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"Brb gonna have some breakfast" -KeyLime during a 3v15 battle going afk for 15 minutes


KeyLime Rules Isengard, he took up his role as Saruman roughly 3 months after joining the server. He is the Second Ruler of Isengard in a Very Long Time, with the previous ruler being VoltaJack


Saruman was sent to Middle Earth to aid their people along with 4 other Istari, he was their leader and in secret searched for the one ring.

He has fallen under the influence of the Dark Lord Sauron and plotted against the people of Middle Earth. With the war of the ring ending in a stale-mate and the 4th age beginning Saruman grew closer with the Dark Legions of Sauron and sought to spread his influence. Sending his most trusted warriors and Chiefs to far lands and become lords of those lands.