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Engoria Family Tree

The current Arnorian scion of Engoria. The common root is the former patriarch Arginon III, son of Arginon II, brother of Cassimir. Anaris Engoria is not present as she is a descendant of Cassimir, whose line ended with her.

Main branch of the family[]

The House of Engoria is a dynasty present in the lands of Dorwinion and Arnor. Originating from West Dorwinion, their history stretches back thousands of years - as an initially elven house, most of its members carried elven blood, as is highly common in Dorwinion. Over the millennia the house began to develop further, growing to gain dominance in the region - moreover, more men joined their ranks as either adopted familial members or through marriage with other houses. By the fourth age, they had taken control of West Dorwinion and established the warlord polity of West-Dorwinion, also known as the Duchy of Fillias(named after their capital). When Rainbow_Tree declared himself Basileus after a lengthy and grueling war, the Engorians surrendered and accepted his rule. Rainbow_Tree's descendant Basileus Duinor the First eventually befriended the patriarch of Engoria, Arginon II Engoria, and promoted him to Archon, or Prince. They developed a healthy mutual relationship, the former as leader, the other as advisor. Now, the Empire of Dorwinion grew far beyond its original borders, gaining vast influence and establishing itself as a regional power. However, this was not to last; a trend that seems to follow the House of Engoria and its descendants.

Basileus Duinor was killed on a military expedition to Tol Edhil, shot through by an elven arrow. All his fellow lords died and Arginon II Engoria was appointed as the Acting Basileus of Dorwinion, as Duinor had left no heir. With Arginon's ascension, the short-lived Regency Period of Dorwinion began; known amongst the laymen as the "Dusk of Dorwinion". Arginon's policies failed one after another, and eventually his extremist and xenophobic rule gave him many enemies amongst the elven elites of the north. A revolution deposed him soon after, but not before he drew his most bitter and despotic card; he allowed Dorwinion to be annexed by the Kingdom of Gondor. While this allowed the men in Dorwinion to maintain control, the elves were bitter, and Dorwinine nationalists felt their nation was violated. To this day, Arginon II maintains a mixed impression in the minds of many Dorwinhrim.

Arginon fled to Arnor after the revolution, professing his status before the King of Arnor and obtaining the post of Governor of Minhiraith. There, he befriended the King, Halbarad II of Arnor, for while he had many failings...charm was not one of them. His misfortune would follow him from Dorwinion, however, chasing him down like a relentless fury. Halbarad of Arnor was forced to go to war with the aggressive hordes of Angmar to the north - Arginon guided his armies effectively and diligently, and finally did battle on the green hills of the Northern Downs, close to fornost. For all his abilities, and the King's, the North Downs were lost to Angmar, and Fornost exposed to enemy attack. After this, Halbarad abdicated in shame, giving the crown to Arginon. Some may say that history repeats itself, for soon after Arginon was given the crown, he blundered yet again. In shame and humiliation, Arginon committed suicide. His son, Cassimir, was a bastard begotten by an Umbarim exile in Lond Daer, and ascended to the throne as High King Cassimir I of Arnor. His reign would be known as a climactic and imbalanced one, with victories and defeats...but it is the coup de grace, the final act, that would seal his reputation forever. Gondor, the kin of the Arnorians from the south, presented Cassimir with an ultimatum: Submit to Gondor, or be destroyed. Cassimir, being the rash man that he is, rebuffed the ultimatum, and returned the Emmissary to Gondor with empty hands.

Gondor declared war on Arnor, kin against kin. In the battle of Tharbad, the Gondorians scored a devastating and decisive blow to the Arnorian armies, with Cassimir barely escaping with his life. He finally agreed to the ultimatum, humiliated at the development. In the days before, he had wondered why Halbarad abdicated so quickly after such a petty he realised why. Only a week later, Cassimir abdicated in favour of High King Brasus, who passed the crown down to AAZZAA. Cassimir Engoria was shamed, and left Arnor proper to contemplate. He was never heard from again.

In the years that followed, however, the Arnorian scion of Engoria developed into a thriving house, and Cassimir's only daughter, Anaris, resided in Dorwinion under the care of servants in the old Engorian hereditary estates. Now, Anaris was a special child - while she had her charms and was considerably charismatic and silver-tongued, she was spoilt, arrogant and even insufferable at times. After the death of her advisor and lifelong friend, she began to mature, but nevertheless the inherent Dorwinine arrogance remained in her, and her disdain of non-dorwinhrim endured throughout the years. As she grew, she rose in station until she controlled all of Western Dorwinion as Archon. However, conflicts with the Basileus caused her to flee, and after unintentionally betraying her nation, she had to escape her capital at Anarisberg and head for Dale as an exile. On the way, she was kidnapped by wainriders, and kept for several months, albeit being released later on due to a decision from the Khagan. Now, she resides in Maplewood, Dale, and is the Governor-Prince of Northern Dale, one of the wealthiest provinces in the region. She is the lover and consort of King Hope II of the Commonwealth as well, finding peace in her new position. Will such peace remain, however? If history teaches us anything, it is that misfortune strikes at every corner, at any time...this is axiomatic in the case of the Engorians.

A sizeable scion of Engorians still reside in Arnor as of 444 4A, but the Fillian/Dorwinine scion is completely extinct with the death of Anaris Engoria two years after the advent of the Fifth Age. Arginon VI is now the head of the main branch of the now-defunct Arnorian scion, known as the Rhudaur-based House of Cûm.

Hakkonopouloi-Engoriai branch[]

From one of the several side branches of the family was born, at the beginning of the Fifth Age, Arenelyya Hakkonos Dagothar-Engoria, first character with some relevance of the family born from the union of a man and an elf, that played an important role in Dorwinine history during the reign of Basilinna Elbereth Aenlas (who reigned in VA 103 - 112), when she had the role of Archon, and later, during the Revitalisation, she ruled first as Basilinna (VA 188 - 191) and later as Empress of Dorwinion (VA 191-193), being ultimately forced to abdicate due to contrasts inside the Commonwealth of Rhovanion and diplomatic tensions with Rhudel and Angmar. She left for the east, where she married with the self-exiled former Prior of Dale, Forodréd Sigurdrsson, and together had two sons, Constantine and Anna.

Constantine Engorias[]

Born in VA 194, he lived his first years in the east with his parents. Yet, at the terrifyingly young age of 6, he was led back to Dorwinion to rule as the new Basileus, for the nation was in great chaos. His first act of government, with the help of his council, was the ratification of an Act of Neutrality with Rhudel, that granted both nations a peaceful beginning for the 3rd century of the Fifth Age.