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Ancar features include new damage/defense types for weapons and armor items, item stats, item levels, gems, runes and more.

In this page we will only refer to those items currently tied to our modified Item System, which include the following categories of items:

  • Swords
  • Daggers
  • Axes
  • Helmets
  • Chestplates
  • Leggings
  • Boots

Getting Started[]

All items aforementioned in the included categories, will generate with a new asset of values, which includes new damage types (weapon), new defense types (armor), new item stats, item level and sockets for gems/runes/essences.

Uncommon sword

Example of Uncommon Sword

Item Level and Race Level Requirement[]

Each Item has a level which varies between 1 and 30, the damage/defense and stats output are scaled according to the Item Level, higher lvl equals to an higher quality of the item itself. Race level is also tied to it, i.e in order to use a lvl 30 sword, you will need to have a lvl 30 player's race, instead, a lvl 1 sword will be able to be used by all player's with a race level equal or superior to lvl 1. Crafted Items or Looted items (for instance, those dropped by mobs) will always generate as Common Tier, the Item level is instead randomly generated according to the current race level of the player.

  • If you don't have a race or your race level is 1, all items will spawn with item level 1 (and race level 1 as requirement)
  • If your race level is equal or below 5, items will spawn with item level between your race level and one below
  • Finally, when your race level is higher than 5, chance is to spawn an item level between your race level and 5 levels below your

Few examples on Item level/Race Level Requirement generation:

  • I'm unassigned (no race) or lvl 1 human -> all items will spawn with lvl 1 requirement
  • I'm lvl 3 human -> all items will spawn with lvl between 2 and 3
  • I'm lvl 5 human -> all items will spawn with lvl between 4 and 5
  • I'm lvl 6 human -> all items will spawn with lvl between 2 and 6
  • I'm lvl 10 human -> all items will spawn with lvl between 5 and 10
  • I'm lvl 15 human -> all items will spawn with lvl between 10 and 15
  • I'm lvl 30 human -> all items will spawn with lvl between 25 and 30

Item Tier[]

There are different tiers of Items, each tier has a different set of values, in general: higher tier will have better stats, more damage/defense types and more available sockets. The following list entails all existing tiers and how those items are obtained.

  • Common Tier (All crafted items, mob-dropped items, loot from randomly lotr generated chests)
  • Uncommon Tier (Upgraded items through the /reforge feature, requires lvl 5 Weaponsmithing (for weapons) or Armorsmithing (for armor pieces), Quest/Dungeon/Crate Rewards)
  • Rare Tier (Quest/Dungeon/Crate Rewards)
  • Legendary Tier (LOTR lore artifacts, special events)

Item categories (swors, daggers etc...) will have different set of values within the same Item Tier. The following lists will entail all existing Item Tiers and the chances to spawn certain values according to the Item Category.

Common Tier[]

Common Tier Swords:

  • One-hand (70% chance)
  • Two-handed (60% chance)
  • 1 or 2 damage types
    • Slashing Damage (30% chance)
    • Piercing Damage (30% chance)
    • Bluedgeoning Damage (30% chance)
    • Thrust Damage (30% chance)
    • Strike Damage (30% chance)
    • Shock Damage (30% chance)
  • 1 or 2 item stats
    • Increased Looting (60% chance)
    • Increased Sale Price (60% chance)
    • Dodge Rate (30% chance)
    • Accuracy Rate (30% chance)
    • Block Rate (30% chance)
    • Block Damage (30% chance)
    • Pve Damage (30% chance)
    • Disarm Rate (25% chance)
    • Bleed Rate (25% chance)
    • Burn Rate (20% chance)
    • Penetration (10% chance)
    • Vampirism (10% chance)
    • Increased Attack Speed (10% chance)
    • AOE Damage (10% chance)
  • 0 or 1 Gems Socket
    • Common Gem Socket (35% chance)
    • Rare Gem Socket (15% chance)

Common Tier Daggers:

  • WIP

Common Tier Armor

  • WIP

Uncommon Tier[]


Rare Tier[]


Damage and Defense Types[]

Weapons are enriched with 12 new damage types, for each of them there is a corresponding defense type used in Armor pieces. Values get scaled by Item-level.

