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Eruist Belief (Q."Eruaistale") was the religion of Eru Illuvatar as it was teached to Elves by the Valar and to men by the Elves. Eruist religions venerated Eru as he one true god and creator of all while the Valar were merely seen as Angelic powers and removed guardians of the World. Eruist Religion tended to be centered around personal faith. There was no official clergy or priesthood, most rituals were held in private and were simple and unpretentious. Eru was almost never directly called upon but rather seen as a removed god who usually did not interfere with the world. However some Eldar and men also believed in the Prophecy of Finrod that Eru himself would one day incarnate in Eruhin shape (as "Elpino") in the very world of Arda.

Besides of his appearance as "Adar" or "Ainatar", the removed Maker of Eä , or "Ilon", the embodyment of Meneland as "Crisan", "Ion", "Elpino" and "Runando", the "incarnate", the "son", the "anointed" or the "redeemer" many Eruists also believed in a third form or appearance of Eru: "Airefeä", in which form Eru could drive into the Hröa of his children to inspire them or even work miracles. Airefeä was also identified with the "Sa" or ritual templefire and with the flame imperishable or the secret fire. All three shapes or appearances of Eru were collectively known as the "Neldie" .

Notable Worshippers[]

  • Eälwe // Pap02
  • Haarith // HOSTIS
  • Thranduil // Molo97
  • Aelandil // termix001
  • Elfwine // Fvaltrock
  • Beorgwine // Niruzola