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The house Nerevar started with the rulership of Indoril Nerevar when he started ruling over the island Tol Falas near Gondor

The Foundation[]

The Family Nerevar existed already in the 2nd age and was one of the founders of Hithrir but they never became a house because they never received it from the king of Hithrir but of course they picked their surname as Nerevar and the first one with the name was none other than Joran Nerevar. He fought in the first age already and killed many orcs. After Morgoth armies were defeated, he traveled with some elves to the east in a red forest and founded with some elves Hithrir. He had with an Elven woman a son named Morven Nerevar and the name of the woman was unknown at that point.

Morven was as his father was but he was even more hard working than his father. Morven had built large walls houses and became head architect of Hithrir He was known for his buildings and created some masterpieces. He was even the one that had the idea to build houses on large red trees and made children with an Elven woman named Nalcrie. The children’s names were Aenil and Anuiel Nerevar

Early History[]

Aenil and Anuiel were great Elves they even surpassed their father in craftsmanship they were not only better in architecture they were also talented smiths they forged for themself the weapon Keening and Sunder and those were the strongest weapon in the whole kingdom. But in the 3rd age something worse happened. The kingdom Hithrir was attacked by Easterlings that were manipulated by Sauron to attack them. Most of the Dark elves died and some were enslaved nobody knows what happened to them. Luckily, Aenil and Anuiel were not in the kingdom when this situation happened, they were in Dorwinion doing trades. Both had heard 2 days later of the news from some of the remaining Elves, they could not believe it that their family and their entire folk died. After a few time they both tried looking forward and even made a family Aenil married an Elf from Dorwinion named Nwah. Anuiel also married an Elven woman. Both got a son, Aenil’s son is named Indoril Nerevar and Anuiel’s son is named Anloth Nerevar.

A new Home[]

Their fathers had the dream that their sons would make the Dark Elves great again for a few years it never happened but some days later the sons got the news that their dads were being attacked by an orc ambush with their mothers. They died, Indoril and Anloth were sad about now they are the last remaining of the Nerevar family and after more years passed Indoril also got attacked but he survived and killed the orcs in rage and realized that was the orcs that killed their parents and the orcs claimed after their death that it was Sauron on that day that manipulated the Easterlings to kill and enslave their folk. But after the fight Indoril collapsed and was in 1 year of comma. When Indoril woke up he heard the news of Hlodgier and tried to convince his cousin to leave Dorwinion with some Elves. Anloth agreed since he had nothing more in Dorwinion to keep him there and he told Nerevar that he learned something from elves from Rivendell when he traded with them a few months ago. Both convinced some Elves and traveled all the way southwest to Gondor. There they found the island Tol Falas where they built cities with the remaining Elves and the Elves choosed Indoril as their king. Indoril made Anloth to his steward and as king of their new kingdom he decided that his family were officially now Royal, and so he created the house named house Nerevar.