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! This page features lore from a different timeline which does no longer exist. For any additional questions ask the Loremasters.

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The birth and life of Imrahil[]

Imrahil was born in Dol Amroth and the second his father Meneldur saw him he wanted his son to be one of the greatest swan knights there are. His mother Rosie was very caring and was always afraid that Imrahil would get hurt when he went on sword training with his father. Those trainings would be really hard because his father wanted him to get as strong as he could. Imrahil had a sister but she died at birth which made his parents really sad and thats why he wanted to make them proud. They were gonna name his sister Morwen because Rosie really likes the sea. Imrahil had the eyes of his mother and the hair of his father. His family lived a fair life and were friends of the king Anardil III Númerión because Imrahil's father was the kings childhood friend.

Death of Imrahil's father[]

Meneldur was a great swan knight who would never back down from a fight, because of which it would cost him his life in the battle against the Uruk-hai of Isengard. The battle was called "The Battle of the Betrayed" because there were some gondorians who betrayed the king and attacked.


One of the gondorians which was named Aldamir killed Meneldur by stabbing him through the heart. Imrahil was on the battlefield and when he saw that he got furious and ran to the killer and decapitated him. Imrahil: "Why! Why did you have to die! I shall become one of the greatest swan knights ever and fulfill your wish and legacy!" As Imrahil stood up filled with rage he cleaved a path through the enemies and the armies followed him to victory. After the battle the king Anardil came to Imrahil and said: "I know how you feel, this happened to me to." Imrahil: "We won but at what cost." Anardil: "Go take a rest and help your mother and when you are ready come to me i have something to tell you." When Imrahil came home with the news his mother couldnt stop crying, and he went and took care of her and helped her clean the dishes. After that he went to the king to see what he wanted to tell him. Anardil: "So i see you came, come sit. Im sure it was hard for you to tell your mother what happened. Well we will make sure to bury you father in a really nice place with other great soldiers who died. And for your mother she can come and live in a luxurious house here with us. I have something for you, your fathers sword Anguriel." Imrahil: "Thank you so much I cant believe it, the sword looks beautiful." Anardil: "You know your father was one of the greatest swan knights we have ever hard and i know he wants you to continue his legacy, so go and train for there will be more battlles and wars to fight."

Present time[]

Meeting Ciryandir[]

Currently Imrahil is training in Dol Amroth every day. One day a man comes up to him while he is training and offered to help him train. Imrahil said no because he didnt know the man at all and thought that he wasnt that good. The man offered him a duel to see how strong he is and Imrahil accepted. The man beat him very easily and said his name was Ciryandir:"I was a great swan knight myself but i got too old to fight although i still have the warrior instinct in me. I will train you but with one exception, dont underestimate your opponent." Imrahil was suprised but delighted that he met a swan knight. Ciryandir:"Your Meneldur's son right, you got potential kid. I got a mission for you and i will help you with it. Theres a orc camp nearby come with me and help me get rid of them."

The attack on the orc camp[]