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The house of Telcontar descends from the line of isildur. King Elessar(Sirmatte_). His descendant, Eldarion, married with the daughter of Maglor Feanoreon (Molo97). While Meneldur(Sirmatte_) and Eldarion(Sirmatte_) were close to the house of Feanor due to the dependancy of the North Dunedain to Rivendell, eventually, with the recreation of the Kingdom of Arnor by Aldarion(Sirmatte_), the firstborn of Meneldur, the house of Elossirion was established, while Tarcil revamped the house of Telconthar.

His son Olmendil(Freakyty) took the throne of gondor in the year 448th of FO. After the interregnum of the stewards of the house Numerion .


The house of Telconthar has the same banner of the kingdom of Gondor. The motto of the house of Telcontar is: "You have my sword", recalling to the day that Aragorn offered his service to Frodo of the Shire his help against the dark lord, to repair the wrongdoing of his ancestor Isildur. The house of Telcontar is bound to serve Free Folks and Gondor against all the evil committed in the past.


The house of Telcontar has few feuds in Gondor, and mainly relies on its relatives in the north. There are currently two cities under its control, except the capital, Minas Tirith, and Osgiliath, that are of the ruling crown.

  • Ossirruin, in lebennin
  • Ostamon, in lossarnach