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Isengard Lore:[]

Isengard was a Fortress of the Númenoreans, but later it was granted to the Wizard Saruman the White. Later during the War of the Ring, Saruman betrayed Rohan and put a Spell over Theoden, which was later broken by Gandalf. And his spy on Theoden's court, Grima, was banished from Rohan and fled to Isengard, where Saruman had bred a new Race, the Uruk-Hai, a mix of Man and Orc. Saruman had also gained the allegiance of the Dunlendings, whose traditional lands were occupied by the Rohirrim. Saruman sent 10,000 of these Warriors to Helm's Deep, to defeat Theoden and his Folk who were sheltering there. The Siege was in the Favour of the White Hand at first, until Gandalf showed up with reinforcements. During the end of the Siege of Helm's Deep, the Ents came marching from Fangorn and took Isengard. When Gandalf and the others (Gimli, Theoden, Aragorn, Legolas, Merry and Pippin) went to negotiate, he proceeded to attack Gandalf with his Staff using a Fireball; yet Gandalf was unharmed and his stuff was shattered. Saruman fled with Grima to the Shire where he tried to take it over, yet he was betrayed at Bag End by Grima, who cut his Throat and ended the Scouring of the Shire.


Type Name: Description: Province #:
Lore Build Orthanc The great wizards tower made out of impenetrable stone. 8
City Zhlobin


A poor town mainly inhabited by Snagas and Dunlendings fleeing from external forces. 61
City Rogachev (100%) A small fishing settlement near a lake mainly inhabited by Snagas and Uruk-Hai. 62
City Golwen


A stronghold of the armies of Isengard. 60
Fort Fort Angbor


A Fort in the north of Isengard territory to watch over the Fangorn Forest 82
Fort Fort Locksliv


Fort to the East of Dunland to protect the Northwest Flank of Isengard 80


The current ruler of Isengard is LordVlagezda .

Name: Date:
Voltajack ???-???
KeyLime17 September 2017 - April 2019

August 2020 - September 2020

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Server History:[]

This will be divided into Events (Event I, Event II etc)

Before What is Known: In the long gone past, Voltajack was the very first Saruman before finally disappearing giving up the role, Maybe one day this being returns.

Event I: The small nation of Isengard was to be ruled by Titano03 (Current ruler of Balcaras and inactive player). then months later Two players joined the faction, KeyLime17 and HogoBojo, they both promised to be loyal and serve Titano03 but in reality their plans were completely different

Event II: KeyLime17 Decided to put his new plan into action and race towards the throne, building a simplistic city and quickly gaining alignment to out race titano in secrecy. He managed to put himself on the throne and enforced it with two players, HogoBojo and WhiteKnight.

Event III: When Keylime first joined he made a promise to WhiteKnight after revealing his plot to take the throne, and made a promise to WhiteKnight to not become Saruman. And gained a fair amount of resources and gear for WhiteKnights end of the bargain.

Event IV: With all promises in action and the others broken the newly crowned Lord of Orthanc sat upon his throne with HogoBojo as his second and continued their plan to gain more power, this new plan required them to yet again break another promise, Lord Lime vowed to honor every agreement after this one is broken, and while WhiteKnight thinking he would become Saruman, Lord Lime quickly raced and stole this Role away from him permanently Enforcing his will as the King of Isengard with a Second by his side and controlling a powerful role.

Event V: Newly crowned to the throne Saruman was seeking to gain favor of other factions because he was low on allies, he first spoke with the Dark Forces of Sauron and made Allegiance with him, this moment would cause many problems in the future as this pact was not benefitting Isengard in many ways.

Event VI: Saruman joined his first war when King Fundin ruled over the Durins Folk, these two nations were neutral to eachother until The Durin - Gundabad conflict Began, this would cause many alliance breaks and formings in the future.

Event VII: After all this Fundin left his throne and OdinHaddock took it for himself, Odin was a more Neutral player in this world and was looking forward for a friendship in Isengard, This Event would cause many future things to occur.

Event VIII: The first Conflict in the Pact was caused when Sauron killed Phoenix and Emerald for no other reason than suspecting them to be traitors, Saruman did not know who he should side with and sided with what he thought would be a strong ally.

Event IX: After losing many wars but continuing to fight Isengard promised its citizens that it will abandon invading others and focus on internal affairs, thus forming the Crebain Federation hoping to invite the Lands of Dunland and others who wished for a Democratic Federation.

Event X: Neutrality proved to be useful but the citizens yearned for war and thus Saruman posed a Law of Service, where citizens and members of the CF (Crebain Federation) would be able to sell their swords to other kingdoms and the Federation was renamed to The "Crebain Mercenary Republic"

Event XI: With the Republic being mercenary its first customers were the dwarves and thus we join a war against Gundabad, ruining our relations with Mordor.

Event XII: Isengard tried expanding its territories to the shores of Enedwaith and be able to produce trade with other Kingdoms, but Dunland decided to blockade Isengard by claiming the land for themselves trapping Isengard inland saying "Enedwaith people have no need of Imperial rule." or "Enedwaith do no like your kind." Even though Gondor was going the exact same thing with Dunland not complaining even though they never ruled Enedwaith.

Crebain Mercenary Republic was turned to a regular Republic when revoking the Law of Service.

Event XIII: Isengard goes to war with Dunland for showing aggression towards Isengard and insulting its citizens, The elvish empire and Gondor comes to aid with many losses taken on the battle field. Isengard lost the war but it was counted as a victory due to the enemies massive losses even when outnumbering Isengard 4:1

Event XIV: The Crebain Republic was disbanded when Half trolls wished to leave us and forge their own path, So Isengard looked for other allies and sought alliance with DLE, Creating a Steel Pact between Isengard and DLE where Isengard joins DLE with high Autonomy.

Event XV: With king Hexperim leaving his throne and a regent taking place, Rhudel rises as a power, Isengard looked towards a friendship with Rhudel.

Event XVI: Non Aggression pact formed between Gondor and Isengard after Arnor fell, Isengard reforms its Government from a Socialist Rulership to an Iron Fist Rule but Saruman turning Isengard into a Dictatorship State.

Event XVII:

Relations between Isengard and Gondor quickly fell apart, and much of Isengard's territory was seized by the Gondorians. Forced back to a few ports and towns, the armies of the White Hand had to sue for peace. To this day, Isengard remains a fraction of its former strength; though it by no means can be considered weak.

Border Map[]


Provinces currently owned by Isengard.