  • Physical Damage (Default dmg type present in all weapons/armor, also used by mobs)
  • Slashing Damage
  • Piercing Damage
  • Bludgeoning Damage
  • Poison Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Cold Damage
  • Thrust Damage
  • Dark Magic Damage
  • Lightning Damage
  • Strike Damage
  • Shock Damage
  • Sigaldry Damage

Item Stats[]

According to the Item Tier and category, items can spawn with a different amount of stats. Values get scaled by Item-level.

  • AOE Damage
  • PvP Damage
  • PvE Damage
  • Dodge Rate
  • Accuracy Rate
  • Block Rate
  • Block Damage
  • PvP Defense
  • PvE Defense
  • Loot Rate
  • Movement Speed
  • Penetration
  • Vampirism
  • Burn Rate
  • Attack Speed
  • Sale Price
  • Chance to Open Wounds (Bleed Rate)
  • Chance to Disarm (Disarm Rate)
  • Thornmail
  • Armor Toughness
  • Health Regen
  • Max Health

Item Hands[]

There are two hand types, items can be either:

  • One-handed
  • Two-handed (Requires both hands to use)

Item Sockets[]

Empty gems socket

Empty gems socket

Items may generate with or without sockets, there are three socket types: Gems, Runes and Essences. All these, can only be socketed through a compatible socket slot (i.e Gems socket for Gems), they can be removed through an Extractor tool and the chance of succeeding either socketing or extraction may vary, in case of fail the socket item might get destroyed.


Piercing gem

Powder of Diamond Gem, level [III]

Gems are collectable items which can be used to increment the damage/defense output on the item in which they are socketed. Gems can be found inside the Gemic crate.

In order to apply a Gem to your item, drag and drop the gem above the item itself.

There are two tiers of Gems sockets: Common and Rare; each Gems has up to Three levels (I, II, III), each Gem's level has a different Item Level requirement and a different attached dmg bonus.

Socketed gems

Socketed Gem

Weapon Item level required to use the Gems:

  • Gems Level [I], Item level 10 or higher
  • Gems Level [II], Item level 20 or higher
  • Gems Level [III], Item level 30
Common Gems List[]
  • Enduring Iron [I] +2.5% Physical dmg, [II] +5% Physical dmg, [III] +7.5% Physical dmg;
  • Ruby Core [I] +10% Bludgeoning dmg, [II] +15% Bludgeoning dmg, [III] +20% Bludgeoning dmg;
  • Powder of Diamond [I] +10% Piercing dmg, [II] +15% Piercing dmg, [III] +20% Piercing dmg;
  • Poisonous Tip [I] +10% Poison dmg, [II] +15% Poison dmg, [III] +20% Poison dmg;
  • Emerald Core [I] +10% Shock dmg, [II] +15% Shock dmg, [III] +20% Shock dmg;
  • Bronze Core [I] +10% Slashing dmg, [II] +15% Slashing dmg, [III] +20% Slashing dmg;
  • Pearl Core [I] +10% Strike dmg, [II] +15% Strike dmg, [III] +20% Strike dmg;
  • Silverslaught Core [I] +10% Thrust dmg, [II] +15% Thrust dmg, [III] +20% Thrust dmg;
Rare Gems[]
  • Sapphire Core [I] +10% Cold dmg, [II] +15% Cold dmg, [III] +20% Cold dmg;
  • Dark Enchanting [I] +10% Dark Magic dmg, [II] +15% Dark Magic dmg, [III] +20% Dark Magic dmg;
  • Gem Of Fire [I] +10% Fire dmg, [II] +15% Fire dmg, [III] +20% Fire dmg;
  • Golden Light [I] +10% Lightning dmg, [II] +15% Lightning dmg, [III] +20% Lightning dmg;
  • Maiar Gem [I] +10% Sigaldry dmg, [II] +15% Sigaldry dmg, [III] +20% Sigaldry dmg;


Runes are collectable items which can be used to tie a permanent effect to an item.


Essences are collectable items which can be used to tie a permanent particle to an item.

Unindentified Items[]

Items with unknown stats, most likely obtained from questlines or crates, need further analysis through an Identify Tome, which will reveal the stats of the item.

Unidentified weapon1

An example of Unindentified Weapon, of Uncommon Tier

Identify Tomes[]

There are 3 levels of Tomes for each Item Tier (common, uncommon, etc...), all of them are craftable through the /knowledge feature. Each Tome can be used up to three times before getting consumed.

Item level required to use the Tome:

  • Tomes Level [I], Item level between 1 and 10,
  • Tomes Level [II], Item level between 11 and 25,
  • Tomes Level [III], Item level between 25 and 30,