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A Brief History of the House of Ellesidil:

The realms of the Peoples of Middle Earth are vast and wide, stretching across lands so varied that often their names are lost to history and their inhabitants forgotten.

And so it was, in the time following the fall of Arnor’s Kingdom of Men, and the War of Wrath, that the Elves of Eregion followed Elrond into the Valley of Imladris (to be also known as Rivendell). 

The dark and terrible lord, Sauron, had laid destruction upon the lands and none lived there west of the Misty Mountains under the pall of sorrow and loss of hope.  The great alliance of Khaza-Dum’s Dwarves and Eregion’s Elves was no more. The peace and prosperity shattered by devastating war.

But it is said that hope springs eternal, and as long as there is one breath of life and one heartbeat there shall be a future.

This heartbeat belongs now to the last heir of a solitary and mysterious family, wandering in Eregion and throughout the Lone Lands preserving an ancient way of life with its knowledge and skill, having sought shelter with the remnants of the children of Arnor, the Dunedain of the North, who are great Rangers.

Long had this family remained in secrecy and silence until the day would come to reclaim their motherland and once again settle in their ancestral home.  Thus is the story of the House of Ellesidil, minor Elven nobles who had become separated from their kin and unwilling to hide in Imladris or too proud to cross the mountains into the Lady’s realm begging solace from cousins.

These were independent minded, proud, and defiant beings, descended from that enigmatic Elven elder named Valdarin the Far-Seeing, distant cousin to the famed Celebrimbor.  It was his knowledge of imbuing items with powerful magics that would sustain his descendants for ages to come and serve them in their struggle with the Darkness. 

At last we come to time of Arion Ellesidil, called “Caspian” by Men, and nick-named “Quicksilver” by his Dunedain companions for his skill with sword and bow.  Quick of wit, strong in loyalty, and dedicated to re-establishing his family’s holdings in Eregion, Caspian has gathered with him a motley alliance of Free Peoples.  Included in his alliance are Fenric Felhaven, a Man formerly of Umbar who turned against his cruel taskmasters and joined the Rangers (Artheloth), and Erigon, an Elf whose ancestry remains shrouded in secrecy. Another companion, the Dwarf Magnus Ironfist, has yet to arrive in Eregion from his quest to acquire information on his kin in the far West.

Together, they toil at building the city of Caer Valaris and the village of Westonmere. High Elven architecture, blended with maple and holly wood, will be the base for establishing the new Eregion.  Together, they will carve out a sanctuary of hope and prosperity in a land still harassed by the foul spawn of Gundabad, Angmar, and the darkness.

Quick to Defend, Quick to Decide, Quick to the Sword, Quick to Survive


As of November 7, 2020, Eregion has colonized the following provinces -

  1. Province 132: City of Caer Valaris and Westonmere (Outpost)
  2. Province 131: Westgate (Outpost)
  3. Province 133: Erevor (Outpost)
  4. Province 134: NorthVale (Outpost)