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Beginning and fall of the dynasty[]

They awoke together with their Kinsmen the Broadbeams at Mallost in the Northern Blue Mountains and soon after founded the large City of Nogrod or Tumunzahar (Mighty Fortress). The Proud and Warlike Firebeards or Anvil-Dwarves were the Clan of Úri the scarred.Úri awoke along with his friend Dwálin the wise at Mallost ("Zirakbhund"), in the northern Ered Luin. The Firebeards were great Artisans and even greater smiths than their Brothers from Belegost. Two of the Greatest Dwarf Smiths of all times, Telchar and Gamil Zîrak were Firebeards. However the Firebeards for all times were brandmarked for their cruel and cowardly Murder of Thingol and their ravenging of the Elven City of Menegroth.

After the Drowning of Beleriand and the destruction of Belegost a traitorous Order led by Skorgrim Dourhand emerged and led to feud between the Firebeards and their Broadbeam brothers. Úri's heir sought refuge at Khazad-dûm and attached his folk to Dúrin's tribe, a few years have passed and the Firebeards seen as traitors Barazbizar was built as a dwarven mining colony in the Ered Angmar, built near an old hillman settlement called Dun Cairn. After Dwálin, the heir of the Sage, was betrayed, the mine was colonized by orcs who built the city of Carn Dûm around its entrance, decreeing the end of the dynasty.

The new rising of dynasty[]

Sindya, Ring of Dwálin the wise's House, known as the Ring of Artifice, was given in secret to Bruni, who initially did not know the gift came from Sauron.The Ring passed on by Bruni to his heirs until the fall of Barazbizar when the dwarven Mine was delivered by treason to the Witch-King who returned it to his Master Sauron.

After the fall of Sauron at the end of the War of the Ring, the Dwarven Rings that were in the possession of the lord of the dark were recovered, and later, the three rings were passed to the Dwarves, leaving Sindya to Narvi who in turn refounded the house of the Firebeards to be able to rule Ered Luin and make the Blue Dwarves glorious again.

Elf Glorfindel and Dwarf Gloin

The Firebards under Narvi command, have redeemed themselves from the mistakes of the past and made alliances with elves and joined the Reformed Khazâdul Empire, with that Narvi began to teach the Dwarves the culture of the lineage of the Firebeards.


The Firebeards were known for their temper, quick, haughty and vengeful, easily angered and unforgiving. Still they had not forgotten their ancient grudge against the Elves and Ents but many of them had befriend mortal men, especially those of Dunmen descent as the Dunlendings who seemed kindred spirits. However they loathed the descendants of the Éothéod whom they accused to had stolen the treasures of Silverplunge.

Excellent Warriors the Firebeards were known for their martial valour, but they were also the greatest Bladesmiths among Dwarves, the greatest Dwarf-smith Gamil Zirak, Telchar and Garmur having been Firebeards.

How to join dynasty?[]

To join the dynasty, you must meet the requirements below:

  • Have a name of Role play: have a name for your character other than your IGN, the name can not contain numbers or symbols, such as _, -, * and # (Roman numerals are allowed as Narvi, Narvi II, Narvi III, Narvi IV). Example:

IGN = Mainteemotank

Role Play Name = Narvi

  • Have a Discord and be part of the KZD channel.
  • Have the permission of a noble of the dynasty.
  • Make a Role play lore for your character (optional, not required to enter the dynasty)

Members and Artifices[]

description of importance:[]

  • King - king of a faction.
  • High Lord - Lord of faction and dynasty.
  • Lord - Lord of the dynasty (not necessarily a lord in the faction.)
  • High Warrior - Warrior in faction and dynasty.
  • Warrior - Warrior of the dynasty (not necessarily a Warrior in the faction.)
  • Hero - Made great achievements for the dynasty.
  • Vassal - member of the dynasty, has no title or great achievement.

All members of the dynasty gain a ring to prove their lineage.

Player Title Artifacts Importance
Uri (MainTeemoTank) King


Lesser Ring


Battleaxe Of Uri Firebeard

King, Noble
Tryki (Tryki999) Warrior --- Vassal
--- --- --- ---