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House of Arandeil[]

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The House of Arandiel (also called House of falconers, since all the members of this house are excellent falconers) is a noble house of Artheloth,founded by the dunedain Arandeil, Erol of Norðdul. This is one of the ancient houses that protect the North barrier of Arthelothagainst enemies and had part at the recent history of Artheloth.

Genealogical tree[]

Genealogic tree of Arandeil's House

Here you can find the genealogical tree of the house of Arandeil

Early History of the House[]

After the fall of the realm of Artheloth at the end of the Fourth Age, the last dunedain of Artheloth the last dunedain of Artheloth followed the descendants of the house of Isildur in the area south of Forochel until the reunification of Artheloth by Erik "the navigator" and Hagen, heir of Isildur. However, not all Dunedain families and houses followed the king. One, in particular, who since the founding of Artheloth had been awarded the title of Watchers of the North (? - now), do not leave the frozen lands of the North, remaining true to the oath made to the ancient kings that no enemy would enter the domains of the kingdom. Thus it was that for a long time the House of Arandeil relentlessly guarded the borders north of Artheloth, also protecting the people of that region.

The first sources concerning this house were in the period in which Arendeil I of Norðdul became lord of the house, writing two important historical and scientific texts, or several treatises on falconry, on battle strategies and various letters. These were supposed to have been delivered to the king of the dunedain as reports of events on the northern border, but were never sent. All these documents are still visible in the great royal archives and in the Norðdul archives.

After Arandel's death, his son succeeded him: his name was Erind and, with his acts of heroism and the skill shown in several battles, he was nicknamed by the local population "The brave". He continued, like his ancestors, to carry out his work. He married at the age of 26 to a young Lossloth woman, called Ingrid "The beauty", with whom he had two children, Cirion and Federlind.With the unification of Artheloth, Erind swore allegiance to Isildur's last descendant, Harhad, who awarded him the title of Eorl of Norðdul. However, he died during a raid on his village by orcs who, led by a renegade dunedain, slaughtered his family, unknowingly leaving his son Cirion alive, who has sworn revenge ever since.