Ancar Network Wiki

General knowledge

Influence points are a type of currency used to declare wars, annex occupied territories or colonize new lands.


There are two types of influence points, one is reserved for Colonization and the other is reserved for war declaration and territorial annexation. Both types can be produced at spawn and their production requires a certain number of resources.

Colonization Point

  • 32 coal blocks
  • 16 copper blocks
  • 16 tin blocks
  • 8 bronze blocks
  • 8 gold blocks
  • 8 silver blocks
  • 256 bread (4 stacks)

War Point

  • 32 iron blocks
  • 32 tin blocks
  • 32 copper blocks
  • 16 coal blocks
  • 16 bronze blocks
  • 8 gold blocks
  • 6400 coins (required in 64 coins of 100)

After you click the sign in the production place, you will get a key which you will use to open the specific crate through which you can get the respective influence point (either colonization or war point).


The Colonization Point is required each time you want to colonize a new province, in the moment the Staff recognizes your settlement, you also need to pay him the Colonization Point in order to validate the process.

The War Point is required for each new declaration of war and for each time you want to annex an occupied province (1 point for each). You will need to pay the War Point in the moment you declare the war or annex the province in order to validate the process.