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! This page features lore from a different timeline which does no longer exist. For any additional questions ask the Loremasters.

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The dynasty begins with Maputo Ramaphosa, a young but strong-willed Moredain in the far plains of the South, He grew to be the Lion of a small tribe in his territory.

With his strength and will soon the people of the plains will unite under his banner of the Lion and march to protect the lands of the South from the white skinned people. His tribe consists of excellent warriors and known for their prowess, they are also the best beast-hunters in the plains

How to join this Dynasty?[]

To join us you must be in the Morwaith or Taurethrim faction, with a name of a black person

You must be part of the Discord that Maputo will invite you to when you are accepted into the dynasty.

Members of the Dynasty[]

Username Title Artifacts Faction
Maputo Ramaphosa


Kiongozi (Leader) --- Morwaith
--- --- --- ---
--- --- --- ---