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When the first elves arrived in Middle-Earth, some of them followed Oromë. They gained the title of Eldar and they started to build houses, and spread around Arda, Aman. One of the elves who did follow Oromë was Darcassan Gaëmbridil; he was the friend of Thingol. Gaëmbridil supported him in battles many times. After the great journey of the elves he came with Thingol to the lands of Beleriand, where Gaëmbridil then lived for many years. He met Fhaertala, an elven woman. They made a great relationship and a few years later married. Fhaertala and Gaëmbridil after marriage managed to get four children. They were living in peace and love; until the time of War of Wrath, when the whole house of Gaëmbridil went to war with Morgoth.

They fought bravely, and claimed many trophies but only one of them survived. As Darcassan and Fhartala died in battle, also three of the children died; only Kelkalyn - the oldest son - managed to survive the battle. After this victory of the elves, Kelkalyn “The Last Alive” Gaëmbridil went with many elves to the lands of Ossiriand (Lindon). In the new home he was living a lonely life until he met beautiful Haela - the elven maid. He immediately fell in love with her voice and appearance. He quickly asked her about marriage. She agreed and they immediately gained children. Their children were two brothers - Gelendir (okej), and Geamirdon(gnsjas). The brothers had a good relationship and were very adventurous. Then the First Age ended and the Second Age started. Most of the Second Age was peaceful for the elves, till the very end, when the armies of Gil-Galad and Elendil marched to Barad-dûr. Many of the elves of Lindon were hungry for battle, especially against Sauron. One more time did the whole house of Gaëmbridil go to war against evil forces. They came into the siege in 3440, where Haela and Kelkalyn died in battle with Sauron. Both sons survived the battle and were very sad, and they fell out with the death of their parents and they both went their separate ways.

As the Third Age was passing by they began to remember about their father, mother, and how to avenge them. Finally they met again in the War of the Ring in the woods of Mirkwood; afterward for many years they were fighting together. They claimed many victories together, made again a good relationship, and went into the east where they built the Kingdom of East Lórien, seceded from the Lothlórien. They gained permission of building kingdom from the Rulers of Lothlórien because of they valor in many fights on the side of Lórien. East Lórien and Lothlórien made again a great alliance called Silvani Hegemony which will come true even the hardest times, Gelendir was ruling so efficiently that he was named a ruler of the whole Lothlórien and a leader of Silvani Hegemony, and so Geamirdon became a ruler of East Lórien. They are managing both realms so efficiently because of their cooperation, without them it is likely the realms will die.

Brothers in the time of separation.[]


When brothers went their ways, they gained a lot of experience and a lot of scars. Gelendir decided to go with Imladris elves; they made their way to Rivendell where Gelendir was received very warmly. Elrond found in him leadership talent and was teaching how to rule. Also, Gelendir was talented as an architect, he was building on the lands; towers, monuments, or even houses. One time he went with Elrohir (son of Elrond) to a little trip into the terrains of Lothlorien, they took with them traders, soldiers, and many civils. When they made their way to misty mountains great band of Orcs attacked them. Elrohir was in panic but Gelendir took his greatsword and led man to battle, by his speech civils calmed down and they defeated the enemy and made their way to Lorien. From this time everyone was seeing in Gelendir a real leader. After that Gelendir came back to Imladris and was advising Elrond until he felt that he needs to claim something by himself and west to east.

Geamirdon decided to find a place somewhere where he will find silence and no one will bother him. First he made it to Realm of Mirkwood where he was hunting orcs from Dol Guldur and living lonely in a house. Then he traveled to Gondor where the king made him a captain and send to Osgiliath where he had to hold walls, Geamirdon did an excellent job and he pushed orcs to their land. After that Geamirdon king made him a lord and when he was needed he was leading army, he never lost a battle. When the time was passing Geamirdon decided to leave a land of men and drove away to the Khazad-dûm. He liked their culture and style of life, they liked him and treated him like a Dwarf. In Moria he learned how to fight trolls, Dwarfs loved his valor in a fight and were following him to battle like crazy. One they went too far and a great band of trolls fought them the whole day, Dwarfs won but they lost a lot of good soldiers. After a good time in Dwarven kingdom he decided to leave and join his brothers. Geamirdon came back to Woodland Realm but this time he was living in Thrandiuls halls until the time when he decided to avenge his parents.

Silvani Hegemony:[]

The Silvani Hegemony is an empire located at Lothlorien and the Crossroads of Anduin. It was created in the 444th year of the fourth age. First it was made by four leaders: Gelendir, Geamirdon of East Lorien, and Maeron, Auriel of Lothlorien. All leaders made good relations and decided to build a great alliance that no one will destroy. They had almost same political views so all decisions they were doing, wars, etc. were agreed from all sides; it was making them so strong. Later after many years of great alliance Lothlorien leaders Maeron and Auriel left Lorien and Gelendir was named the king of Lothlorien, everyone agreed to his leadership skills and that he will do his best as the ruler of this land also because of that Geamirdon became the king of East Lorien.

Now Silvani Hegemony is consisting only in Gelendir, Geamirdon and because of that relation of the realms is closer than anytime earlier.


- Geamirdon becoming the king of East Lorien.


- Gelendir becoming the king of Lohtlorien