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House of Feanor


The house of Feanor have a long and deep history that starts in the year of the trees, but they were thought to be dead when Celebrimbor was killed; but Maglor, the second son of Feanor, wasn't dead, and kept wandering in Middle Earth. His last records are in the year 587 of F.A.

He returned to become high King of the elves at the beginning of the Fourth Age, when he heard that the remaining Silmarils were recovered.

Currently the house of Feanor is the most powerful house in all middle earth, controlling four kingdoms and many cities and castles.


  • Maglor (Molo97), Founder of the House, High King of the elves, Lord of Ost-in-Edhil
  • Radarion (Radar), distant kinsman of Maglor, he followed Celebrimbor in Eregion and became one of the master smiths. When Maglor left to Rivendell he took his role as king of the Elves
  • Hyperion (Lincoln415), son of Maglor, killed in battle. King of Rivendell after his father.
  • Dalinar (Lincoln415), son of Hyperion, king of Rivendell
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Human line[]

  • Meneldur (Sirmatte), grandchildren of Maglor and of Isildur's line. Died of old age.
  • Aldarion (Sirmatte), son of Meneldur. King of the north Dunedain.
  • Tarcil (HOSTIS), son of Meneldur.
  • Ephraim (SargonDG), son of Meneldur, King of Artheloth


Name Type Location Inhabitants Description
Ost-in-Edhil City Eregion 41000 Built by Celebrimbor, it was razed by Sauron, rebuilt by Maglor
Eden Cuil City Eregion 16000 Built by Maglor after the restoration of Eregion
Amdir Narathan Fort Eregion Garrison Built by Maglor to protect Eden Cuil
Eredris City Rivendell 21000 Build by Lord Radarion (Radar) as a refuge for the Eregion smiths
Annuminas City Arthedain Old capital of the kingdom of Arnor. Rebuilt by Aldarion
Lothern City Rivendell 21000 Built by Hyperion to defend the mountains of Rivendell
Niflheim City Forodwaith 41000 Built by King Sigfried, capital of Artheloth

Household artifacts[]

  • Nenya (owned by Molo97)
  • Sting (Owned by Sirmatte_)
  • Vilya (Owned by Lincoln415)
  • Ring of Barahir (Owned by Lincoln415)
  • Sceptre of Annuminas (Owned by Lincoln415)