.